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A covenant is an organisation or religious establishment consisting mostly of Kindred, though human servants and Ghouls are often present at covenant meetings and are sometimes members themselves. There are five major covenants; others do exist, but the vast majority of Kindred are members of the major five, who often disregard the others. In addition, some Bloodlines form tightly knit groups based on political or spiritual belief, as well as blood ties; these bloodlines may also be considered minor covenants.
Unlike Clans, which may be thought of as families, a covenant is chosen by the vampire according to his or her beliefs. A vampire’s Sire’s allegiance nearly always plays a large role in their decision. A vampire may choose not to join a covenant at all; such Kindred are known as the Unaligned, or “Unbound.”

While covenants span the globe, they are not truly global organisations; their power is localised. While their practices and beliefs come from a common source, a Circle of the Crone group in Brittany may differ wildly from their counterparts in New Orleans, for example. In general, though, covenant members are accepted by their comrades wherever they travel, but since vampires do not generally stray far from their chosen cities, status in one city’s covenants may mean considerably less elsewhere.

The major Covenants of the Camarilla
There are five “official” Covenants within the Kindred socio-political organisation known as the Second Camarilla.

The Carthian Movement
The Carthian Movement is revolutionary in the concept of a democracy, the “one Vampire, one Vote” ideal and are also the newest major covenant. But since their modus operandi is taking cues on political evolution from the mortals, members have also embraced totalitarianism, communism, technocracy/meritocracy, fascism, theocracy and a host of other forms of government vampires find non-traditional. The vast majority of its members are neonates, newly Embraced and inexperienced vampires. It is the only covenant that votes its leaders. Members frequently argue over what is the best form of government. The Carthian Movement is an almost completely secular and non-religious covenant.
Main Clan: n/a

Circle of the Crone
The Circle of the Crone is considered the vampiric equivalent of neo-paganism and witchcraft. It follows the belief that a goddess (the Crone) was cast out from the other Gods and Goddesses for uncertain reasons. They celebrate most of the major Wiccan holidays and practice a “Blood Magic” known as CrĂșac. There are many differences in belief and dogma between various circles and cities of the covenant. They generally dislike and argue with the Lancea Sanctum.
Main Clan: Gangrel.

The Invictus (a.k.a the “First Estate”) is strictly concerned with material gain and power within a city. They are heavily involved in city politics and business. The members of this covenant are the most common users of the blood bond for subordinates and as a form of punishment. New members are often attracted with the promise of rank and status; with service to elders and experience, any member could rise to prominence if they are qualified and active within the covenant. However, the majority of new members will never gain any recognition for their acts, and the Elder of the Inner Circle use neonates for their own gain. It is a very corrupted covenant, whose first thought is almost invariably “money and power.”
Main Clan: Daeva & Ventrue.

Lancea Sanctum
The Lancea et Sanctum (pronounced LAN-key-uh et SANK-toom) (a.k.a the “Sanctified”) is the Vampiric equivalent to Catholicism. They believe in redemption and forgiveness (or eternal damnation) through Longinus, whom they believe to be the first Vampire, being considered a vampiric Christ or Saviour. They believe that the Vampiric gift is to be used for the good of man, by only feeding on or killing sinners and scaring the “Kine” in the right direction. Proselyting and Conversion are essential to them, for the Salvation of all Vampires. They practice a Blood Magic known as Theban Sorcery. This Covenant generally dislikes and argues with the Circle of the Crone.
Main Clan: n/a

Ordo Dracul
The Ordo Dracul (a.k.a. “Order of the Dragon” or just “Dragons”) is focused on understanding the vampiric condition and improving upon it, transcending the limitations of their condition. They practice a Blood Magic known as the Coils of the Dragon. They believe their line was started by Dracula himself.
Main Clan: Mekhet.

Other Covenants around the world
Several new covenants were introduced in The Danse Macabre. Some of these approach the Requiem from decidedly different perspectives than the rest of the covenants. Vampire: There may be small local Covenants, that are the result of need, whim or opportunity, but they don’t have the “global” infrastructure of the five main covenants. Many are similar to one of the established five, but fill a unique niche for the domain in question.

Unofficial or local Covenants
The Alecto (local)
The Brethren of the Hundred Faces
The Bureau of Childer (local)
The Bureau of Silence (local)
The Body of a Nation
The Brides of Dracula
The Cerberus Pact
The Children of the Thorns
The Harbingers
The Holy Engineers
The Kataramenon (local)
The Nemites
The Revolutionary Council (local, near-Carthian)
The Society of the Accord
The Sun-Walking Knights
The Watchful Eyes (local)
The Ypochreosi (local)
The Zaibatsu (local)

Covenants believed to be extinct

Adamantes Athanatoi
Translated to ‘the Unconquered Immortals’, these were the heirs to the Camarilla in Byzantium. Led by the Dominus Noctis Imperator (Emperor of the Night) and a council of Prisci, the eldest members of each of the clans. Ruled alongside, and endorsed by, the Eastern Lancea + Sanctum Patriarch. Destroyed by the Heiligen Nacht Reich Die Unbesiegt in the early 13th century.

Translated as ‘the faithful’ or ‘the trustworthy’; the administrative body of Muslim Kindred. Eventually merged with the Invictus at some point after the 14th century, and still exists in this form in several Islamic nations.

An Islamic religious covenant active in Europe in the 14th century which clashed frequently with Lancea et Sanctum despite sharing similar philosophies.

Banu Shaitan
Islamic covenant concerned with the spiritual relationship between kindred and Allah. Joined the Lancea Sanctum in the 19th century.

The First Camarilla
This single covenant that held jurisdiction over all vampires in ancient Rome. It was created by Aulus Julius, and lasted for several centuries until its collapse in the fourth century A.D. Divided into several Wings: the Senex, the Legio Mortuum, the Cult of Augurs, the Peregrine Collegia, and the last was the Lancea et Sanctum, but it was constantly disputed as a Wing.

Legion of the Dead: This started out as members of the Legio Mortuum who survived the fall of Rome. They stayed together, continuing to uphold and enact their beliefs as an order during the early middle ages. They did not survive past those Dark Ages and many simply joined Lancea Sanctum or the Inconnu.


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