“Never in my house.. Ye abide by m’rules ya see…”

They Thirst.. eternally hungry for that which they need and must have, they thirst. Not just for blood, but for power, money, land, hedonistic sensations, anything at all they want and do not have but it is never enough, never ever enough… Still they thirst!

These Vampires though they are often fighting or plotting how to fight their Kindred they have some sense of family, security and togetherness under the umbrella of a “united society” as all Covenants have agreed to and signed the Second, new Camarilla Pact during the 15th Century. Without that they most likely would of been exterminated or died out all together in some other way. The Camarilla Structure of Courts, Kingdoms and Covenants is detailed as well. It grows slowly and is always in danger of stagnating. It is only perhaps the Camarilla Traditions that keeps everything so stable and running so smoothly the majority of the time. The Kindred have special abilities, called Disciplines. Browse our Supernaturals Demographics for rough numbers. They may glean fact or rumour from the Mysteries – Kindred.

Origins of the Kindred
History and Genealogy is important to Kindred as can be seen by the painstaking lists of Clan Ancestry and Histories of Bloodlines. Rome is really the start of our proper, factual information. There were the five Clans born or more properly risen not long before Rome.. Nosferatu on very rare, random occasions just arose from the grave as feral, ghastly monsters while the Lore available suggests a majority can called Julii were transformed into Kindred via strange Strix Spirits. Member were Egyptian Blood Magic.. Daeva..? Ventrue & Gangrel did deals with the Styx in Rome. So Kindred really only 2500-3500 yrs old or so? No, this is untrue and has become the majority origin tale through the long years of the Age of Reason where people, even many Kindred prefer to look for easy to understand, mundane answers.

Gradually, some have noticed the growth in Thin-Bloods, as well as the “Blood just not taking right” which seems to mean that when a person is Embraced, sometimes it doesn’t work properly and they don’t inherit the Clan or Bloodline. This often leaves them out in the cold, separated from their Brethren.

Many still believe that Kindred were sired by The Dark Father (It could be Caine or even Bro) or someone very much like him in long forgotten ancient times. Others argue the involvement of Lilith, especially Circle of the Crone members.

Judeo-Christian or Western Vampires who, some say, believe themselves descended from Caine. Most often, the Bloodlines of Characters tend to be kept guarded and secret in case used against them in some way. Childe are not told of their Bloodlines heritage until much later on when they can be trusted and depended upon. Others go throughout their Requiem without ever knowing from whenst they come.

Powers, Disciplines and Talents that come, don’t all come to the Kindred at once. Instead, a power may appear sporadically or slowly before becoming realised or it may be trained up by the Kindred, consciously to Quicken the growth.

Kindred are organised not only by Clan and Bloodlines but also by Covenant which makes the political wranglings and wheeling-dealings within the new Camarilla much more complex. Keeping the Masquerade becomes almost impossible, though luckily they have a strong sense of survival.

Though the Prince rules their territories by Law, there are the Traditions that have existed for since Rome at least that rule the Kindred by instinct.

First Tradition – Masquerade

Second – Progeny… Tradition of Hospitality
No unauthorized sireing

  • Domain – meet stranger vamp and test of fear or frenzy depending on BP

Third – Diablerie/Amaranth
No Diablerie drinking of blood of higher BP Kindred

Kindred Structure.

  • Thin-Bloods: are more common.. These are Kindred where the Blood does not thickened or age and the creature never seems to grow in Skill or Power. They are weak and pathetic creatures who rarely survive very long, and if they do they are used more like Thralls or Ghouls.
  • Thrall: These are human followers of their Kindred Masters. They suffer a Blood Kiss which bonds them to the Kindred temporarily. After a time, the Thrall will become so enthralled they will never disobey or leave their Master.
  • Neonate, newly embraced has very thin blood and is kinda weakly physically but often goes temporarily mad or frenzies for months. Many die in the days…

The Sleeping Death of Torpor
Also known as “Tor” it is when a Vampire sleeps, or more technically they hibernate for a time…


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