“I believe that creature is a changeling: she is a perfect cabinet of oddities.” – Charlotte Brontë

These are altered human/hybrids who become Changeling after spending to much time in The Hedge or Arcadia or with their Kith or with those Fae who have gone into our mortal realm and taken the place of a human child. They soon become Changeling. Often, more publicly known as the Faerie or Fae and there are many different types including Pixies, Gnomes etc. The smaller, flying faeries of many tales and folklore are known as Sprites.

Found that Changeling history is a combination of quasi-timeline and Once Upon a Time. It has parallels to Garou history, primarily oral and is usually determined by who is telling the history. While a lot of the history takes place in prehistory and/or Biblical times, it gets obscured or combined with the Medieval setting so your not quite sure if they are talking about prehistory or after the fall of Rome. There are set timeline events, even with the Medieval mixup you have a approximate time and date. The dates are The Sundering (the beginning of myth and legend, somewhere in prehistory when magic starts failing for Mages), the rumors of Tir-na-Nog (the aftermath of The Sundering, which are the Americas aka The Summer Lands, Ireland and parts of the British Isles still have connection to the Dreaming), The Age of Travel (about the same time and age as the Roman Empire), The Shattering (either the second or third Maelstrom, Medieval times from the Black Plague to the beginning of the Renaissance), the Shattering is what Changelings remember the most and keep using the style of the time for recalling their earlier history), Interregnum (my guess during the Renaissance, when commoner Changelings started to become authority figures when the Sidhe bailed), The Concord (Renaissance to 1960s-ish, when all the modern Changeling troupes/archetypes/law was established) The Accordance War (1969-1971, the only solid timeline date also known as the Changeling “Civil War”, and during that The Rise of High King David, the laws/traditions gets reorganized for modern times bringing in commoner rights), and now.

Prehistory – Arcadia and/or Dreaming is at it’s strongest, cohesides with Mage Prehistory and maybe Garou history as well. The start of Myth and Legend.
The Sundering – Either the Flood or the Tower of Babel triggering the separation from the Dreaming and the Real World, Biblical disasters start separating the Changelings, afterwards rumors of a kingdom called Tir-Na-Nog starts to be milled.
The Age of Travel – Roman Empire (ish); Changelings use Roman roads and trade routes to find trods and the Silver Gate, trods are contested as Banality gets stronger from Roman engineering and sciences. Movies; Centurion, Gladiator. Shows; Rome, Spartacus.
The Shattering – Black Plague to start of Renaissance; triggered by the Second Maelstrom, Banality is at it’s worse as despair and gloom take a hold of the mortals, the Sidhe noble and others flee to Arcadia as the trods become lost, commoners left behind attempt to rebuild, it is rumored that the Shattering became the default style for historical reference. Movies; Adventures of Robin Hood, Willow, Kingdom of Heaven. Specials; The Black Plague. Anime; Basilisk.
Interregun – Renaissance; Commoners continue rebuilding using Feudalism as their governing system, Commoner Nobles rise as freeholds established, possibly the start of an official written record. Movies; The Da Vinci Code.
Concord – Post Renaissance? to 1969; As Seelie and Unseelie courts rise no official treaties until the Concord was struck, neither side will trespass on each others territory, and was the longest lasting peace treaty until the lunar landing.
The Accordance War – 1969 to 1971; The lunar landing reignites the imagination and opens trods, bringing the Nobility back to the world, old servants return to their masters’ sides as the attempt to being their old laws back to the modern world, war breaks out with Commoners and Nobles fight over the rights of Commoners, the war in America sweeps from the Californian coast to the Eastern Sea Board with Nobility victory after another. High King David fights in the war and wins both the hearts of Nobility and the Commonwealth, ending the war and modernizing the system. Movies; The Warriors.

Also, the reason why Changeling history is distorted is to prevent Banality. Which is why when Changelings talk about anything before the Shattering it is blurred with the Medieval style (weapons, clothing, mannerisms) but the events are still told as if from old legends or Biblical stories.


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