“Life is not only about acquiring knowledge, it is about applying knowledge.” – Amit Kalantri

General knowledge and basic education that allows for..

The Academics Skill may not be a great representation of a Characters’ General Education but the distribution is roughly … No Dots at all in this skill means the Character possibly dropped out of school or suffered problems in some way.

0 – School drop out, delinquent or just never did well at school.
• – Finished Mandatory Schooling …
•• – Finished Higher Education …
••• – Degree or equivalent …
•••• – Doctorate or …
••••• – Tenurship, Won Global Awards, Nobel Prizes etc

Mental Skills (-3 Unskilled)
General understanding of formal education, Arts and the basic three R’s.. “Reading, Writing & Arithmetic”. They have a sound understanding of the basics which is a foundation for Science, Humanities or Medicine as well as ability to fill in forms, handwriting and general knowledge.

College Graduates, Executives, Lawyers, Librarians, Scholars, Students

20th Century History, Accounting, Ancient History, Anthropology, Arcane History, Archaeology, Architecture, Art, Art History, Battle Tactics, Behavioural Psychology, Bibliophile, Business, Catholic Dogma, Celtic Mythology, Christian Philosophy, Church History, Cinema, Civil Rights, Classical Age Astronomy, Classics, Coaching, Criminology, Early Childhood Education, Economics, Editing, English, Environmental Studies, Erotica, Etiquette, European History, Facts, Finance, Folklore, French History, Funeral Rites, Hindu, History, History of Astronomy, History of Atlantis, History of Mathematics, Invented Languages, Journalism, Judaism, Latin and Greek Literature, Law, Liberal Arts, Library Science, Linguistics, Literature, Local Folklore, Local History, Logic, Machiavelli, Mathematics, Military History, Music History, Native American History, Norse Heathenism, Occult History, Old Books, Philosophy, Poetry, Poli Sci Major, Police Procedures, Political Science, PR, Psychology, Random Facts, Rare Books, Religion, Religious Studies, Reptiles, Republican Latin Literature, Research, Rizzetti Artifacts, Serial Killers, Sociology, Strategy and Tactics, Suicide, Symbolic Logic, Taoism, Teaching, Testament of Longinus, Theban Sorcery, Theology, Trivia, TSKSR, Uratha History, War History, Weird
Researching (Intelligence + Academics, Extended)

World of Darkness Core Pg. 55


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