Lexicon VtM

“This is our World, as seen through the darkest of mirrors..”

CTD-Changeling the Dreaming
DTF-Demon the Fallen
HTR-Hunter the Reckoning
KOTE-Kindred of the East
MTA-Mage the Ascension
MTR-Mummy the Ressurection
VTM-Vampire the Masquerade
WTA-Werewolf the Apocalypse
WTO-Wraith the Oblivion

A’aru, Fields of — A realm in Duat purported to be the Egyptian equivalent of heaven. After the destruction of Amenti, surviving Egyptian spirits relocated here. Anubis guides spirits who have been judged worthy of attaining paradise to this place of rest. (MtR)
Abyss, the — The prison fashioned by the Creator to contain the fallen. See Pit. (DtF)
Acolyte — A servitor of a mage who does not perform magic, but believes in its power. (MtA)
Acolyte — A servant who follows a magus out of religious devotion or sacred duty; in this period, many servants are acolytes. (See Consor, Grog.) (MtSC)
Adept — A mage with a fair degree of aptitude and power — though now some of the most powerful mages left on Earth. (MtA)
Adeptus — A magus of some skill and insight. (MtSC)
Adren — A pupil or a student who learns from a Mentor. (WtA)
Aethyrs — Realms of higher consciousness, surrounding the Earth and radiating outward into ever-more esoteric states. (See Earth, Realms.) (MtSC)
Age of Beautiful Sadness — The Fourth Age of the Great Cycle, heralded by the Kuei-jin’s forsaking of their Heavenly duties. Human history begins during this period, and the Kuei-jin trace their vulnerability to sunlight to this time (the Chou Dynasty, specifically). (KotE)
Age of Beauty — The Second Age of the Great Cycle, when the Middle Kingdom and Spirit Courts were still close together. (KotE)
Age of Darkness — The Fifth Age of the Great Cycle; the time period extending roughly from first contact with the West to the present nights. (KotE)
Age of Heaven — The First Age of the Great Cycle; a time before time, when all things were one. (KotE)
Age of Legends — The Third Age of the Great Cycle; the mythical prehistory of the Middle Kingdom, when the Kuei-jin walked among and ruled humanity as benevolent spirits. (KotE)
Age of Sorrow — The coming (Sixth) Age; the nadir of the Great Cycle. Analogous to the Kindred’s Gehenna; however, most Kuei-jin see the Age of Sorrow as a necessary part of existence. (KotE)
Age of Wrath — Term describing the thousand-year war between Heaven and the fallen. See Fall. (DtF)
Agency, The — Slang for the bureaucracy of the Hierarchy. (WtO)
Airts — The magical paths within the spirit world (e.g., Spirit Tracks, Moon Paths, etc.). (WtA)
Aisling — A journey into the spirit world. (WtA)
Akuma — “Devil”; a Japanese-derived epithet for those Kuei-jin who serve the Yama Kings. (KotE)
Alleycat — A vampire who keeps no permanent haven, but sleeps in a different location each night. This term also refers to a Kindred who feeds exclusively from the homeless, vagrants and other elements of low society. (VtM)
Amaranth — The act of consuming another Kindred’s blood (q.v. Diablerie). (VtM)
Amenti — The former stronghold of the Egyptian dead, destroyed by the Dja-akh. Also called the Dark Kingdom of Sand. Recently, it has become the collective name of the mummies created by spirits from that place. (MtR)
Anamae — “Soul-friend”; most often a bond with a pack totem. (WtA)
Anarch — A Kindred rebel who opposes the tyranny of elders. Anarchs wish to redistribute the wealth and resources of a city equitably among the vampires therein. Naturally, the elders oppose this, having cultivated their influence for centuries. (VtM)
Ancestor — An old and honored Kuei-jin; specifically, the vampiric ruler of a court or region. Similar to a Western prince. (KotE)
Anchorhead — A spirit gate between the Near and Deep Umbra (See Membrane). (WtA)
Ancillae — A “proven” vampire, between the elders and the neonates. (VtM)
Angst — The negative mental energy that the Shadow (and Spectres) feed upon and use. (WtO)
Annunaki — The proper name for the rebel angels of the earth. See Malefactor. (DtF)
Anruth — A Garou who travels from caern to caern but is bound to none of them. (WtA)
Antediluvian — A member of the dreaded Third Generation, one of the eldest Kindred in existence. (VtM)
Anthelios — The portentous Red Star that has recently appeared in the Umbral heavens; largely seen as an omen of doom. Also called “the Eye of the Wyrm.” (WtA)
