“This is our World, as seen through the darkest of mirrors..”

Lexicon of Terms: use Lexicon VtM Mysteries and Quotes House Rules

Amenti: Called the “Deathless” by some, or as others call them, “The Undying” are most commonly termed Mummies in traditional folklore.

Arcane Beat: Five of these add up to a Arcane Experience, which may be spent on Arcanum, Gnosis, Rotes or Mage Specific Merits. It is gained by following Path/Ministry/Order Aspirations to ones detriment, achieving goals and missions relating to Magic or uncovering Mysteries

Abilities: These are a Characters Skills and Powers that can be learned and improved through usage and training that requires Experience (XP) to be spent.

Abomination Unnatural cross-breed monsters, created by accident, malice or nightmarish research.

Abyss: Slowly expanding hole in Reality that separates the Supernal Realms of Truth and Divinity from the Phenomenal Realms of our own existence.

Action: The type of things a Character may perform or do. There are Reflex, Instant, Contested and Extended Actions.

Action Roll: This is the calculation of a Dice Pool from the factors involved in a specific Action and then Rolling the Dice Pool to decide upon the outcome of that Action. Remember there are Penalties and Bonuses for these Action Rolls. Also Healing

Advantages: These are the Derived Traits that come from your Attributes so “Will = Resolve + Composure” and “Light Encumbrance = Size + Strength” while “Heavy Encumbrance = Size + Strength + Stamina”.

Anchor: Anchors are particular things that you have strong feelings of one kind or another for or particular Traits that are so embedded and part of your self-identity that they are a part of you. Coming across a situation that brings up either these feelings or traits return WP to you, up to your Max. WillPower. These objects, people, places, Flaws, Merits or concepts that ground a being and solidifies what or who they are. “They remind them of who they are or home”. Anchors may include Virtues, Vices, Natures and Demeanors, Fetters, Aspirations, True Love etc.

Arcana: Spheres of Magic

Armageddon: The End Times when and where the Last Battle between Good & Evil is prophecies to take place. There are many names for this across most Cultures.

Artefact: Powerful Magic Items, imbued with Spells or Magical energies for a particular purpose.

Ashirra: Translates as “Brethren” and is the equivalent of the Kindred in the Middle East. They are the same Species but culture differences make them different in many ways.

Aspirations: These are the strong goals and ambitions a Character may hold close to their heart or deep within their Soul that they dream of achieving one day. These are dreams and desires that keep them going in the hard times when the going is tough. Sub-Components of Aspirations are called Milestones and they link together to form completed Aspirations

Asset: These are important people, places or objects that a Character relies on or keeps close to them in some way. These should not just be randomly discarded or destroyed by the GM. Merits such as Allies, Artifact, Contacts, Friend, Safehouse,

Astral Realms: One of the five Shadow Realms. The Astral Realms are the vista within which human dreams occur, and the place where concepts and imaginations manifest. Deep within the Astral Realms is the Dreamtime, the collective unconscious of the world – and somewhere inside the Dreamtime is the Inferno, a reflection of the evil within human consciousness.

Atrocity: An act that is grievously harmful to an ensoulled being.

Attention: The stat used to track how supernatural creature’s accumulated acts of Atrocity make it the target of monster hunting conspiracies, including those run by other supernaturals. It is resisted a character’s Cover-Up.

Attributes: These are a Characters Traits that measure their natural ability. Split into 3 Sets: Physical, Mental & Social or Spiritual. The 9 total Attributes are (Str)ength, (Dex)terity, (Sta)mina, (Int)ellect, (Wit)s, (Res)olve, (Pre)sence, (Man)ipulation, (Com)posure.

Avatar: These are personifications of a larger Power in Material or Incarnate form, sent to Earth or off somewhere to fulfill a goal or mission. It may be a Goddess, Planet or powerful Concept and the greater ones can split themselves into multiple Avatars.

Avatar Storm: A Supernatural event that happens every Cycle when the “Winds of Chaos” rage through the various levels of the Umbra], causing great upheaval and change.

Awakened: Those in our Societies who have woken up to the Cosmic Truth that our World is a complete lie and we must open our eyes to the real truth to allow ourselves to ascend and reach the Divine.

