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“Every beginning is only a continuation and the Book of Fate is always open in the middle.” – Polish Poem

We’ll try and run through Character Examples in some depth and then provide a number of full character examples that show the system in practice. Don’t forget to check out our Lexicon for definitions of terms.

The 5 DoT Rating System for Mortal & Mundane Matters.
Here is a quick overview of the “5 Dot” Rating System that is used whenever possible, throughout the Game. Much like the Star ratings we see as consumers, these DoTs tell us how good or effective something is.

Basically, most things in mundane, mortal life tends to range from 1-3 with 2 being a very acceptable, average level. It can be described another way as Low, Medium, High while 4 is noticeably excellent, and 5 truly out of this world, world class.

0 Dot = Appalling (Negative Level) : Absolute rubbish, possibly a liability and will suffer a penalty when that Trait is in effect.
1 Dot = Basic (Low Level) : Beginner who’s learned the simple, crucial stuff or less able user coasting along.
2 Dot = Competent (Good Level) : Good ability that gets the job done when needed. A completely acceptable, average level.
3 Dot = Decent (High Level) : Very Skilled and copes with problems like a seasoned professional. One of the best in the City.
4 Dot = Exceptional : Expert in their field and much sought after, considered to be top of their game. Best in the Nation. (High Level)
5 Dot = Fantastic : The very top of the pile and often famous in their field, constantly sought after and wanted around the globe, being one of the very best in the world.

Above 5 Dots = Super : We’re reaching into the realms of the uncanny, supernatural & unbelievable potential where no mortal could realistically go without help… These are truly above and beyond the norm of human ability. A 6 dot Trait would put you at the very, very top of the global league in that ability or attribute. Higher than that and you are indeed supernaturally talented in that area and would wow onlookers, certainly. Note: Just like how 4 and 5 DoTs cost 2 DoTs each, all 6 and 7 DoTs cost 3 DoTs each to raise them and all 8 and 9 DoTs cost 4 DoTs each to raise.

Character Concepts
Here’s the most important aspect of creating a character. Coming up with an idea you think is fun and will keep you interested as you watch them grow and develop in front of your eyes. Very much recommend you start out simply with a cool, interesting and ordinary Concept and let the Story and situations drive & develoo your Character into something special over time. Take your time and don’t try and rush to get it all at once.

Examples of Occupations to inspire (Remember: You need Status in your Occupation to show a high level of advancement, hence why you’re a lowly Junior Rank) :-

