Kindred Weaknesses

“Never in my house.. Ye abide by m’rules ya see…”

There are Bans or Banes that effect a particular Character in a particular way. Bans & Banes area not Kindred specific but often apply to all manner of Others.
A Ban is a rule on how certain actions or behaviour must be done. Eg. “Must remain in shadow if outside”
A Name is a particular thing or situation that hurts, limits or stops a Kindred acting all together. Eg. “Physically vunerable to silver”.

Possible Kindred Weaknesses, some of which may cause Conditions, are listed below :-

Clan Banes

  • Daeva: Curse – Embodiment of Vice Must take any opportunity they can to indulge their vices.
  • Daeva: Curse – Wanton Infatuation aka “The Wanton Curse” where they will become infatuated with their victim if they fail a roll (??). If a Daeva really drinks twice or more times from the same vessel, he starts obsessing about the vessel. Then he ends up turning him and thus killing him (and ending the condition).
  • Gangrel: [[Curse – choose extra triggers which call for a frenzy check. Eg. Enclosed spaces, crowds of non-gangrel, loud sounds, fire, water etc.
  • Gangrel? giving a cumulative penalty each time a Gangrel succesfully avoids a Frenzy? This way, you could emphasize the need the Gangrel has to give into the Beast, and making the character to choose very carefully which battles against the inner monster needs to fight and which ones needs to let go. Can reset by expending WP equal 10 – SOUL and maybe Vitae.
  • Gangrel: Curse – Quick to Feral: The Feral Curse, all feral modifiers are limited by Soul. The Gangrel have to use their human nature (by maintaining high humanity) to fight of those instinctual urges or at least give them the best bulwark they can have against their new primal natures.
  • Mekhet: Hollow?? The Tenebrous Curse The Mekhet Bane does not, I feel represent “falling” to the deeper mysteries and shadows of the WoD. The only part of it that even pays lip service to the idea is the sunlight/torpor affect, which is by far the most obvious and “dull” way of integrating such a theme. The only Clan Bane/Weakness I can think of that does fit the idea is the CWoD Toreador clan weakness, a driving obsession that captivates a person utterly. However, this would remove the Banes link to humanity, which distinct’s it from the other Banes quite a lot.
  • Mekhet: closer to death? Extra cost for Blush of Life
  • Nosferatu: [[Curse – Social Penalties
  • Nosferatu: The Lonely Curse The Nosferatu have to try harder and be more human then human to be able to even talk to people unhindered, even then they are never guaranteed a place in society. They will always be outsiders, but they can at least be accepted in some small way if they really try.
  • Ventrue: Curse – Refined Palate or taste?
  • Ventrue: The Aloof Curse The Ventrue bane takes a stab at getting to the theme I mentioned above. However, its not pushing that theme hard enough. Ventrue should loose Touchstones easier, have less of them and loose them easier. So maybe they start play with one less Touchstone, their first one is linked to Humanity 7 instead of 6 (so and they loose it quicker then others) and they suffer -2 to all Detachment checks (showing how they shrug off people more easily and would stack with bane penalties). This keeps their weakness in line with the other ones in that its very linked to Humanity but has a unique flavor to support the clans theme.

Vulnerability → Aggravated??
Fear → Phobia,

Taint→ ?? → ??,
Infatuation → Fixation → Obsession
Humbled, shamed, humiliation

Rigor Mortis (severe bane): The Vampire must spend blood to move if they remain stationary for too long in one position, just as they do when they first rise for the night.
Flowers for the Dead (moderate): A Vampire with this bane can be paralyzed by placing a funeral bouquet of flowers (white lilies) on their chest. Typically only useful for keeping a sleeping vampire inanimate.
Bloody Ichors (Severe): All of the vampire’s bodily fluids are now blood, including saliva and eyeball humours. This means that the vampire permanently has red bloody eyes, and also that their spittle is blood. Hiding from the masquerade is now far more difficult.

Brujah (The Passionate Curse): Brujah blood carries with it the same inflammation of passion that the clan is well-known for. Brujah ghouls suffer from frenzy just like Kindred themselves do. Such frenzies last for a maximum number of turns equal to (11 – ghoul’s Integrity).
Beat: The ghoul’s frenzy causes them a difficulty or inconvenience.

• Malkavian (The Moonstruck Curse): Malkavian vitae is notorious for transmitting the clan’s madness. Malkavian ghouls suffer from a single persistent Mental Condition that can never be resolved for as long as they remain ghouls to a Malkavian domitor.
Beat: Varies by Condition.

