“I like to push characters to extremes so they have to make really tough decisions and there is no life more extreme than that of an athlete.” – Chris Cleave

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Broad category of physical training and fitness. This can also cover sports as well.

0 – Couch Potato who may be lazy or lack energy.
• – Competes in the Parents Fun Run at kid’s school.
•• – Regular Member of local Sports Team, Gym or Racetrack.
••• – Competitive Member of
•••• – Almost made it to the national team and now just works out for fun.
••••• – Olympian standard fitness and ability.

Professional Athletes, Police Officers, Soldiers, Survivalists, Physical Trainers,

Example Specialities: Acrobatics, Back Exercises, Baseball, Bow, Cardiovascular, Chases, Climbing, Contortionist, Cricket, Cycling, Dancing, Dig, Endurance, Equestrian, Feats of Strength, Fending Off Advances, Flee, Flight, Graceful, Gymnastics, Hauling, Hedge-climbing, Hiking, Ice Skating, Juggling, Jumping, Kayaking, Leaping, Lifting, Long Distance Running, Lope, Manual Dexterity, Parkour, Pursuit, Racquetball, Repetitive Exercises, Rugby, Scrambling, Sex, Skydiving, Sprinting, Swimming, Tai Chi, Team Sports, Tennis, The Beautiful Game, Throwing, Thrown Objects, Thrown Pilum, Tumbling, Weight Lifting, Weight Training, Winter Sports

  • Climbing:
    - Instant or Extended:* Strength + Athletics
  • Foot Chase:
    - Extended: Stamina + Athletics Vs. Stamina + Athletics
  • Jumping:
    - Instant: Strength + Athletics
  • Throwing:
    - Instant: Dexterity + Athletics

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