Frequently Asked Questions

  • I’m confused, what is this site about?
    This site is an “online resource” for White Wolf’s World of Darkness Role-playing Game. It tries to do as much as possible in-character, as if your character was actually doing the research here on AlphaNet, a government sponsored “Research Station” using a new innovative UI platform & knowledge base back-end, possibly uncovering clues, answers or perhaps only further questions.
  • Is this for me?
    The game’s not gone live yet as I’m still working on the content here but anyone is welcome to come join and we can start asap. No matter if you’ve never played World of Darkness, or never played Forum RPGs or Online (Play by Post) or even if you’ve never role-played at all.. Check out the Player Advice & Storyteller Advice for hints & tips. I’m happy to help guide you through it all. There is a lot of information contained within all these pages, not all of it may be obvious or seem useful but one never knows. Browse at your leisure.
  • What are the Rules?
    We might consider the most important Top 3 Rules to be …
    1. It’s always, always about us all “Having fun!”,
    2. Remember, “Do what you wish as long as it hurts no one!”, as paraphrased from the infamous Aleister Crowley.
    3. Finally, “Whatever the Storyteller (or GM for GamesMaster) says goes!” but of course, the GM is benign and working for your good. ;-)
    Basically we’re hoping to follow mostly the 1st Edition New World of Darkness rules but they’ll be some 2nd Edition & Custom House Rules as well. They’re all listed in our House Rules section.
  • What’s the Setting?
    This is present day Earth but stranger, darker with much we consider fantasy or fiction actually existing in this world. There’s potential for almost anything to happen, if they characters can find it, understand how to utilise it and survive while getting it done. Much we might consider fiction or fantasy here, in the “real” world may well be real and simply use such stories to cover up it’s existence.
  • Deeper beneath The Veil
    The world is a darker, dangerous and desperate place where things are rarely fair. Expect hard work to be necessary to achieve anything worthwhile and expect frustration, disappointment and failure.

The World, once prodded and one delves a little deeper, becomes a much stranger, scarier place. The Myth of Magic still seems to tug at those remote edges of Humanity’s psyche while we all strive hard to make our little piece of something safe & comfortable for that short time between those two indeterminate voids of eternal darkness.

The world’s environment is in a much worse state of deterioration and things are reaching that final crisis point, crime is running wild and the rich and taking advantage of any and every loophole they can find or rampaging over the law, daily. Countries are still suffering financial ruin and poverty is everywhere, austerity is still upheld in many places while unemployment is higher than ever before since the economic crisis of 2007-2008. Food banks & homeless shelters grow in huge numbers while funding for charities & welfare is cut drastically. Suicide, murder and violence such as robbery and home invasions are rampant.

The USA has just pulled out of the latest Climate Change Accords and China is likely to follow them. The European union is crumbling from within as member countries threaten to leave and those outside do nothing, awaiting the outcomes. In the Middle East, Africa and South America, crimes of humanity and war crimes are no longer the “no go” they once were but simply a brief legal & logistics hurdle to be overcome, before quickly pushing on. Ravaged, desperate refugees and those terrorists hiding within the crowds continually seek escape to Europe and America, crossing harsh hundreds of miles with nothing but what they carry. These refugees litter the countries along the route, killing themselves uselessly trying to cross ocean waters and forcing governments to think about and spend precious finances on them. Humans have come to mean nothing at all.

  • Themes?
    Hopefully we’ll try and explore different moods and themes as we progress through the stories but I’m hoping it will have a large dose of mystery, horror, suspense and drama along with ample side helpings of chaos & confusion. More specific Themes such as Globalisation, Pain, Poverty, Loss, Regret, Humanity, God, Slavery, Freedom, Sacrifice etc. may all become part of the Story.
  • What do I need?
    A copy of the World of Darkness “Mortal Core Rules” Book (Core Rules for Mortals, often known as the “Blue Book”, nowadays bought for just a couple of Pounds (£) off Ebay) but even that isn’t essential as I’m hoping to have the main rules provided here for ease of reference, anyway. Later, there’s a chance characters may have unfortunate (or fortunate?) things happen to them and then the Hunter, Vampire, Werewolf, Changeling & Promethean books might be useful but again, I’m hoping we’ll have the essentials on here. Hopefully we can do all our die rolling online so no die are needed. We’re using most NWOD 1st Edition with a liberal helping of 2nd Edition & Custom House Rules as in the UK I can’t easily get hold of 2e books and I have most of the 1e books. You also want a handful or two of d10 Dice with which to roll and determine the chance of success when performing actions with your Player Characters.
  • How do I start?
    Just send me a Private Message on here and we can start the ball rolling in considering what sort of Character you’d like to play etc. Think up and decide on your Character Concept which can be best done by coming up with a simple sentence… An Adjective or two describing your Character & a Noun telling us what, mainly, your Character is. Character Examples include:- “Studious Teacher”; “Troubled Army Vet”; “Unhappy, Nosey Postman” etc.
  • What can I do?
    Anything, really.. given enough IC (In Character) Time, Effort & Story. This is all about collaboration between the Player(s) and the StoryTeller, also known as the GamesMaster (GM). You can go any way you want, good or evil; rich or poor; young or old; thinker or action etc.. take any path and have any goal you’d like. Your Character will likely change & develop as the stories progress, just like in life but here it’s you, with the other players and the StoryTeller, who get to control & shape the direction and events that happen.
  • Is all the information on this site “true fact”?
    Possibly not.. we try to be as accurate as possible but often we are unable to verify sources and there may be bias or unreliable narration that comes through. Consider where and when the information is obtained, who is relaying it and always try and see it through the eyes of those informing you as they have their own perspective and agenda. Remember , Truth always has three sides! Everyone is biased and it often shows in their myths & lore and even any supposed “factual” information.