• Nosferatu (The Lonely Curse): Nosferatu ghouls are often shocked to discover their appearance degrades over time, much like their domitors. This can manifest in numerous ways: severe acne, greasy hair, weight problems, body odor, etc. This deformity caps Animal Ken, Persuasion, and Socialize dice pools by the ghoul’s Integrity dots.
Beat: The ghoul fails a roll due to this bane.

• Tremere (The Yielding Curse): Tremere ghouls are extremely susceptible to the blood bond. Whenever they would spend Willpower to harm or disobey their regnants, roll their Integrity as a dice pool. On a failure, the Willpower is wasted to no effect.
Beat: The ghoul fails an Integrity roll to resist the blood bond.

• Ventrue (The Servile Curse) Ventrue ghouls are more susceptible to the commands of their masters. They cap all dice pools to resist orders (either from mundane Social Skills or Disciplines) from Kindred they are blood bound to by their Integrity dots.
Beat: The ghoul fails a roll due to this bane.

List of Banes
Bane Description
Additional Clan Bane You have acquired another clan’s bane.
Aura of Madness Insane people are attracted to you.
Beacon of the Unholy Hunters and clergy know you for what you are.
Beast’s Cowardice You cannot prey upon strong-willed mortals.
Bells Bells cause you intense pain.
Blinding Salt Salt blinds you.
Blood for Service You must taste a victim’s blood to command their mind.
Blood of the Unwilling You have difficulty feeding from unwilling victims.
Can’t Cross Water You are unable to cross running water.
Can’t Enter Churches You are harmed within holy ground.
Cold Breeze A chill wind follows wherever you go.
Counting You are compelled to count small objects.
Crossroads Crossroads confuse and weaken you.
Day of Rest You cannot be roused from slumber on one day of the week.
Dead Blood The blood of dead mortals is poison to you.
Deadly Birthrights Your mortal descendants make effective vampire hunters.
Death of Day’s Sleep It is very hard for you to rise during the day.
Debt of Lost Humanity You must expend additional Vitae each night.
Eerie Presence Mortals are disturbed by your presence.
Face of Hunger You grow increasingly corpse-like when hungry.
Faded Visage Your Lost Visage appears as an indistinct blur.
Fascinated by Dust You are entranced by dust.
Forced Slumber Special objects can stop you from rising from daysleep.
Grave Soil You cannot sleep without earth from your place of death.
Grip of the Damned Your Kiss is agonizing to mortals.
Haunting You stand out to ghosts.
Harbinger of Death Your presence harms the sick and the weak.
Harmed by Moonlight Moonlight hurts you like the sun.
Holy Day You are weakened on one day of the week.
Honesty for Kindness Your character cannot lie to those who show her kindness.
Infectious You can accidentally Embrace mortals you drink too deeply from.
Inhuman Maw You are unmistakably recognizable as a monster when you feed.
Invitation You cannot enter private dwellings uninvited.
Invitation, Severe You are especially harmed by entering private dwellings uninvited.
Interference Your presence disrupts technological devices.
Lethal Bindings You can be bound and dismembered by certain materials.
Light Sensitive Bright lights disorient you.
Light Sensitive, Severe Bright lights disorient and harm you.
Lingering Wounds You are particularly vulnerable to a damage source.
Lost in Fog You cannot find your way in fog and mist.
Lunar Illumination You glow in moonlight.
Maddening Vitae Drinking your blood drives mortals insane.
Madness in Blood You feel your victims’ pain.
Madness Sees Evil The insane can see you for what you really are.
Mindless Hunger You become increasingly bestial when hungry.
Mortal Before God You lose your undead powers on holy ground.
Must Wear White You are weakened whenever you don’t wear white.
No Reflection You cast no reflection.
No Respiratory System You have great difficulty speaking.
Oathbound You cannot break sworn oaths and promises.
Occluded Voice Electronic transmissions cannot carry your voice.
Offered Blood You cannot refuse to imbibe freely offered blood.
Open Wounds Your wounds stay open until you sleep.
Paralyzed by Metal Metal can stake you.
Plague of Purity You are harmed by the pure of heart.
Rain’s Refusal Rain does not fall on you.
Rat King/Queen Vermin are attracted to you.
Repulsion You are repulsed by substances such as garlic or silver.
Revenge from Ashes You are harmed by the ashes of dead mortals.
Rotting Your flesh rots every night at sundown.
Shadow’s Shame Shadows and reflections turn away from you.
Slowed by Bloodlust The sight of blood makes you dazed and distracted.
Sun’s Terrifying Visage The mere image of the sun terrifies you.
Tangling Briars You become weak when faced with thickets and brambles.
Touch of Frost Your presence leeches heat from your surroundings.
Uncontrolled Hunger You are compelled to taste all blood you see.
Wanton You become emotionally attached to mortals you feed on.
Weakened by Symbols Holy symbols repel you.
Webs Spiderwebs bind you fast.
Weight of the Grave Grave soil saps your vitae.
Withering Presence Your presence kills plants and insects.

