“Fetters of gold are still fetters, and the softest lining can never make them so easy as liberty.” – Mary Astell

Remote Control 2
MU Gym 2
Championship Saber 2
Cubicle 2
Recliner (Resolved, originally 1)

The Mourner"
Based on what we know about your soldier, this was probably the only significant source of social interaction the character had while alive. Which makes perfect sense. Someone who didn’t connect with other people would totally stick around the one person he did connect with.

Again, this Fetter makes perfect sense for the character, especially with its associated Passion (with whatever emotion you go with).

Was this the car he lived out of? Like a tiny mobile home?

I think characters need at least one semi-cheery Fetter. Something that reminds them of better times also helps make their current conditions (ectoplasmic and dead) more tragic. Nice touch.


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