  • Activist: Animal Care, Animal Rights, Human Equality, Ecological Sanctity & Healing, Wealth Dispersal and Fair Laws for All, globally are vitally important subjects to you (or some of them, at least). Wars should stop and peace reach every corner of the world.. these are what you fight for. Whenever you can find an opportunity you can find a cause!
    Examples: Animal Rights Activist, Anti-Federal Survivourlist , Ecologist, Fair Trader, Hacker, New World Ready,
  • Armed Forces: Nothing uncommon about this.. it’s rather clich├ęd in fact but it’s a because it’s true and happens a lot, especially these days with the decades of wars overseas. Now it’s hard to find a job or keep a job for any length of time due to PTSD or other wounds from battle.
    Examples: Air Force, Bomber, Demolitions Expert, Gunner, Helicopter Pilot, Marine, Naval Seaman, Special Forces, SWAT,
  • Artisan: Crafting something special or worthwhile, often using specialist knowledge handed down through the many generations.
    Examples: Antique Restorer, Chef, Designer, Jeweller, Smith, Tailor, Woodcrafter,
  • Artist: Anything else that expresses your creativity and artistic nature.. it keeps you busy and hopefully making money one day.
    Examples: Animator, Film Maker, Gift Card Writer, Mosaics, Musician, Painter, Photographer, Police Sketch Artist, Potter, Sculptor,
  • Builder: You spend your days working on construction sites, repairing or renovating properties etc. General construction, Carpentry, Tiling, Electrical, Demolitions and Plumbing are all possibly part of your day.
    Examples: Bricklayer, Builder, Carpenter, Demolitionist, Electrician, Plumber, Roofer, Thatcher, Tiler,
  • Celebrity Socialite: Not quite an A List Celebrity.. or even any kind of Celebrity (yet) but you are working on it and hope one day that’ll be you with the flashes and the screams. For now, you’re happy to live in their shadow but youre in their company and get yourself in the photos and on the Blogs.
    Examples: Actor, Fashionista, Film Star, Media Sensation, Model, Pop Star, Porn Star, Reality Star, Royal, Socialite, WAG,
  • Crimminal: Small Time Criminal is your only way of life and has been, almost from the start. Perhaps one day you’ll move on up to the Big Score but not just yet!
    Examples: Assassin, Blackmailer, Black Marketeer, Burglar, Drug Dealer, Drug Runner, Extortionist, Faker, Fence, Forger, Fraudster, Grifter, Gun Runner, Pirate, Smuggler, Spy, Tax Dodger, Thug, Tomb Robber, Weapons Dealer,
  • Driver: A good living if you can put in the hours, and it’s flexible and mostly trouble free though the new Uber-Style Freelancers have hit your takings. You like to drive!
    Examples: Bus Driver, Chauffeur, Crash Test Driver, Driving Instructor, Limo Driver, Long Distance Lorry Driver, Race Car Driver, Stunt Driver, Taxi Driver, Van Driver,
  • Entertainer: These are the people who amuse you and lighten your moods.
    Examples: Dancer, Comedian, Acrobat, Circus Performer, Trick Horse Rider, Animal Circus Trainer, Juggler, Party Clown, Stage Magician,
  • Entrepreneur: Business.. it’s all about Business, and for you that is everything. You don’t sit behind a desk or on a phone all day like an Executive but instead are out & about making money the old fashioned way. Face to Face!
    Examples: Banker, Businessman, Escort, Market Trader, Property Mogul, Self Employed, Share Dealer, Small Business Holder, Tycoon, Food Critic,v
  • Executive: These Characters are the top of the “Food Chain” and usually spend their time in swish offices and on the phone or meeting with other important business people. They manage and own the companies and corporations.
    Examples: Director, Politician, TV Channel Controller, VIP,
  • Factory Worker: They spend their days in the large warehouses, factories and production plants.
    Examples: Dock Worker, Line Worker, Machinist, Picker, Warehouse Labourer, Welder,
  • Faith Leader: These use their Charisma and knowledge of their Faith as well as their natural charm and presence to manipulate and attract others. There are those who are like minded and who see truth in what they say.
    Examples: Charity Fundraiser, Church Choirmistress, Cleric, Cult Leader, Exorcist, Faith Guru, Healer, Holistic Healer, Imam, Martyr, Medium, New Age Spiritualist, Nun, Preacher, Priest, Prophet, Psychic, Rabbi, Temple Cleaner, TV Evangelist, Visionary,
  • Health Professional: Overworked and suffering huge losses in the NHS daily, Doctors are being forced into extra overtime everywhete… Emergency Rooms are packed full of the desperate and the sick, further evidence of Government Cuts and their lack of consideration or care for the public.
    Examples: Lternative Practitioner, Consultant, Dentist, Dietician, Doctor, General Surgeon, General Practitioner, Medic, Medical Examiner, Nurse, Pharmacist, Physiotherapist, Psychiatrist, Psychotherapist, Trauma Surgeon, Vetinarian,
  • Law Enforcement: The Yorkshire Metropolitan are a large force who have been hit hard with redundancies the last few years while crime seems to have rise higher each week.
    Examples: Detective, Judge, Justice, Lawyer, Police Officer, Probation Worker, Social Worker, SWAT, Traffic Warden,
  • Mechanic: Only happy when you have a wrench in your hand and you smell of grease but luckily business is quite good and things seldom bother you when your head in under the bonnet.
    Examples: Auto Mechanic, Gadget Fixer, Janitor, Robotics Specialist, TV Repairs,
  • Middle Management: Forced to wear the grey, drab uniform of the Office, they spend most of their time behind a desk supervising, monitoring or detailing information for those lucky enough to be the Entrepreneurs or Executives above them or unfortunate enough to be the Paper Pusher beneath them.
    Examples: Account Manager, Accountant, Marketing, Public Relations, Sales Manager, Supervisor, Systems Admin, Team Leader, Warehouse Manager,
  • Music Pro: Music is your life.. and here you are, spending your nights playing your music for parties and getting paid for it. You try and play what the client wants but some nights, you gifts play from your heart!
    Examples: Club DJ, Disc Jockey, Musician, Producer, Radio Host, Roadie, Session Musician, Songwriter,
  • Outdoorsman: These are the people who work outside almost all the time, tending to or utilising Natures bounty.
    Examples: Farmer, Hunter, Gamekeeper, Gardener, Groundsman, Guide, Logger, Lumberjack, Environmental Tester, Furrier, Park Keeper, Ranger, Rodeo Rider, Tracker,
  • Paper Pusher: Working long, busy days in the Council Offices when not out checking Housing Regulations, Traffic Issues, Crime Pockets & Asbo’s or another High Street shop closure etc. Other examples include any lowly “Paper Pusher”, Telesales or Call Centre Staff.
    Examples: Call Center Analyst, Civil Servant, Council Worker, Data Entry Clerk, Receptionist, Scribe, Secretary, Telesales, Temp,
  • Performer: You make your money selling yourself and your “God given talents” to the world. You love it!
    Examples: Actor, Dancer, Musician, Singer, TV Host,
  • Reporter: Getting onto a Newspaper these days is impossible without years of relevant experience so Freelance Reporting is often the only way to show off talent. Celebrity, Global News, Local Gossip.. all may be the Big Story!
    Examples: Blogger, News Reporter, TV Researcher,
  • Scientist: Lab Assistant may not be much, but it’s a foot in the door and one day perhaps it’ll be your own Lab you are working in.
    Examples: Chemist, Forensics Lab,
  • Security Guard: A good option for those not quite up to the sophisticated standards of the Police Force or who’d rather a little more flexibility. Jobs are common in Corporate Facilities, Warehouses, Office Blocks, High-Rise Apartments, Prisons, Asylums & Hospitals.
    Examples: Asylum Porter, Hotel Doorman, Prison Guard,
  • Sportsman: Those who make Sports and physical activity their main profession such as
    Examples: Acrobat, Athlete, Basketball Player, Boxer, Coach, Football Player, Gymnast, Physical Trainer, Referee, Swimmer, Tumbler, Wrestler,
  • Teacher: These Characters value the arts of knowledge and Education more than almost anything else. Be it Primary or Secondary School, College or even University, educating the next generations is what drives them on. Not as much Privacy or Self-interest involved compared to Academics as this involves giving out your accumulated knowledge to others.
    Examples: Classroom Assistant, Examiner, Mentor, Private Tutor, School Teacher, Trainer, University Teacher,
  • Technician: Those skilled at the practical knowledge of repair or the more cerebral techniques of architect, bomb making, rocket science, engineering etc. …
    Examples: Laboratory Technician, Programmer, Researcher, Scientist Assistant, VR Specialist,
  • Unemployed: More and more common over the last
    decade, people of all kinds have fallen to life’s harsh attitude and leaves them worrying about paying the bills or lazing about on friends sofas playing computer games or taking drugs and doing crime. They may well suffer mental, social or physical illnesses due to being out of work for extreme lengths of time as well.
    Examples: Commune Resident, Disabled, E-Sports Player, Inheritor, Lottery Winner, Obese Person, Off-Grid, Professional Gambler, Survivalist, Shirker, Skiver, Young offender,