Ban: Minor Weakness

Bane: A weakness gained by being a Horror, being an Ephemeral Being, having a Major Template having some particular Minor Templates or through acquiring Permanent Atrocity (which are known a Personal Banes and are based on the Atrocity that caused the conversion of Temporary Atrocity into Permanent Atrocity).

Banishment: Removing …

Basic Cleansing Ritual: For simple banishment or Cleansing of a Ghost, Remains or an area or property. Use Salt first on the particular target and then burning to move it on.

Beat: The smallest, basic unit of Experience that may be awarded for small things that wouldn’t be big enough to earn an Experience Point. You may receive these for using Skills, .

Being: An entity..


Blood Bond:

Blood Potency: An out-of-game Trait that

BODY: This is the Health Indicators that shows the fitness and we’ll of the physical aspects of a Character.

Bodysnatcher: These are Spectres and Ridden able to steal an empty body.



Caern: Place of Power for the Uratha.


Caitiff: A Term used by the Kindred to denote a “Clanless” or “Lost” individual. Thin Bloods are often given this Status by their Lord.

Camarilla: The main political and social structure of the westernised First World Kindred.

Changeling: Aonce-human being whose soul has been partially torn off and replaced by bits of Fae Magic. They tend to grow to adopt many of the environmental or elemental features that surrounded them during their time.

Chapter: This is made up of multiple Episodes, separated by Downtime. Usually an Episode may be made up of one or more Game Sessions and so a Chapter tends to deal with a main topic or aim that needs dealing with or progressing.

Character: A person within the Story.

Character Sheet:

Chronicle: A complete Story told with the World of Darkness.


Comfort: An advantage, sometimes in the form of merits other times as positive Conditions, that are provided by a Support.

Compact: These are Hunter Groups that are limited to a particular location like a City, Region or Country to fulfil their specific goals such as investigating, catching, killing “Monsters” etc.

Complete Template: A character with both major template and a minor template.


Conspiracy: These are much larger collections of Hunter Groups that are not limited by location but tend to be National or International, operating in many countries to achieve their specific goals.

Coterie: A small family-like group of Kindred that usually share the same Safe Haven and Hunting Grounds.


Cover-up: A stat that reflect a character’s effort to conceal themselves from those that would hunt them for committing Atrocities. It is capped by Stability Advantage, and is measured by the lowest of the character’s Mental and Social Attributes merits invested in the justification of why the character hasn’t been found by monster hunters yet.

Curse: A term for Spells that negatively effect objects or people.

Dark Father:


Demon: An ephemera native to the Inferno, the dark maelstrom within the Dreamtime that houses the Astral reflection of human evil.


Dice Pool:



Downtime: The time Player Characters spend doing things that aren’t covered in the narrative Story. It is basically the break between Sessions. They may be researching, relaxing, training or just living a normal & quiet life. XP is often spent here, between Chapters or Episodes and may be spent on training, learning new things etc.

Dramatic Pause:

Edge: Anything that adds a Bonus to an “Action Roll” Dice Pool such as Equipment or Tools, Environmental Conditions.

Embrace: The term for when a Kindred Vampire begets or makes another Vampire.

Enchanted Item: These are special magic items that are imbued with magic power and have the ability to cast a spell or spells. There are three types of possible effects : Permanent, Activated which uses a command or sign etc for “Release” but any number of times and Charged which is the number of times a Spell effect may be activated.

Enchantment: Term for those Spells specifically targeting an object or person. There are temporary and permanent Enchantments.

Ensoulled: The quality of having a Stability Advantage as this is the defining characteristic of having a soul, and also moral compunction and objective ethical standing as a self aware creature with free-will. Only Ensoulled beings may have the Soulless Condition, as may things don’t have a soul but Soulless actually represents having a place for a soul which is empty. Contrast with Spirits, Slashers with a Greater Undertaking, Strix, Huntsmen, or True Fae to compare intelligent beings solely governed by their nature rather than free-will or agency.

Entity A living creature of any type or kind is called an Entity

Episode: A Unit of Time that is usually set in a single location and tends to have a related set of goals or objectives. This is usually made up of one or more Events and may last hours, days or longer.


