Tin Lizzie "Rust Bucket"

A beat up, run down nonsense of an ancient automobile ...


Well known, or rather, infamous amongst the homeless and Street communities on this side of town. This is a very, very old automobile dating back to the very early part of the last century. It now looks nothing but Rust, Dust and …

Looks like it’s been well made into a home for a hobo or beggar as there are dirty sheets across the windows and cardboard over much of the bodywork. There is a sizeable wooden sign, hand-made and using what most might hope was brown paint to award the sign the lettering.. “Tin Lizzie Rust Bucket”


Manufactured in the very early 1900’s or 1910’s and ate very special examples of the quality and experimental engineering going on at that time.

The Homeless Beggar who seems to “own” this Bucket of s#┬út seems to also be called Tin Lizzie. He doesn’t seem sociable or especially friendly or helpful.

Tin Lizzie "Rust Bucket"

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