Hunter Groups

“Facinating. These Theriomorphic lifeforms have no innate dislike for Humanity or Science. Indeed, I conversed with one, belonging to a group which he called the “Iron Masters”, who seem to believe that scientific change and progress not only makes their job easier, but they also have some kind of duty from some mythological being in their past to study the changes that humanity makes and record them. I noticed also that all of them are human-born; this may be the major difference in attitude between these “Uratha” and our “Garou”.

The Theriomorphs from our dimension are psychopathic beasts with no care for humanity due to their ethnic seclusion and inhuman ancestery. By contrast, these Uratha hold themselves responsible for ensuring the separation of the sole extra dimesion this universe possesses, the so-called “Shadow”, from the human-native one. Why, if we had had these beasts instead, we could have ensured human safety from extra-dimensional monstrosities long before the Timetable expects."
- Velia Nazzad, New World Order Sociologist

These may be split into Cell, Compact and Conspiracy.
House Lore..

Those organizations, big or small.. official or unofficial, who’s “job” it is to investigate, study, contain.. and more often than not, destroy the Supernatural and Otherworldly.

There are many such groups out there but they’re not all friends or allies and all have very different motives.

Some typical examples include VASCU the Vanguard Serial Crimes Unit, a Conspiracy that works actively within the FBI

Hunter Groups

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