Event:A Unit of Time that tends to be a single set of actions or dramatic scenes that all relate to a single purpose, goal or location. Multiple Events often make up an Episode.

Experience: Gain XP Beats for Health Loss, Skills used successfully, Merits used,

Fae: The resident creatures of the Faerie Lands such as Pixies, Goblins, Redcaps and Side. They are sometimes, simply clumped together into a one catch-all term, Faeries.

Fallen Ones:

Fallen World: Earth, our own Material World at the very center of the Phenomenal Realms.

Fera: Shapeshifters or Changing Breeds like Werewolves and Wererats etc.

Fetch: Doppelganger or Lookalike Fae left in place of the Human Changeling-to-be. Often, they are a dark reflection of the person.

Fetish: Objects specially crafted and created using Spells, Gifts and Enchantments by Mages, Uratha etc that has a Spirit inhabiting it.

Fetters: These are the Touchstones of a Characters’ life. It may be a special person, place or object but it is very special to them and keeps them grounded and connected to this world and their old life.

First Tongue: The very first language of Earth, before it was split into the many. It has some similarities to Sumerian and the High Tongue, both of which are derived from it.

Forsaken: Those Uratha who turned their back on Luna and hunted and killed Father Wolf. They’ve lived in shame and guilt ever since, passed down from generation to generation.

Fundamental Beat: Five of these add up to a Fundamental Experience, which may be spent on Attributes, or Skills. One is earned for each Chapter attended.

*?? Chronicles: Collectedly the chronicles run using these homebrew rules, which are based around promoting gritty, balanced game play where actions have the meaningful consequences, while including mechanics that help police the setting in line with how fluff implies it should be policed, based on the presupposed supernatural conspiracies.
Kink: A complication in the relationship with a Support, and a source of negative Conditions which provide Sanity Beats when overcome, decreases the blow of using the Support to get rid of Temporary Atrocity.

Gaia: The Goddess of the Earth, often called the “Earth Mother” or “Mother Nature” who is indeed likely one of her Avatars or Manifestations.

Gargoyle: Animated Guardian Race created & transformed by Tremere Ritual Magic.

Garou: Fiercely strong and proud Uratha. Members of the new “Garou Nation” who will fight for Gaia and Luna to protect them. Idea and foundation started by a French Canadian not so long ago, bid to u it’s the Pure and Forsaken under a single banner and to try and forget past animosity.

Gauntlet: The Shroud or Stormwall that separates our Phenomenal Realms from the Supernal Realms. Some suggest this is weakening or holes are ripped in it though it seems Magic and “Stepping over” has become more difficult over the centuries.

Gehenna: The final “End of Days” that is called Ragnarok, Armageddon or the Apocalypse.

Gentry: The Nobility of the Side Houses?





Haunt: A place of some power within the Shadowlands where Wraiths may exist with some impunity.

Health: There are 3 of these Indicators where the Current Value may go up and down depending on the state of condition of the Characters Physical, Mental or Social well-being. These are called the BODY MIND and SOUL. They are capitalised to mark them as meta-game Rules and different from their in-game meanings

Hedge: The Wall that surrounds Arcadia from other Realms and discourages entry except by way of Trods and Glades.

Immortal: A type of Other that has very little known of it’s origins or objectives. Such Beings include…

Innocents: These are beings with unblemished Souls where the Divine Spark of the Soulfire burns brightly still. They are used for sacrifice and make powerful components in working Rituals.

Jhyad: Global war between the Kindred and the Arabs Why?

Job: The term for a particular task or activity set by your employer?

Kindred: A Species or type of Vampire that is also defined by a western, Christian culture.

Labyrinth: This connects Oblivion to the Underworld and though it is bare and empty with everything prone to moving and no map making sense, from it such landmarks as the Veinous Stair and the Tombs of the Ancient (Malfeas).

Laibon: The African Continent’s equivalent of the Kindred and ate much rarer and different cultures.



Loci: (Singular: Locus) is where Spirit World bleeds through to our side….




Mage: Magic Users of one sort or another tend to all be simply classified as Mages. Of course, they themselves are careful to make further divisions by Type, Source, Power etc but to us simple, sleeping folk they are all Mages.

