“Never in my house.. Ye abide by m’rules ya see…”

These are often thought of or imagined in different ways: as Spheres, Colours of Light, Different Threads woven in the Tapestry, Notes in a Song or simply as different Elements that combined make up the Tellurian, or all of Reality.

You’re still thinking of the Arcana in terms of what they can accomplish. That’s not what “subtle/gross” is referring to. All Awakened magic is filtered through the Fallen World, remember, so in that sense, all spell effects are gross anyways. The subtle half is the pure expression of the realm. Fate is a purer expression of Arcadia than Time; Death is a purer expression of Stygia than Matter; Spirit is a purer expression of the Primal Wild than Life; etc.

Fate is the theme of a story. Time is the plot of a story. “Love conquers all” is Fate. “Boy meets girl” is Time etc.

The Ten known Arcanum are :-
Arcanum – Prime
Arcanum – Forces
Arcanum – Mind
Arcanum – Space
Arcanum – Time
Arcanum – Life
Arcanum – Spirit
Arcanum – Death
Arcanum – Matter
Arcanum – Fate


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