Apepnu — Another term for Children of Apophis. (MtR)
Apocalypse — The age of destruction, the final cycle, the birth of death, the everlasting corruption, the end of Gaia. A word used in Garou mythology to describe the time of the final battle with the Wyrm. Many consider this time to be the present. (WtA)
Apocalyptic Form — The physical reflection of a demon’s Celestial nature. See visage. (DtF)
Apophis — The Great Serpent, enemy of Ma’at and Osiris, that seeks to devour the sun. A terrible corrupting influence on all living things. Also called Corrupter. (MtR)
Apprentice — A mage who has not been initiated, but who studies the forms of a Tradition. (MtA)
Apprentice — An aspiring magus or craftsman serving a greater master in return for training and accreditation. (MtSC)
Arcadia — The land of the fae; the home of all faeries within the Dreaming. (CtD)
Arcane — A sort of unconscious “cloaking” effect that some mages possess, rendering them immune to scrutiny. (MtA)
Arcanos — One of the supernatural abilities that wraiths possess, allowing them to affect the living and the dead. Plural is Arcanoi. (WtO)
Arcanum, The — A collection of scholars and ghosthunters among the Quick. (WtO)
Archon — A vampire in the retinue of a justicar. Archons are generally nomadic in nature, frequently pursuing Kindred who have fled to avoid persecution at the hands of the Camarilla. (VtM)
Arete (AIR-uh-tay) — A mage’s level of mystical understanding and connection to the Tellurian. (MtA)
Arhat — A vampire who has completely mastered his Dharma. (KotE)
Arisen — Wraiths who have Transcended. (WtO)
Ars Praeclarus — “The Brilliant Art”; magick with a scientific basis, as opposed to a mystical one. The craft of the Order of Reason, named for the sun that illuminates everything in a blinding light, and for the ingenuity of the men and women who wield the Art. (MtSC)
Artifact — An object in the Underworld that has unusual powers of some sort. (WtO)
Artisans — When capitalized, this term refers to magi who work their magicks through mechanical devices or sacred geometry. Also a general term for craftsmen (uncapitalized). (MtSC)
Arts — The ways of shaping Glamour. (CtD)
Ascension — The mythical state of enlightenment beyond human comprehension. (MtA)
Ascension — A higher state of being, one beyond power, beyond limit, beyond care. (See Path of Gold.) (MtSC)
Ascension War, The — The conflict to determine whether the world would embrace magic, science or faith. (MtA)
Asekh-sen — “The reapers.” Lesser Bane mummies with a limited number resurrections, created as agents of Apophis and enemies of the Reborn. (MtR)
Asharu — The proper name for the rebel angels of the wind. See Scourge. (DtF)
Astral Flight — Leaving your body behind and traveling into the spirit worlds or across the mortal one. (MtSC)
Athro — Teacher, Mentor. (WtA)
August Personage of Jade — In Kuei-jin myth, the current, though inactive ruler of Heaven. When the Sixth Age arrives, the Personage will step down, to be replaced by the Demon Emperor. (KotE)
Auspice — The phase of the moon under which a particular Garou was born, which is thought commonly to determine personality and tendencies. The auspices include: Ragabash (New Moon; Trickster), Theurge (Crescent Moon; Seer), Philodox (Half Moon; Judge), Galliard (Gibbous Moon; Moon Dancer), Ahroun (Full Moon; Warrior). (WtA)
Autarkis — A Kindred who remains outside the larger vampire society of a given city and often refuses to acknowledge the claim of a prince. (VtM)
Autumn — The modern age. (CtD)
Avatar — A shard of spirit energy, tied to the human soul, perhaps from the Pure One(s) of the long-ago universe. Through the interaction of the Avatar with the universe, a mage performs magic. (MtA)
Avenger — A hunter perceived to advocate, above all else, the extermination of the supernatural (see Creed). (HtR)
Awakened, The — Blanket term for supernatural entities, including mages. (MtA)
Awakening — Opening your eyes to the mystick Tapestry. Awakened One refers to a magus, and occasionally to other night-folk, too. (See Mist, Enlightenment.) (MtSC)
Awakening, The — The moment in which one realizes the power to change the universe. (MtA)
Awen — The sacred Muse, the creative impulse. Some say she is a spirit, but she has never been found. Moon Dancers go on quests for her periodically. (WtA)