Magician: Once used to signify a Mage of any type but has become a derogatory term for a sham, bad or trickster Mage as it properly means “someone who uses Magic to entertain or amuse.” which is certainly one of the last things to be done with Magic. Denotes a Stage Performer or fake Mage in the worst possible way.

Major Template: This is one of the two template slots a character has. The other slot is a minor template, the other is a major template. Having both is considered having a Complete Template. See the Template lists below for more details.


Milestone: These are parts of bigger goals or objectives that a Character has marked as Aspirations. Completing these successfully may award Experience (XP).

MIND: This is a Sanity or Rationality Health Trait that increases or decreases depending on the condition or state of the Characters Mind, Body or Soul. This trait is calculated by adding together (Intellect + Resolve + Composure – Wits). A Character suffers damage to their MIND if they experience shocking Horrors and Impossible events and fail their Sanity Check.

Minor Template: This is one of the two template slows a character has. The other is a major template. Having both is considered having a Complete Template. See the Template lists below for more details.

Mortal: Normal humans

Muggle: This is a very, very rude & derogatory term for a Mundane Mortal or a “Ordinary Person”. Noone is sure where the term came from though some Scholars think it derives from “Mundane Gimp” where Gimp is a disabled or is stupid and lame with a medical issue causing physical impairment. For those Gifted and Other, it fits their view of Ordinary People perfectly. J.K.Rowling stole the term when trying to ready the world for the knowledge of Supernaturals.

Mundane: Normal, every day environment and anything of the Phenomenon, Fallen World untouched by the Supernatural.

Mysteries: These are the weird or puzzling situations, events or Lore that may be found across the globe that relate to the Supernatural or Paranormal. These are the enigmas and Truths of the Occult that Mages, especially, spend their life exploring.

Non-Template: This refers to having neither of the two template slots, major template or minor template, a character filled. Unless the character is a Slasher the character is entirely mundane without inherent supernatural abilities.

Numina: The various Powers of the immaterial Spirits.

Oblivion: Both a grand Concept and a physical location. The Physical location is the Well of the Void that comprises Oblivion and this is surrounded by the Labyrinth. Oblivion destroys meaning, coherency and Self.


Order: Large, Philosophical Sects of Awakened or “High Magic”.

Other: A catch-all term for any Supernatural Beings with sentient minds, reason, goals etc. They include Kindred, Uratha, Changeling, Mage, Geist, Promethean,

Pack: The small, social family grouping of the Uratha like a Coterie is for a Vampire.

Path: The Sphere or Arcana of Magic an Awakened Mage follows as their Speciality. Usually this is an innate or natural affinity with that particular type.

Pattern Web: A Weaver Styled “Blueprint” or Schema for the Great Plan that should translate into our World by the actions and mechanisms of its servants and allies.

Permanent Atrocity: Is the score used to track how monstrous a supernatural creature is. Acts as a penalty to hiding their supernatural nature and a bonus to overt supernatural feat. It is used to calculate Attention.

Points: This is a Value that may go up or down regularly due to many different possible factors. Thus, Health Indicators and Will Power Values can be described as “Points” while the Value on Traits such as Attributes, Abilities, Size and the other Advantages shouldn’t be referred to as Points.

Power Level: This gives us an approximate, rough idea of the “Power” of a person, group, object, location or story relative to others.

Prayer: A Divine Magic Spell, on a level to a Rote Casting in High Magic.


Pure: Those Uratha who stayed loyal to their Goddess, Gaia and their Sire Father Wolf. They did not hunt and slay him by the light of Luna and so they believe they remain Pure, untouched by such a crime. The most violent and fanatic of the Uratha towards the Forsaken.

Quick: The term the Wraith and other Spirits use to describe humanity and the material world of the flesh due to the Lifeforce Energy or Quickening inside each human..

Quintessence: Two main meanings. First, the material or fabric of all Reality I.e. Divine Fire in rested state. Second, it is the item or object that links the truth to the lie when casting Imperial Awakened Spells.

Raising: Ability to enliven the body or corpse without bringing back the Spirit or Soul.

