“ the Light increases, the Shadows deepen.”

In 1999 many of the prophecies of the End Times seemed to happen.

  • The Sixth Great Maelstrom and the Avatar Storm swept through the Spirit World, releasing many of the Demons.
  • Week of Nightmares did happen but only affected some in dreams or visions etc. People tend to ignore or forget it.

2012 was long expected to be the final but it was not so… It was never meant to fall on a single day or event but over a period of time. Time has so little meaning it is often confused.

Don’t forget to write up Plot Ideas for the Metaplot and the STORY but there are also Character Examples.

  • The Book of 7 Seals must be opened…
  • The “Lamb having 7 horns and 7 eyes” where LAMB = HUMAN, 7 = Continents or World or “Lion of Judah”When the Lion sleeps with the Lamb…
  • How does opening the book restart the “Turning of the Wheel” so that cycles of life starts again from beginning Age.
  • Antichrist portrays themselves as Righteous & Just. Face of Western Capitalism and One-World-Nation Govt. (Zion?) using UN & WHO, NWO!
  • Threat of Terrorism and ISIS can lead us to the OneWorldNation with Global ID Database and everyone needing Global Online Reputation as currency (likes, tweets etc)
  • Perhaps, breaking of these 7 Seals inside the Book, then the arrival of 7 trumpeters and finally the 7 vials unleashed…
  • Perhaps the 7 Seals have tried to be opened throughout our history, numerous times but the Lamb (human) breaking the Seal must understand correctly the cryptic puzzle and these Seals must be broken in the correct order… Unlikely anyone has even managed all 7 Seals and got to the 1st Trumpeters.
  • Seal Order (Symbols possibly associated) is….
    Death (White Horse & Crown/Bow) —> War (Red Horse & Great Sword) —> Famine (Black Horse &Scales) —> Plague (Pale Green Horse & Death?) —> True Names & Weighings (Soul of Martyrs & White Robes) —> Earthquake (Darkness) —> Seven Angels…
  • The New 2nd Coming of Halle Selassie as in the Rastafarian Movement in Ethiopia (start of mankind, Eden) and New Jerusalem or Zion Versus Babylon (the Beast of Western debauchery and Capitalism).
  • The war of Armageddon coming before the return of Christ… ISIS versus Righteous fight and invade Palestine as prophecised.
  • Cs Locked up in its huge message of crystal and so needs some crystal items to unlock.


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