“Special quotation regarding Character Examples..”

These are Physical Conditions that effect a Character and how they act and behave. The list shows how transitions work from the first temporary, minor condition… but if another Condition is received on top of that while the first (or second) is still active upon the Character then it grows into the next, larger condition. The last transition is to Permanent. There are also Flaws that may crossover into flaw territory or vice versa.

  • Sensory inability …
    Bad Eyesight / Damaged Eye / Lost Eye* (Blind) (-1 Perception; -2 Perception; -3 Perception; -5 Perception)

Stammer / Stutter / Mute


Headache / Brain Damage / Aneurism

Sickness / Bed Ridden / Cancer (-1 Stamina; -2 Stamina; -3 Stamina)

Twitching / Staggering / Cerebral Palsy

Downs Syndrome (-1 Mental /-1 Social to -3/-3/-3))

Cystic Fibrosis


Tired / Exhaustion / Fibromyalgia (-1 Stamina / -1 Resolve)

Cut / Infection / Gangrene

Heart Murmur / Heart ?? / Defect

Limb Break / Limb Twisted / Limb Removed

Limb Pain / Limb Twitching / Limb Paralysis

Muscular Dystrophy


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