“Never in my house.. Ye abide by m’rules ya see…”
Cosmology, see FAQ – Kindred

They Thirst.. eternally hungry for that which they need and must have, they thirst. Not just for blood, but for power, money, land, hedonistic sensations, anything at all they want and do not have but it is never enough, never ever enough… Still they thirst!

These Vampires though they are often fighting or plotting how to fight their Kindred they have some sense of family, security and togetherness under the umbrella of a “united society” as all Covenants have agreed to and signed the Second, new Camarilla Pact during the 15th Century. Without that they most likely would of been exterminated or died out all together in some other way. The Camarilla Structure of Courts, Kingdoms and Covenants is detailed as well. It grows slowly and is always in danger of stagnating. It is only perhaps the Camarilla Traditions that keeps everything so stable and running so smoothly the majority of the time. The Kindred have special abilities, called Disciplines. Browse our Supernaturals Demographics for rough numbers or see our Kindred Principalities UK. They may glean fact or rumour from the Mysteries – Kindred.

Origins of the Kindred
History and Genealogy is important to Kindred as can be seen by the painstaking lists of Clan Ancestry and Histories of Bloodlines. Thinkers first thought all Kindred were formed from a single Sire but this is now often considered naive and simplistic, believing Clans & Bloodlines have “embraced” many outside influences over the millennia and absorbed, changed and merged the Bloodlines so they become different from what they were. Deeper knowledge of the subject of the Origins requires in-depth study of the Mysteries – Kindred found in Mysteries.

Rome is really the start of most of our proper, factual information. There were the five Clans born or more properly risen not long before Rome.. Nosferatu on very rare, random occasions just arose from the grave as feral, ghastly monsters while the Lore available suggests a majority can called Julii were transformed into Kindred via strange Strix Spirits. Member were Egyptian Blood Magic.. Daeva..? Ventrue & Gangrel did deals with the Styx in Rome. So Kindred really only 2500-3500 yrs old or so? No, this is untrue and has become the majority origin tale through the long years of the Age of Reason where people, even many Kindred prefer to look for easy to understand, mundane answers.

Gradually, some have noticed the growth in Thin-Bloods, as well as the “Blood just not taking right” which seems to mean that when a person is Embraced, sometimes it doesn’t work properly and they don’t inherit the Clan or Bloodlines. This often leaves them out in the cold, separated from their Brethren.

Kindred Origin STORY
Judeo-Christian or Western Vampires who, some say, believe themselves descended from Caine. Most often, the Bloodlines of Characters tend to be kept guarded and secret in case used against them in some way. Childe are not told of their Bloodlines heritage until much later on when they can be trusted and depended upon. Others go throughout their Requiem without ever knowing from when & where they come.

Powers, Disciplines and Talents that come, don’t all come to the Kindred at once. Instead, a Power may appear sporadically or slowly before becoming realised or it may be trained up by the Kindred, consciously to Quicken the growth.

Kindred are organised not only by Clans and Bloodlines but also by Covenant which makes the political wranglings and wheeling-dealings within the new Camarilla much more complex. Keeping the Masquerade becomes almost impossible, though luckily they have a strong sense of survival.

Though the Prince rules their territories by Law, there are the Camarilla Traditions that have existed for since Rome at least that rule the Kindred by instinct. The Traditions are :-

  • The Masquerade: The First Tradition is the most important, the rule above them all is the Kindred need for remaining unnoticed amongst the multitude of mortals. You shall not reveal your true nature to those not of the Blood. Doing so shall renounce your claims of Blood.
  • Progeny: There is very strict rules on not siring any children without the express permission of the Prince or Ruling council. While the Childe is still young and unproven, it’s the responsibility of the Sire for it’s actions.
  • Amaranth: You must not consume the hearts loose of another of our kind nor devour the Soul. Doing so, without express permission from the ruling body will cause extreme punishment.
  • Domain: Your domain is your own, personal, concern. All others owe you proper respect while in it. None may challenge your word while in your Domain but you must protect it properly.
  • Hospitality: Honor one another’s domain.
    When coming to a foreign city, present yourself to the one who rules there. Without the word of acceptance, thou art nothing and easily ground to dust.
  • Rank: With Rank cames privilege but also responsibility. Respect your Elders and those of a superior Rank.