Rank: This denotes the “Level” of Status a person has in their main social group I.e. Camarilla for Kindred, Tribe for Uratha and Order for Mages. Ranks in other groups can also be bought and maintained but be careful you’re not joining Groups that hate each other and so may have an exclusivity clause in their Sign Up Conditions.

  • Reaction:* This is a % Bonus for the first impression you make when first meeting people. It is influenced by not only your Presence Attribute but also by the type of clothes and accessories you are wearing, any Status or Renown and other such Merits. Certain Spells or Artifacts may also add to this as well.

Reanimation: Enliven a corpse…

Reincarnation: Joining a Soul back to a different body with the Spirit…

Renown: This is a score that measures a Characters fame and prestige within their normal Social Culture & Community. Uratha particularly rely upon their Renown but everyone has it. 3 DoTs and your a local Celebrity in your town or village, 5 dots and your internationally known, though not famous as it’s only within your own social circle or group.

Requiem: Time of existence or “Life” or “Unlife” as a Vampire.

Resurrection: Bring back Spirit and Soul to the corpse of a body…

Revenant: Ghoul Family…..

Riff: On the Fly spontaneous casting of a Magic Spell…very vulgar…

Ritual: Prolonged, extended actions that usually require multiple participants to cast the Spell. These are often the most powerful and dangerous spells.

Rote: Specially formulaic Spells that have been memorised and ready to be cast quickly and with less chance of failure than Riffs.

Sanity Check: Health Check be it Endurance, Sanity or Perception?

Scar: These are “Permanent Wounds” of any type so there’s a chance a Character suffers Physical Scars, Mental Scars and Social Scars.

Scroll: A type of Magic item that “captures” a spell onto it so that it can be “released” at a later date without need for spell Ingredients or much preparation. It usually only requires the Caster to read the Spell aloud from the Scroll. The Scroll is always destroyed upon “release”.

Session: A period of time within which the Game is played in one go, with perhaps only short breaks.

Shadow: The Spirit Realms all around us and closest to us. This is not Twilight which is rather a state of being than a place or Dimension. The Gauntlet or Shroud divides this world we know and experimental the Shadow and has done since The Fall split it apart.

Shadow Name: This is a Mask, Persona or identity taken on by a Character such as an Alternate Identity or Cover to hide their true identity.

Shroud: Another name for the Gauntlet that the Wraith and Spirits prefer using.


Skills: Learnable abilities and knowledge that can be raised through Experience and Training on a Character.

Sorcerer: A Mage where the Source of Power is unknown. Often used to describe any Mysterious or unknown Magic Caster.

SOUL: The Health Indicator for Social & Spiritual Damage and is a replacement for Humanity, Wisdom, Clarity etc.

Soul Parts: The pieces or parts of a full persons Being. There are more than one part of a Soul if perceived and treated properly. Each tends to have it’s own origin, nature, purpose and final place to go. Also known as SoulShards.

Soulshard: These are pieces or portions of a Soul and together, these eternal parts of the Soul make up the complete Being.

Soulfire: A name for the Lifeforce Energy that is in all Living Beings but especially potent in Humans, to a greater or lesser degree. It is this mixture of various energies that shine out and give each an Aura for those with the sight to see it.

Sphere: Sets of related Arcana

Spirit: The immaterial part of a person or concept that exists outside the material world.

SPLATs: The Supernatural Beings that are playable in this game. The word stands for “SupernaturaL Archetypal Template” and includes Vampires, Werewolves, Changelings, Wraiths, Geists, Promethean, Mummies and Mages.

Story: Narrative tales…

Sympathetic Name: The Given or “Real World” name of a Character and is often used in Rituals or Magic as it usually has a strong Sympathetic connection to the person as they’ve lived with the name through their childhood, marriage etc. It has strong bonds that li k the Character to the Fallen World.

Tellurian: The whole of Reality…

Temporary Atrocity: What a character gains from committing an Atrocity, and when they add up to the character’s Stability Advantage are trading in for one Permanent Atrocity. This is also used in the calculation for Attention. May be gotten rid with by dumping into a Support relationship in the form of a scene of cruelty between the Support and character.