To come up with a “Core Concept” it is often a good idea to start with what they spend their time doing as this is often a key influence in a person’s makeup or helps to make them what they are. Start with a Job or Occupation or Hobby.

Then, consider an Adjective that fits your character and sums them up best. Something that describes them well and makes them stand out. Can this go well in front of the chosen Noun? If you’d rather using a second Noun instead, go for it! Perhaps your Character is renowned for doing two things or … Whatever suits you and fits your Character best.

Here is some basic concepts, categorized by Age as Character Age does have an effect on Traits at certain stages and remember to add the Bonus XP for the Age at the end.

  • ©hild (6-12) – “Daddy’s little Princess”; “Junior Detective”; “Disturbed and Curious”; “Bed-Wetter with Night Terrors”; “Fey-touched Prodigy”; “Little Brat”;
  • (T)een (13-18) – “Disturbed Teen”; “Struggling School Pupil”; “Abandoned Orphan”; “Fostered Swot”; “Fat Camp Rebel”; “Diva with attitude”; “Spoilt Catholic Schoolgirl”;
  • (Y)oung (19-29) – “Council Estate Athlete”; “Binge Drinking University Student”; “Amateur Boxer”; “Emotional Debt Collector”; “Drug Dealing Paramedic”; “Diva Dancer”; “Heroic Stuntman”;
  • (A)dult (30-44) – “Hopeless Down & Out”; “Uptight Accountant with Dreams”; “Corrupt Banker”; “Aging Boxer”; “Hard-edge Bouncer”; “Homeless Drunk”; “Student Doctor”;
  • (M)ature (45-59) – “Nutty Theorising Professor”; “Sexy Nurse and Stripper”; “High Class Archaeologist”; “Sad, Aging Playboy”; “Doorstep Salesman Burglar”; “Dockworker Criminal”;
  • (O)lder (60-69) – “Disabled Street Vigilante”; “Neighborhood Watch Nosey Parker”; “Homeless Bag Lady”; “Hopeless Drunk and Addict”; “Powerful Gambler loses everything”; “Unmarried Librarian”;
  • (E)lderly (70-79) – “Very old tenured Academician”; “Ex Spy”;
  • (V)enerable (90+) – “Hospitalised & Dieing”; “World War 2 Veteran”; “Concentration Camp Survivor”;

Simply put:- For each decade your character has lived, add +1 to Freebie DoTs.

Some full examples now follow :-

These are a Characters’ innate or natural capabilities. Main Attributes are organized into three groups or sets :
- Physical, Mental & Social (or Spiritual).
Each set consists of 3 Attributes with an accompanying overall Damage or Health Attribute.

- Derivative Attributes are those that are made up of the Main Attributes. Speed, Defence etc

These are learned and gained Capabilities. They include Skills, Disciplines etc.

These are other things (Objects, People, Places) that are important and valuable to the Character.

There are various types of Actions that may require “Action Rolls”…

  • Reflex Actions:
  • Extended Actions:

Action Roll Components

  • Dice Pools:
  • Edge:

Getting started

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