Why does our world not know about all this?
Our Mundane World does know about much of this, it’s just mostly that the majority do not believe, cannot believe or have forgotten. There are those on the fringes or those in special circumstances or special individuals who may know some of the Mysteries and with greater, wider means of communication this can only grow. There are three main reasons why this has remained the status quo :- Some Thinkers suggest it may be a natural defence mechanism or law of Magic – that it makes normal people, called Sleepers or more rudely “Mundies” unable to comprehend Magical or Supernatural Happenings.
Others argue that there are many entities or Supernatural Beings in the world who’s best interest is to keep the human world asleep and as unaware of them as possible. They’ve seen what happens if the bulk of humanity wakes up to them – they come a’huntin’ in hordes, with bloody pitch forks and flaming torches. Great, the higher echelons seem to have managed to somehow keep the lower ranks under control or creating rules to strictly follow.
Finally, there is technology. With the growth in technology and it’s widely adopted usage works both for the good & the bad. Positively, it has created a mindset amongst most humans where if it’s not in books or recorded on film etc. it doesn’t exist.

  • What kind of creature or “Other” can I play?
    You’ll start off as Mortal, naive & innocent of most Supernatural or Unnatural phenomena. Depending then on what you do, and what happens you may remain a plain Mortal or change, becoming something else. People in the know call these, Others and you’ll possibly have a chance of playing any of them, just speak with your GM.
  • What is the most powerful/Best “Other” (SPLaT) to play?
    There truly is no best as each has it’s own way of doing things, powers, history & colour. Some Others may be “more powerful” than another, when they’re compared but they also tend to have weaknesses or things to worry about or may take a lot more time & effort to achieve the change so best answer would be: Try to find out about those you like the look of, in-game & In Character and then speak with your GM about how you wish to develop. Remember: it’s not you Versus GM but a team effort to make a cooperative series of adventures.. a story or Chronicle.
  • Why are there no fat Vampires?
    The Kindred are constantly plagued by a never-ending, need to consume.. known as The Hunger it is a byproduct of The Beast Within and it devours all unnecessary fat within a few months. Thus, no matter how much a Vampire may gorge itself or how big it may of been while alive, it will likely lose any excess fat before long.
  • Why does everything seem to have some weakness or Bane?
    This is argued over by many and there are many differing thoughts on this such as : The Wyrd plays it’s Cosmic games and enjoys it’s fun; The World is broken after The Fall; Opposites are required; Something wants Heroes & Hunters a to have a chance. The most compelling to some is that the Great Mover, the Cosmic Song or The Source needs Balance in all things.. there are opposites & there are pairings, where there is strength there must be weakness. Who truly knows these things? It’s a Cosmic Mystery.
  • How many different Supernatural Beings exist in the world?
    Possibly everything. It seems that thought, belief & faith has power in the upper reaches of the Supernatural Realms to create what is being thought of i.e. imagined. The more people who think a particular thing, the stronger the thought.. stronger the belief, the more powerful the creation becomes. They may start out as a type of Spirit but if they survive, manage to grow and gain power they may become something more. It’s possible most everything started like this or created by them. Possibly.
  • How do these Others reproduce themselves?
    They each have their own special method of continuing their line. Some may be more effective than others or they may have found extra, alternative ways around any difficulties.
    • Kindred embrace their Progeny, though it is usually tightly restricted by the local ruler.
    • Uratha are born with a wolfish spirit that may come out and transform the mortal into werewolf around the age of puberty.
    • Changeling procreate by stealing a human child, replacing it with a lookalike Fetch replacement. The human child is taken and kept in the land of Faerie which slowly but surely changes them, body & soul into a Changeling.
    • Mages are mortals with a fiercer, brighter fire within their soul that enables them to Awaken to Magic.
    • Geists are certain, special mortals who have died but not let go and crossed over. They have come back to the Material World and stolen a human body, or Geist but they are sterile.
    • Outlanders are Immortal but they cannot reproduce at all. It’s very much a Mystery where or how they even originated in the first place and once they’re gone, they seem to be gone forever.
    • Demons are not and never have been human and it would seem difficult to reproduce more of their kind without complex Rituals and use of grest Power. They steal, override and inhabit the bodies of mortals to use for their own needs but these bodies don’t seem able to birth a Demon.
  • Give us a basic overview of each SPLAT
    Here is an “unreliable narrator’s” overview of the various Supernatural Beings you might become are called Others :-
    • The Vampires, known as Kindred subtly and quietly influence humanity throughout the Western World.
    • Werewolves, calling themselves Forsaken are shamed, guilt-ridden and fighting a losing war against, not only, their own Feral Brethen but the hordes of humanity and it’s sightless war on Gaia and the very earth itself.
    • Mages are little but a myth now, stories to be told to children and believed only by fools. Surely Magic doesn’t and can’t work, it’s been scientifically proven. The few who may remain and believe, spend years & decades researching their beloved Mysteries, testing Spells and seeking the Power to shape Reality. If they were real and even gained that Power, they’d be almost unstoppable.
      Mages are rare and even rarer than they used to be centuries back. They hunt down and uncover the answers to the Mysteries that call to them while the lure of magic constantly pulls at them, urging them into desperate situations of the Supernatural. Unfortunately, magic doesn’t quite work as well as it used to and it’s power seems to lessen year on year. Now Riff’ing is pretty much impossible and Rotes are precious commodities, traded and covetted by Mages all over.
  • Demons


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