Terra Incognita: Supernatural “Real Estate” that Mages tend to find curious and interesting. Different types allow access to different Planes of Existence, Realms etc.

The Fall: Used to denote both The Fall of Humanity & The Fall of the World itself but not in spatial terms, rather in a spiritual way of losing Grace and the Light of God, becoming shrouded in darkness, ignorance and lies. Humanity falls into their waking slumber, asleep and closed to the Truth, the wonders of Paradise and the spirit world. The World falls into Darkness, separated from the Light of God’s Grace when it was whole and Spirit & Matter was united as one.

*The Hunger: A constant part of being Kindred is this never-ending need to consume and devour. Known as “”/wikis/The%20Hunger/new" class=“create-wiki-page-link”>The Hunger" it explains a lot why they are so suspicious and power-driven. They constantly want more.. more land, power, knowledge, blood, etc.

The Principle: True Originator of Creation? Defines what The Purpose is ?

The Purpose: Cosmic Song, the truth of design and intention behind the Wyrd and The Fates.

Thrall: Those who have ingested a very small amount of Kindred blood and thus are under their Spell, charmed by the Vampire but not enough to have become a Ghoul, completely under the rule of that Kindreds blood.

Tier: This describes the relative “Power Level” of a group or adventure. Tier 0) is Personal, 1) is Local, 2) is Citywide, 3) is Regional, 4) is National, 5) is International, 6+) is truly Cosmic.

Torpor: Something like sleeping, hibernation or a coma for Kindred Vampires. It seems this becomes more necessary, the older the Vampire gets.

Tribe: Social groups for Uratha.

True Name: Everything has a True Name which seems to be like an index or catalogue number, a unique identifier for whatever runs & governs this world of ours. Often, hidden deep and hard to find, it is what High Mages inscribe on the walls of the Watchtower while it is used to bind and control Demons or used to sign Pacts & Contracts in blood etc. You should be very careful letting others know your True Name.

Turn: This is a unit of Time in-game that denotes roughly 3 Seconds of Game Time.

Triat: The First Principles of Creation, synchronous and in Balance to Create → Maintain→ Dismantle and the Cycle starts again. Back in the long forgotten Prehistory the Wyrm and Weaver went Insane and became corrupted versions of themselves, destroying the Balance of everything.

True Fae:

Twilight: This is not a different place but a different state of Being.. it’s basically a way of saying “Ethereal State” and is right here amongst the rest of the Material World. We thus have – Solid → Liquid → Gas → Plasma → Ethereal → ?. Ghosts exist in the Twilight but Spirits do not. Twilight is a Shell of Vibrations running through our World caused by the Morphic Resonance of our entwined Lifeforce, Sentience and Actions.

Umbra: The Shadow….

Uratha: Proper, true term for Werewolves and thought to be derived from the First Tongue.



Verge: A knot of Power…

Vitae: Blood…. Used by Vampires to empower their abilities.

Watchtower: Guardians or Conduits for Magical Power and Mysterious Foci of Power at the Core of each Supernal Realms that seems to hold things together, connect to each other and provide the Awakened a conduit or Path to that conceptual place. Angels or “Shining Ones” that have joined together into a conceptual whole.

Wan-Kui: The Far East version of the Kindred though they are a rather different species of Vampire from them due to their strong cultural identity and philosophies.

Weaver: Stability and Maintenance….

Willpower: The ability to put in an extra effort or exert heroic feat for a short amount of time.

Wizard: These Supernal or “High Mages” are able to pull their power from the absolute Truth of All Things that exist in symbolic form in the very distant highest Supernal Realms and act as Conduits to channel and manipulate that energy into this Material Realm.

Wolf-Blood: Humans with a faint trace of Uratha Blood in them. It is possible to become Wolf-Blooded by Fumbling a Lunacy Check.

Wounds: Temporary Injuries to a Character, be it a Physical, Mental or Social Wound. If another Wound does occurs on top of an existing one then it becomes larger and has a chance of becoming a Scar. For example – A Minor Wound becomes Moderate or a Moderate Wound becomes Major.

Wraith: A type of Spirit…

Wyld: Creation…. Change….