Claims of blood, acceptance,
Punishments include indebted, indentured, rank & estate lost, outcast, imprisoned, publicly shamed,

Third – Diablerie/Amaranth
No Diablerie drinking of blood of higher BP Kindred

Kindred Structure.
The Camarilla is the main political & family structure of the Kindred throughout the West and some of the East. The Inner Circle rules and is made up of representatives of the Major & a few Minor Covenants, Elder representatives of the Major Clans and certain key, independent individual advisors. There are various Kindred Governance examples within the Camarilla.

  • Caitiff: These are the Outcasts, often punishable by death, flogging or branding if caught. They tend to be criminals or despicable individuals who have flaunted the rules or Traditions.
  • Something for those without a clan or Bloodline?? Caitiff was the term before.
  • Thin-Bloods: These are much more common now. They are Kindred where the Blood does not thickened or age and the creature never seems to grow in Skill or Power. They are weak and pathetic creatures who rarely survive very long, and if they do they are used more like Thralls or Ghouls.
  • Larvae: Mindless, weak minions that result sometimes from a failed Embrace. They often die quickly if not taken in and cared for by Kindred and some rumours suggest they are treated almost as holy or precious children. Often albino with thin, translucent skinand an even greater fear of fire & sunlight.
  • Thrall: These are humans who have drunk blood Vitae from Kindred and thus become enthralled. How well they are followers of their Kindred Masters depends on the number of times and amount of Vitae drunk.. They suffer a Blood Kiss which bonds them to the Kindred temporarily. After a time, the Thrall will become so enthralled they will never disobey or leave their Master.
  • Ghoul: They have taken in so much of a Kindred’s Vitae that they have become fully enthralled by them.?
  • Ghast: Ghouls gone bad, transformed by the blood or something gone wrong. They rave flesh as well as blood and will often year off the skin of a victim carefully when devouring the flesh and blood inside and use the skin. They wear the skin and are able to take their place, making a convincing clone of their victim. Rare mistakes that most kindred fear or despise.
  • Neonate, newly embraced has very thin blood and is kinda weakly physically but often goes temporarily mad or frenzies for months. Many die in the days…

The Embrace
The “Blood Kiss” involves a sharing of blood, first the Vampire bites and drains almost all of the blood of the victim and then gives them a taste of their own blood which the victim sucks at hungrily or drops are fed into their open mouth. The victim dies, stays dead for a few days and then rises again as a Kindred Fledgling.

The Blood
How does the blood of a Kindred taste? What does it do exactly?

The Beast
This is the hunger that drives every Kindred and it is thought to be some supernatural power, entity or force within The Blood of the Kindred.

Destruction of the Kindred
A big reason that the Masquerade has managed to be upheld and mundane society do not discover dead vampires everywhere is that if the body is properly dealt with i.e. Head chopped off, Heart ripped out or burnt by Sunlight, then the body quickly ages and the corpse turns to dust and cinders which is mostly invisible to the naked eye. So those young, wild Children, newly embraced die quickly and leave no trace.

Older Kindred Corpses take a lot longer to “rot away” and age into dust & cinders. Of course, they’re also a lot harder to kill.

The Sleeping Death of Torpor
Also known as “Tor” it is when a Vampire sleeps, or more technically they hibernate for a time…

How to truly kill Kindred
Kindred Vampires tend to be very tough to slay but there are certain sure methods to turn them to dust & ashes. Vague rumours of Ordo Dracul experiments that seek a way to resurrect those Kindred turned to ashes still persist.

Vampire Mental Disorders & Physical Diseases

  • Malkavia: This has become a growing problem amongst the Kindred and noone knows how it started or from where or why.
  • Thin Blood: This infection causes thinning of the blood so no vitae is available.
  • PX3: leprosy.


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