“The most important thing is for us to use the advantage we have properly and our success will be matchless” – Sunday Adelaja

Advantages are Derived Traits that tell us certain key details about a Character that are made up of combining some of the Attributes. The only trait listed below that is somewhat different than the others, in that I it doesn’t use Attributes combinations is the Size Trait but we list it here simply for ease of finding. Two new, House Ruled Advantage Traits, Encumbrance & Perception are also listed. Thus, all these Advantages and what is used to calculate each one are described below :-

Willpower: This Trait is ..

Initiative: This is important for combat as it determines who goes first in the Attack Round. A 1d10 is rolled by each Character involved and the value added to their Initiative Bonus of Dex+Com. Finally, any Merits that grant a “permanent” bonus or penalty to Initiative can be added to the Initiative Bonus on your Character Sheet, such as Alertness or Fast Reflexes.

This is to give the Initiative Score for that person for that Combat Scene, as usually this is only done once a Scene, for each Character at the start of Combat and it’s the same throughout the Rounds. A new 1d10 is rolled for each PC at the start of a new Combat Scene i.e. A new Fight breaks out.

  • Initiative Bonus = (Dex+Com/2) + Any applicable Merits
    .. Start of a Fight Scene, Roll 1D10 Roll and add I.B for Initiative throughout all that Scene.

Defence: This is a Characters’ ability to defend in combat and is both their natural ability and skill & training.

  • Defence Bonus = (Dex+Wit/2) + Athletics
    .. Start of a Fight Scene, add the relevant Skill (Athletics, Brawl or Weaponry) depending on what you’re using.

Speed: This is the general speed of a character and tells us how fast they can move when needed.

  • Speed = Species+Str+Dex

Perception: Often a crucial trait that determines a Characters’ ability to notice or spot relevant details. The average of Wits & Composure (i.e. add those two Attributes together and divide by two) is used as a base and a skill, Speciality or Merit such as Trained Observer added if relevant to the situation.

  • Perception = (Wit+Com/2)

Encumbrance: This is how much weight a Character can carry easily, without suffering penalties. Putting things in a bag can also help as it distributes the awkward weight, making it easier to handle and carry.

  • Size+Str+Res

Size: This is taken from a lookup table as most humans tend to be of the same size, 5 though there are Merits available to buy to allow for a Size 4 or 6. Size effects the Characters Physical Health, aka BODY.

The three Health Meters can also be considered Advantages though, of course, they are different.
Why do we have both an “Insanity” Meter (MIND) and a “Humanity/Integrity” Meter (SOUL)? Mainly, it allows us to have a mix of both Mad but humane “guilty” or “shamed” characters and Sane but cold inhumane “evil” characters. It also gives us two extra meters for rolling and possibly failing, causing Disorders or Derangements.

Perception: Wit+Com
Size: 5
Initiative: Dex+Com
Defence: Dex or Wit (lowest) + relevant skill (Athletics, Acrobatics, Brawl, Weaponry)
Speed: 5+Str+Dex
Light Encumbrance: Size+Str
Heavy Encumbrance: Size+Str+Sta

A rough, quick approximate correspondence to RAW Stats is shown below. It may not always quite work out but it’s a workable basis to go by if you’re in a hurry and saves working each out from the derived stats-.

BODY: Size+Sta+Res = Health
MIND: 5+Int+Res+Com = WillPower
SOUL: 5+Pre = Integrity

These can be raised back up to their max through therapy and training. BODY requires physical training, healers and physiotherapy, MIND needs psychotherapy, psychiatric care etc. and SOUL needs Life Coaching & motivation style therapy and religious counsel such as Confession etc.


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