“The worst Monsters are those that are still almost Human…”

Constructing Explosives
maybe band 1 is aggravated, band 2 is lethal, band 3 is bashing, and suitably badass levels of, say, Resilience, might save you the aggravated but still leave you a pretty messed up corpse knitting itself back together with what’s left of the other victims.

Parts of an explosive device might include :-

  • Timer, Self-Activation Timer
  • Explosives, Plastique, Simple Explosive, 2 Type Explosive
  • Trigger
  • Igniter
  • Various Protective Triggers & booby traps

Grenades ?? Molotov cocktails, nail bombs, concussion bombs,
Landmines & IED
Blast Area Force Size Cost Primary Effects
Generic AP Mine, tiny 3 2(L) 1 N/A Stun
Generic AP Mine 6 3(L) 2 N/A Stun
M14 “Toe Popper” 3 2(L) 9 again 1 N/A Stun
M16 “Bouncing Betty” 12 4 2 N/A Knockdown
M18 Claymore 10* 4(L) 9 again 2 N/A Knockdown
Generic AT Mine 5 5 3 N/A Knockdown, AP 20
Anti-Tampering Device, box of 12 0 1 1 N/A

  • Claymore mines are directional. The blast area listed is in the direction the mine is pointed; a
    secondary blast area of five yards is created behind the mine.
    Anti-Personnel Land Mines
    Anti-personnel (AP) land mines are intended to kill or
    injure enemy personnel or other soft targets (such as unarmored
    vehicles). These land mines can be set to detonate by pressure,
    tripwires or even on command. Most AP mines are classified as
    blast, bounding fragmentation or directional fragmentation.
    Blast and fragmentation mines act like any other blast
    or fragmentation explosive. Bounding mines are thrown into
    the air by a booster charge, detonating at about one-and-a-half
    meters. The act of bounding allows for more of the explosive
    and fragmentation effects to be spread out rather than up. A
    directional fragmentation mine is very similar to a shaped
    charge in that the force of the explosion and fragments are
    aimed in a specific direction. This not only allows for more
    force to be directed at the target, but also allows friendly forces
    to safely operate much closer to the mine.

Damage Blast Area Force Size Cost Effects
Nitroglycerin, 1 oz. N/A 5 2(L) 1/P •• 9 again, Knockdown**
Dynamite, 1 stick N/A 10 2(L) 1/J • Knockdown**
TNT, 1 stick N/A 10 3(L) 1/J •• Knockdown**
C-4, 1.25 lb. block N/A 10 4(L) 1/J •• 9 again, Knockdown**
C-4, .5 lb. sheet N/A 5 2(L) 1/P •• Knockdown**
ANFO, 1 gal. N/A 5 2(L) 3/N • 8 again, fire damage*, Knockdown**
Semtex, 1 lb. N/A 10 4(L) 8 again 1/J •• Knockdown**
Gunpowder, 1 lb. N/A 2 2(L) 1/J •
Flash Powder, 1 lb. N/A 1 1(B) 1/J • 9 again
Det Cord, 10’ N/A 3 2(L) 2/J •• 9 again
Blasting Cap, non-electric –3(L)1 0 1 1/P •• 8 again
Blasting Cap, electric –3(L)
1 0 1 1/P • 8 again
Radio Receiver w/ blasting cap –3(L)1 0 1 1/P •• 9 again
Countdown Detonator –4(L)
1 0 1 1/P •••
Explosive Devices
Satchel Charge 1(L)6 20 6 2/L N/A 8 again, Knockdown**
Cratering Charge, 40 lbs. N/A 15 8(L) 3/N N/A 8 again, Knockdown**
Shaped Charge, 15 lbs. N/A 5 7(L) 3/N N/A 8 again, Knockdown**, AP 3
Breeching Charge, .25 lb. N/A 1 2(L) 1/P N/A AP 2
Fougasse N/A 25 3(L) 3/N •• 8 again, fire damage*, Knockdown**
Firecracker, tiny –3(B)
2 0 2 1/P •
Firecracker, M-1000 –1(L)+2 2 2 1/P • Knockdown**
Bottle Rocket N/A 0 2(B) 1/S •
Roman Candle N/A 0 1(L) * 1/J •
Time-Delay Fuse N/A – - 1/S ••
Blasting Machine N/A – - 2/L •••
Radio Detonator, short range N/A – - 2/J ••
Radio Detonator, long range N/A – - 3/N •••

  • The damage from this weapon is caused by both fire and explosives. The damage listed is for the first turn. After that,
    characters still within the primary blast area take an additional 3 damage from fire (fougasse causes 5 fire damage each turn).
    arming/disarming explosive devices-explosive devices


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