“Encumbrance is what happens when a Character starts carrying all that pointless, valuable junk they don’t normally carry.”

Determining an items Structure = Size + Durability
Durability of Materials is usually – Wood (1), Stone (2), Metal (3)
Update: Flesh (1), Wood (2) Soft Stone (3) Hard Stone (4) Metal (5) Hard Metal like Steel or Adamantine (6) – Steel bars now have Structure=8 and a sword with dmg 2 has no chance of hacking it up.
But having a basic sword hack steel bar in half quickly I.e dmg:2 with structure of metal bar=5 (3+Size2)… Maybe a weapon with basic dmg less than natural structure or durability of item I.e. 2?

Encumbrance is a very rough idea of the amount of weight, or more accurately volume a character can carry before getting weighed down, mixed with how balanced or cumbersome an item is to carry and it’s size. All this gives us the rough idea of an Encumbrance value for items which guides us on how easy they may be to carry around or conceal. Concealing items can be managed via the Encumbrance :-
0 : (B)ody – Can be concealed beneath clothing, in the hair or jewelry.
1 : (P)ocket -
2 : (S)hirt
3 : (J)acket
(L)ong Coat
(Holdall or ??
(N)othing – Cannot be concealed normally without using something large and cumbersome like a tent or tarpaulin.

This “Rule” or guideline only comes into play if a Character is obviously getting close to carrying “too much” or seems to be carrying “everything” in their pockets.

Size * Str = unencumbered.
5 * 2 = 10; 5 * 3 = 15; 5 * 4 = 20; 5 * 6 = 30
Lightly encumbered is up to ???

Usually, Size 0 items do not count towards a Characters’ total Encumbrance unless a Player is “taking advantages” and carrying a dozen different Size 0 gadgets in their jacket. Then the GM should step in and do some rough, quick calculations on “all those handy ”/wikis/size" class=“wiki-page-link”>Size 0 gizmos".

Worn items do not usually add to Encumbrance. Consider a single, normal layer of Clothing & accessories to be Encumbrance-Free. For example: Coat, Sunglasses, hat, jewelry, Gun & Holster etc. A GM may decide certain worn items are causing penalties to movement or Dexterity though if they so wish. Long, heavy coat or low hanging jewelry for example.

Certain Merits can effect your “Carry Capacity” such as Strong Back or Endurance.

Encumbrance Conditions

  • Unencumbered: Can carry up to Characters’ (Size+Str) with no penalty at all. Eg. 5+3=8 Enc Max unencumbered.
  • Lightly Encumbered: Carry weight & Size from (Size+Str) up to (Size+Str+Sta). If you go over this value it then becomes Heavy Encumbrance. Eg. 5+3+3=11 Enc Max Lightly Encumbered.
  • Heavily Encumbered: (Size+Str+Sta) up to
    Eg. 11-16. Anything over (Size+Str)*2 is Burdened
  • Burdened: You are badly effected by the weight carried.
  • Overburdened: Anything over (Size+Str+Sta)*2 makes you Overburdened and gives you big penalties. You can stay overburdened for Hours=Resolve.

A Character is Unencumbered up to Characters’ Size : No Penalties.

.. is Lightly Encumbered up to Characters’ Size + Str : -1 Penalty to Movement & Initiative.

.. Is Heavily Encumbered up to Characters’ Size + Str + Start : – 2 Penalties to Movement & Initiative…

Full Example : Johnny Quick Str: 2 , Sta: 4 , Size: 6
Wearing: Sunglasses, Silver Crucifix, Silver Bullet Earring, Shirt, Jeans, Mountain Boots, Bomber Jacket, Shoulder Holster and Pistol. Belt, spate Ammo clip in pocket

Backpack with : Pistol (2), Ammo clip (1), Ammo Clip (1), Machete (2),

Carry On : ???

Unencumbered: Up to 6 Enc.
Lightly Encumbered: 7-8 Enc.
Heavily Encumbered: 9-12 Enc.

Johnny Quick cannot carry any more than 12 Enc.


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