  • Fears.. Mirrors
    Garlic, holy symbols, holy people. Red haired people, black skin,
    Can’t cross thresholds without owners permission
    Open Skies
    Open water
    Running water
    Raw flesh
    Particular Blood (young, gender, gay, baby, ages, nationality, race, occupation, blood type)
    No sounds at all
    No music
    No Laughter
    Must sleep in a coffin
    Homesoil: must sleep surrounded by soil from their Birthplace.
    Must sleep underground
    Must sleep in natural earth
    Must sleep only at night, cannot sleep during day
    Moon Madness
    Modern Transport

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Originally posted by MCN View Post
Holy symbols aren’t terribly common in many circles where vampires hunt.
But are common on those who hunt vampires, certainly some groups of them, and are also a common Hollywood trope, which means that mortal victims may very well try them. If I ever get assaulted by a vampire, a cross is one of the first things I’d try, just on a “You never fucking know!” basis. One of the more substantial banes.

Purity? That’s laughable.
Depends on how common the 8+ integrity is, but I agree that it’s a bit of a lame one.

Sleeping through sundays? Annoying, but something that removes you from play rather than generating stories or endangering you.
Because no other Vampire is ever going to find out about your banes, right? There’s lots of ways to discover banes (especially one that consistently causes you to be absent from everything on one specific day every week…), and if I were one of your rivals… On top of that, sometimes something big is happening on Sunday, and you won’t be there. You’re in the LS and they go “Important mass this Sunday! Nobody is allowed to miss it!” and what do you do? Reveal your bane, make excuses? Hope for the best? They can all cause problems. This is one of those things you take because “Lol, won’t matter.” and then it messes with you big time in a crucial moment.

Don’t enter homes unless invited? Cakewalk for a vampire that, you know, have mind control powers on the off chance that having to enter an actual home ever comes up.
Because Mekhet have easy access to the mind-control powers, right? Ah, no, they do not. You’d need to get to Majesty 2 or Dominate 1, which would involve finding a teacher, getting a point of vitae from them and 4 to 8 times as much experience as is needed to defeat the entire Ventrue bane, while this is only a part of the Mekhet bane. Obfuscate 4 could also work, or Auspex 4, but that’s high up, limiting your early build options significantly. If you go for majesty/dominate you also risk blood bonds and addiction, and that’s forgetting the fact that you can’t make someone invite you in unless there’s someone to invite you in! Even if there is someone present, they have to notice you to approach to the threshold of the house so you can influence them. Even if you do all that, the person will almost certainly remember inviting you in. Sneaky, stealthy break-ins on empty houses? Forget it! Hiding from a pursuit by quickly dashing into a house through an open window. Nope. And you’re a Mekhet, that’s what you live for! Small bane, hah. I’d never take it, it’s too crippling.

Ringing bells at night is a bit rare.
Vampires can operate during the day now, you know. It’s a big boon, but Mekhet do it worse by default. And as I’ve said before, your banes can be found out. By Auspex for instance (your sire is almost certain to know your bane for this reason; I’d keep a check on my Mekhet childe’s weaknesses for sure.) which means it can be actively used against you.

Grave dirt? Get a few baggies, each stashed in a few safe spots like your haven or cars.
That’s fine until shit really hits the fan, you need to go hide and your haven, car and gravesite are being watched.

Hated by Beasts? That’s been the default with vampires who don’t have Animalism for a long time.
The beast one is quite fine if the storyteller just really intensifies the hate to very high levels. Dogs won’t just bark, they’ll attack. And animals have been known to mess with Obfuscate. I’d certainly make the bane one of the things that call attention to you while in Obfuscate, but then only for animals. Face in the crowd when a dog suddenly flies from a leash and jumps at you → wits + composure check for everyone to notice you.

These are all examples of a “cheesy bane that will never come up.”
And aside from 2, they’re all worse than the entire Ventrue bane (and I’m not convinced one of those two isn’t merely “just as bad”, rather than more lenient), but Mekhet have additional weaknesses on top of that.

Kindred Weaknesses

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