Wyrd: Some theorise this may be a concept similar to “The Word.. of God” or that first Act of Creation that set the whole “ball of Reality” off, tuning on it’s Grand, Divine Plan. Today it has come down to us as “Weird”.. Fate? Cosmic Song?

Wyrm: Final of the Triat is the Destroyer Wyrm…

Dreamtime – the portion of Astral Space that incarnates universal concepts, rather than individual dreams.

Empyrean, the – one of the five Shadow Realms. The Empyrean is a shining realm of celestial fire populated by wrathful angels called Qashmallim.

Ephemera – a denizen of one of the five Shadow Realms. A Qashmal, Fae, Daemon, Spirit, or Ghost.

Fae – an ephemera native to the realms beyond the Hedge, the Fae are vicious fairy-tale monsters that kidnap humans and toy with them in their far-off domains.

Faerie – one of the five Shadow Realms, populated by savage fairy-tale monsters called the Fae. The “near side” of Faerie is called the Hedge, a twisted reflection of the real world often containing vast mazes of wild vines with razor sharp thorns. On the far side of the Hedge are the domains of Faerie proper, a collection of dangerous fairy-tale lands where the Fae drag kidnapped humans to act as their playthings.

Ghost – an ephemera native to Twilight, ghosts are pale reflection of the memories and desires of a dead human soul, left behind when someone with unresolved passions dies.

Hallow – a place of supernatural power, where paranormal energies from one of the five Shadow Realms collects and draws paranormal manifestations.

Hunter – a human being who seeks out the supernatural, either to do battle with it or to study it.

Infernal – a supernatural being who lost their human soul and became possessed by a demon.

Mage – a supernatural human being that can command the primal forces of the universe to change reality. Also called a Sorcerer or a Witch.

Promethean – a supernatural being that achieved sentience through a freak accident or strange magical process. Some Prometheans are created from once-human bodies, while others are manufactured.

Qashmal – an ephemera native to the Empyrean, the Qashmallim manifest as terrible angels of fire with an inexorable purpose.

Shadow Realm – one of five “alternate realities” seperated from the world by a barrier called the Gauntlet. The Shadow Realms are populated by strange beings called ephemera. The Shadow Realms are the Empyrean, the Hedge, the Astral, the Spirit World, and Twilight.

Spirit World, the – one of the five Shadow Realms. The Spirit World is a wild reflection of our own world, populated by savage incarnations of natural concepts called Spirits.

Supernatural – a physical being, often originally human, who has been cursed or granted some kind of supernatural power. The most common types of Supernatural beings are Vampires, Werewolves, Infernals, Changelings, Prometheans, and Mages.

Twilight – one of the five Shadow Realms. Twilight is a cold, pale reflection of our world populated by the ghosts of the dead. The far side of Twilight is called the Underworld, a twisted maze of dark catacombs that no longer matches the locations of our reality.

Vampire – an undead supernatural being that drinks the blood of the living to survive.

Verge – a place where paranormal manifestations from one of the Shadow Realms bleed through into our world.

Werewolf – a supernatural being infected by a wolf-spirit, half-mad and almost incurably violent.

People do horrible things to each other, and sometimes it is more inline with the nightmarish and more severe than the petty bites we regularly inflict on each other everyday. This is domain of Atrocity; murder, maiming for permanent injury, financially ruining, destroying or removing a soul, and torture. Atrocity carries supernatural weight, it scars the world and collective psyche, especially within the World of Darkness. It is this weight that defines the difference between supernatural beings and true monsters and is what these mechanics track. Atrocity as an act earns Temporary Atrocity Points.

When a character does something ask these questions:

Does the act grievously harm another ensoulled being?
If yes add one point of Temporary Atrocity.

Does the harm affect multiple ensoulled beings?
If yes add one point of Temporary Atrocity.

Is the harm functionally irrevocable?
If yes add one point of Temporary Atrocity.

Did the character inflicting the harm enjoy it?
If yes add one point of Temporary Atrocity.

Was there solid justification for inflicting the harm?
If yes, and the Storyteller agrees, add one less point of Temporary Atrocity. (A good guideline is the Atrocity should be no worse than what it is punishing or necessary to prevent to qualify for examination to judge if this clause apply.)

