Camarilla Structure

“Never in my house.. Ye abide by m’rules ya see…”

Includes Kindred Kingdoms, Kindred Principalities Kindred Estates and Kindred Courts while Court Roles are always sought after for their inherent prestige and influence.

The Camarilla is a socio-political structure in Kindred society, with major strategic decisions made by the Inner Circle made up of the …

There are 7 Kingdoms in the world, they are :-

Seven High Kings rule these Kingdoms, elected by the Camarilla. They tend to monitor and have the deciding say on anything to do with that specific Kingdom, though the whole Inner Circle has it’s say and vote.

Those who have the responsibility of mustering the defences and trading the troops in case of war within the Kingdom is given an extra title, Warden of the “Cardinal direction” so there are four Wardens in each kingdom.

Those responsible for attacking an enemy if usually given the title of Marshall. They would sign official correspondence as “Warden of the West Gerraint Jones, Lord Commander of armies of the Albion Kingdom”

The Inner Circle elects certain Inter-Court Roles that travel between Courts, within a kingdom and report their findings or observances to the Circle. These are called Justicars.

An Archon is the

The Alastors are the secret police of the Camarilla,



There are certain regions and courts that do not wish to join the Camarilla. They will not have the support of this powerful Organisation and it’s resources if the need arises. There’s no help in the case of an enemy’s attack or a disaster occurs. Others don’t quite wish to join but want to stay in close ties, affiliated with them for many aligned goals. These are ….

Princes are chosen by the High King of the Kingdom. They have the responsibility of maintaining the Camarilla Traditions and keeping the Kindred under control within their Realm, called a Court. They have almost complete authority here.

Domains may be called by many names such as Turf used by youngsters nowadays, Fief for the sarcastic or those stuck in the medieval periods, Grounds or Lands are very common typical but Estate tends to be the most widely used.

  • Common Ground
  • Borderlands
  • Wardlands
  • Haven, Sanctuary or Holy Ground
  • Own Estate
  • Kinlands for all clan or bloodline or Covenants.

Camarilla Structure

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