Experience Points

“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” – Dr. Seuss

These are how we track and develop characters as they go about their lives. We use two types of XP, Mundane Experience, the normal points for buying the everyday things we learn and train etc. Then there are the rarer Supernatural Experience (SX) which is gained when the character faces or overcomes the unnatural, otherworldly mysteries such as the Undead, Mysteries, Magic, Others etc. These should be gained only rarely by mundane characters and may be spent on GM agreed Supernatural Merits or Powers while Others may pick up more of them and may use them for their Powers, Gifts, Disciplines, Supernatural Merits, etc.

A certain number of “Mundane” Experience Points (XP) make up a DOT (Degree of Training) which are those DOTs we’re using to represent how able or effective we are in something.. Attribute, Skill, Power, Merit etc. We are using the 1st Edition NWoD Costs for things but have included Beats as 1/10 an Experience to allow for greater granularity and reward resolution of Conditions etc in-game.

Personal Experience is done by the Game Master (GM). It’s possible during a Play Session to reflect exceptional events where the Character would likely of learned something… Otherwise, XP or Beats are awarded at the end of each Play Session as well as bonus XP at the end of a story I.e. Campaign’s Chapter or Book when Key aspects of the story or central themes have been closed. In rare cases, it is possible for players to be awarding XP out to other players as well. Finally, there are Beats & XP awarded to all PC’s in the group. This is simply known as Group Experience.

XP Costs is usually done by the player who owns the character. There are various things to spend that precious XP on. Note: You may only spend XP on those Traits you have used during the game or have found a trainer, teacher or perhaps a Mentor who can develop your Traits. As a rule of thumb, 1 DoT takes 1 week of training for Abilities and 1 month of training for Attributes. For DoTs 4 & 5 that require 2 DoTs of investment, the time required is doubled, for 6 & 7 DoTs tripled etc.

Each skill, power, asset and most everything else can be “bought” with XP and characters gain XP through interacting with the world of darkness around them.

These are ways to generate Beats in game, each may be awarded only once per Character per Scene :-

Awarded for… Details
1-2 Conditions Resolving Conditions, relevant to the Story.
1-2 Aspirations Learning something new.
1-2 Flaws
1-2 Criticals & Fumbles *

Plot progress, Virtues & Vice, Nature & Demeanour

Individual Experience is awarded for exceptional gameplay, Character growth, realisations etc.

Awarded for… Details
1 Attendance For simply turning up and participating.
1 Awesome For simply turning up and participating.
1-2 ?? For RP b
1-2 Characterization For RP better defining & developing your Character.
1-2 Conditions Resolving Conditions, relevant to the Story.
1-2 Heroism Learning something new.
1-2 Creation Create a new Plothook or storyline.
1-2 Character Development The character grows in ways relevant to their concept, goals etc.
1-2 Character Roleplay
1-2 Useful Ideas
1-2 Knowledge Find or learn something new out that might be relevant.
1-2 Drama & Danger
1-2 Meta- Online or Real World “Extra” participation such as Snacks, Secretarial Services, Journals, Portraits etc.
1-2 Supernatural Earns different XP to be used for splat spends.
1-2 Participation
1-2 Voted for Star Everyone votes for “Most Influential PC” and Beats=Votes.

Success, Drama, Learning is Insight, Cunning, Risk, online, downtime (1xp per month of downtime or timejumping), survival or injury and near death, bonds or increasing allies & contacts or cultivating them, progression of plot or story, Goals & Bonds, Karma (+/-) = XP Beats?

  • Resolving Condition: ( often also taking one )
  • Exceptional Success:
  • Dramatic Failure: Suffering from these Fumbles and incorporating great drama & description.
  • Dangerous IC decisions: Offering players’ Beats for making potentially dangerous decisions in-character or according to setting
  • Fulfill Aspirations:
  • Using “Obvious” Merits: These are Background Merits such as Appearance, Deneanor, Nature, Vice, Virtue, Quirk etc. coherently within the Story..
  • Using Flaws: Players coherently role-playing a Flaw properly within the context of the Story.
  • Stunts: Players opting to use and make an effort describing “heroic” actions that are dramatic and dangerous.

Player-character should expect : 1-2 XP per session.
Good, active or enthusiastic gameplay : 2-4 XP.
Min. Possible for Attendance and Minimal, silent play : <1>s personal trait, Aesthetics or style choice i.e. It should be noticable, have an affect on gameplay etc. Examples such as :- Playing an older, aging character or a young child, ugly or disabled in some way, addicted or derranged etc etc..
1 XP – Learned something new or experienced something different. Personal Milestones…
1 XP – Secret or personal character questline completed.
1 XP – Above & Beyond actions

Special play
1 XP – Personal or secret question completed.. Even if unsuccessful.
1 XP – New and affecting experience.. First kill, death of friend, conspiracy uncovered.
1 XP – Above & Beyond.. Exceptional roleplay, daring, heroism, luck or investigation.

Possible maximum for a player is therefore 6 XP . 1 or 2 XP for each player at end of a Session. Extra 1 or 2 xp awarded to all players involved at the end of a Chronicle (1 XP) or Book (2 XP).

Beats Awards
You may earn a maximum of a Beat per Session for meaningfully Indulging your Assets such as Nature, Demeanors, Virtue or Vices, Aspirations.

You may earn a Beat by meaningful use of your Merits.

You may earn a Beat by successfully using Skill Specialities.

You may earn a Beat for successfully using or dramatically failing or fumbling a Skill Roll.

You may earn a Beat for successfully casting a Spell.

You may earn a Beat by receiving a Condition or Tilt.

Merit: 1 experience per dot
Skill Specialty: 1 experience
Skill: 2 experience per dot
Attribute: 4 experience per dot
Integrity: 3 experience per dot
Willpower: 1 experience per dot
Gaining experience has changed to reflect these new, lower numbers as well. Throughout the game, there are things that allow a character to “take a Beat”. Think of them as a “unit of drama”. Once you’ve taken five beats, gain an experience. Beats can be gained by fulfilling the following criteria:

Fulfilling an aspiration (at the end of the session, replace that aspiration)
Resolving a condition (explained below)
Once per scene, if you fail a roll, you can choose for it to be a dramatic failure instead. If you do, take a Beat.
Take a point of damage in your last (right most) health box.
Storyteller’s discretion for exceptional roleplaying, tactics, or character development. All characters involved receive a beat.
After every scene (normally session, but this is a play by post), take a Beat.

  • XP costs per DOT

5 XP – Attributes
4 XP – Specialities
3 XP – Skills
3 XP – Tracking Attributes : Willpower, Body, Mind and Soul
2 XP – Assets/Merits

Remember, in-game explanations are also needed to advance a trait. Training, actual usage, granted by another are all good ways.

Advanced Characters
There are times when we want our characters to be more experienced than the norm. The table below gives an idea of how much XP is needed to create such characters.

  • New
  • Practiced
  • Seasoned
  • Professional
  • Veteran
  • Elite
  • ???

Experience Points

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