Example that could answer all the question yes:
Shooting the vampire, who murdered you and your family, in the face until he is truly dead in front of his wife and children. You can do this because you are a Sin-eater and that murder was the cause of your Torn threshold.

Affects of Permanent Atrocity
Atrocity carries supernatural weight, and that weight is filled with tainted power. Monsters are terrifying for good reason, even though they are riddled with flaws and weaknesses in horror stories.

Each Permanent Atrocity Dot adds a Personal Bane to the character appropriate to how they gained the Permanent Atrocity, increases the severity of all Banes, permanently increases the likelihood of drawing the Attention of Monster Hunters, adds a bonus die to all rolls that use Supernatural powers (This include rolls that have a Skill or Attribute enhanced by a supernatural source) except when attempt to conceal the character’s supernatural nature, and a penalty to all rolls to conceal the character’s supernatural nature.

If Attention ever exceeds Cover-Up while in the mundane world gain Survielled Condition

Attention = Temporary Atrocity + Permanent Atrocity

Cover-Up is a statistic that represents the effectiveness of concealing one’s monstrous nature and activities.

It is capped by the character’s Stability Advantage. A Character’s Cover-Up is the amount of Attention they can withstand before they suffer the Survielled or Hunted Conditions.

Cover-up = Total of Merits Dots used to conceal monstrous nature + lowest Mental or Social Attribute

Player needs to describe how these merits contribute to their Cover-Up:

Characters may have one Major Template, one Minor Template, one Lesser Undertaking and one Greater Undertaking. Some Minor Templates are only available to certain Major Templates, but there is a wealth of Minor Templates which can be either learned via mastering a certain level of skill and specialization, possibly eased with the help of a Mentor.

Major Templates
Former known as greater templates, the ones available in my chronicle are listed below. The changes to these are listed in sections thus titled.

Minor Template
Minor Templates are templates which are acquired by choice and dedication. In many cases even a Non-Template without assistance can gain the template if they do what is necessary and have the proper mastery. Minor templates always have prerequisites that must be met to gain them, and may be easier for certain types of character than others to fulfill (which is how they are categorized below). Associations with a Major Template (or Human) is either Prominent or Marginal. Minor Templates with a Prominent association with a Major Template may interchangeably use that Splat’s Power Source for Willpower in activating the Dread Powers granted by the Minor Template and Willpower to activate things which normally take the Splat’s Power Source, and requiring only a single dot in the Skill associate with the Minor Template plus the specific Specialty listed, and members of the Major Template may universally act as Mentors to lower the skill requirements to enter the Minor Template. Minor Template which are only Marginal associated with a Major Template only benefit from the ability to interchangeably use that Splat’s Power Source for Willpower in activating the Dread Powers granted by the Minor Template and Willpower to activate things which normally take the Splat’s Power Source. For clarification, Humans have Willpower is their Splat Power Source.

Each Minor Template is keyed to a Skill and a specific Specialization. The Specialization is non-negotiable, but the levels of skill needed vary depending if it is Prominently Associated with a Major Template, members of the Associated Template (or Human) only require 1 dot in the skill, those apprentice under a Mentor of the Major Template with a Prominent association require 2 dots, apprenticing under an existing Member of the Minor Template which doesn’t qualify for the Prominent discount is 3 dots, and those without any guidance or innate Template association require 4 dots.

Lesser Templates from World of Darkness have been revised and put together into a category with Bloodlines, Lodges, Legacies, and Entitlements to form the general grouping of Minor Templates. Some lesser templates have been cut from the list and replaced by thematically appropriate equivalents, like bloodbathers replace ghouls. skinchangers replace wolfblooded, Miracle-Worker replace sleepwalkers and thaumaturges, and goblins replaces ensorsocelled and fae touch. Body thieves are connected to sin-eaters as ghouls used to be connected to vampires, sleepwalker used to be connected to mages, and wolfblooded used to be connected to Uratha.Hunter is a new Minor Template which is horrified and infuriated by predication upon and atrocities against ensoulled beings and who dedicate themselves, mind/body/soul, to hunt monsters. The minor templates have been converted available Chronicles of Darkness mechanics, which has greatly simplified and streamlined.


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