“Yes, my dear child, monsters are real. I happen to have one hanging in my basement.” – Rick Yancey, The Monstrumologist

Unbelievable myths or impossible Horrors that even the grandest of Monsters such as Vampires and Werewolves fear.

Abomination is a term used to describe a shapeshifter transformed into a vampire. Needless to say that these creatures are exceptionally rare, in light of the fact that almost all Fera are violently allergic to vampiric vitae.

They are called by many names: the “Undying Children”, the “Damned Urrah”, the “Vrykolas”, the “Pale Ones” and “Luna’s Demons”. But in general they are best known simply as the “Abominations”. However, very few Fera would survive the Embrace. Some of them linger on in agony for a time before death, but most die instantly and painlessly – (and many werewolves believe they are being spared of Wyrm’s curse through the blessing of Gaia).

A rare few, however, do not die. These Garou become a cross between werewolf and vampire: an “Abomination”. It is not known why Gaia allows this to happen, though some stories suggest those whose souls are already corrupted or who have been driven to Harano may be Embraced. Some Garou, hearing these stories, actually seek Kindred out for the Embrace, whether from fear of death or desire for power is unknown.

Uratha Abominations are slightly more common than Fera Abominations. Bastet Abominations constantly lose Gnosis until it runs dry. Gurahl Abominations are known as Umfalla, or “soul-dead”, and are killed on sight by living Gurahl. Corax and Mokole Abominations die, no matter where they are, at the next sunrise; Mokole Abominations also go on a mindless rampage. Nuwisha always die from an Embrace attempt. Ananasi are completely immune, as vampires cannot tolerate the arachnid elements in their blood. Kitsune are said to be blessed by Gaia and greet their prospective sire with a brief, but intense, pillar of flame on the first drop of vitae that is given to their blood-drained form. Ratkin can be embraced, but they rot like ordinary corpses and eventually fall over and stop moving.

Abominations are feared by Garou and Kindred alike. They are extremely powerful and most are quickly driven insane, becoming bestial and incapable of acting even remotely human — endangering the Masquerade and the Veil. As a result, vampires and werewolves seek to destroy Abominations as quickly as possible, and most live brief but bloody lives. But there are some cases where an abomination keeps their sanity and those are the most dangerous of all, for if a single abomination learns to use their powers the right way, they could be one of the most powerful entities the earth has ever seen.

Abominations do not lose the ability to shift between forms. They are not able to regenerate, healing only by spending blood points (as with any other vampire). While they still remember the gifts and rites they possessed before their Embrace, they can only affect Wyrm rites, and can only learn new rites from Banes. Abominations cannot increase their Gnosis trait at all. Finally, they cannot spend points from different pools (Rage, Gnosis, or blood) in the same turn. Abominations can learn and use Disciplines as usual for a vampire of their clan or bloodline.

Abominations also suffer from constant depression and psychological erosion. Their dice pools are halved and they must spend a Willpower point to play any scene with a full dice pool. They can never spend a Willpower point to gain an automatic success on an action, and Abominations are never able to increase their Humanity, Virtues, or permanent Willpower with experience points.

  • More recent, current scientific information suggests that Abominations are combined amalgamations of multiple monsters into one, single creature. “Vampiric Werewolf” or “Werewolf Mage” seem to be the most “believable” or possible, though as we are not even sure how they come to exist, such potential seems redundant.

Laboratories and Research Departments all over may well be striving hard to create these monsters and even to go further, looking to combine other SPLATs or more into those single, sad and pathetic creatures. A Geist-infused Vampire, Vampire Promethean, Werewolf Ghouls, Kindred Mages in the truest sense rather than simple Liches like the Tremere and many more potential, impossible combinations that are truly to terrifying to think of.

If they ever do manage to create these Abominations then who knows where this will all end. In quiet corners of the most learned and those louder places of the very young, they whisper of their hero or most terrifying nightmare as Sam Haight and how he roams the world, a God and Monster in one. Of course, he’s just an urban legend.. a mythical tale for the ignorant and gullible to feed their fancies. He could never be real!

  • Amongst Kindred and probably other Vampire Species, there is a type of Discipline that is commonly known as “Fleshcrafting” which results in unique Abominations that then have a specific use. Specific uses include Water or Gas Piping, Pumps, Food/Blood Meal Pits, Musical Instruments, Bodyguards or Flyers etc. The Tzimisce Bloodline is infamous for this detested or feared practice.


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