Ba — In ancient Egyptian culture, the portion of the soul that journeys deep into the underworld. (MtR)
Bait — A hunter who uses himself as a lure to provoke confrontations with monsters. (HtR)
Balance — See Center.
Balefire — The fire that is the focus of Glamour in a freehold. (CtD)
Banality — Mortal disbelief, as it affects changelings and their Glamour. (CtD)
Bane — Evil spirits that follow the Wyrm. Many different kinds of Banes exist, including Scrags, Kali Psychomachiae, and more. (WtA)
Bane Mummies — See Children of Apophis. (MtR)
Bani — An honorific indicating a mage’s Traditional affiliation: “Nightshade bani Verbena.” (MtA)
Bani — An honorific meaning Of the House of… example: Cygnus Moro, bani Euthanatos. (MtSC)
Banking — The practice of “withdrawing” blood from blood banks and hospital reserves. This blood has little taste, though it will sustain a vampire, and elder Kindred eschew this base indulgence. A Kindred who engages in this practice is known as a Banker. (VtM)
Barabbi — A mage who joins the ranks of the Nephandi. (MtA)
Barrens, The — The areas of a city unfit for life, including graveyards, abandoned buildings, industrial wastelands and areas of irreversible urban blight. (VtM)
Bawn — A boundary area around a caern, patrolled and monitored carefully. (WtA)
Beast, The — The inchoate drives and urges that threaten to turn a vampire into a mindless, ravening monster. (VtM)
Becoming, The — The moment one passes from being a fledgling into “full” vampire status. One may not Become until her sire deems her ready and gains the prince’s approval. (VtM)
Bedlam — A kind of madness that falls upon changelings who stray too far from the mortal world. (CtD)
Bishamon — Mistakenly translated as “Bushi.” A house of Japanese vampires. (KotE)
Black Chi — Yin Chi. (KotE)
Black Hand — Another name for the sect known as the Sabbat. (VtM)
Black Hats & Mirrorshades — The Technocracy. (MtA)
Blight — Any corrupted area in either the spirit world or physical reality. (WtA)
Blister — A vampire “Typhoid Mary” who contracts a mortal disease and spreads it to each vessel upon whom he feeds. (VtM)
Blood — A vampire’s heritage; that which makes a vampire a vampire. Usage: I doubt her claims to such esteemed Blood. (VtM)
Blood Bond — A mystical power over another individual engendered by partaking of a particular vampire’s blood thrice; accepting blood from a vampire is an acknowledgment of her mastery. (VtM)
Blood Doll — A mortal who freely gives her blood to a vampire. Most blood dolls gain a perverse satisfaction from the Kiss, and actively seek out vampires who will take their vitae. (VtM)
Blood Oath — The blood bond (vide). (VtM)
Bloodline — A vampire’s heritage (q.v. Lineage). (VtM)
Bloodwork — Any magic that requires great effort, or that actually requires the use of blood. (MtA)
Bodhisattva — In the Kuei-jin sense, a vampire who has nearly attainted dah, but chooses to forego her transcendence in favor of helping other vampires progress. (KotE)
Body Snatcher — A wraith who possesses the living. (WtO)
Boo Job — A premeditated attempt to scare the Quick. (WtO)
Boojum — A nasty critter, usually one of the unidentified denizens of the Tempest. (WtO)
Book of Nod, The — A loose collection of Kindred legendry and history. The Book of Nod chronicles the origin of the Kindred, though it has never been published in its entirety. Fragments of the document and its many partial transcriptions circulate among certain strata of Kindred society. (VtM)
Branding — A punishment in which the mage’s Avatar is marked. (MtA)
Breed — The ancestry of a Garou, be it wolf, human or other Garou. (WtA)
Brethren — Un-Enlightened companions, servants or acolytes of the Order [of Reason]. Singularly, Brother or Sister. (MtSC)
Brugh — Any sort of mystic place, whether a Garou caern or a Wyrmhole. Often a glade or cave located somewhere in the wilderness. (WtA)
Bunk — The price Glamour exacts for its power. (CtD)
Burden, The — Humanity; particularly, people who would rather preserve society’s evils than risk change for something better. (HtR)
Burgess — A mortal; sometimes used to refer to commoners. (CtD)
Butterfly — One who mingles among the mortal high-society element and feeds exclusively from the famous and wealthy. (VtM)
Bystander — A person present at an Imbuing who perceives the supernatural but lacks the will to act against it. Like hunters, these people recall seeing monsters thereafter, but they lack edges or powers of their own. (HtR)
Bygone — An otherworldly beast, such as a dragon, that has long since disappeared from Earth. (MtA)
Byway — A stable path through the Tempest. (WtO)

Cabal — A group of mages bound by some common purpose. (MtA)
Cabal — A group of magi working together. (MtSC)
Cabiri (singular Cabirus) — Mummies from Europe and Asia Minor who were created with a variant of the old Spell of Life. (MtR)
Cadaver — A derogatory term for a vampire. (WtA)
Caern — A sacred place; a meeting spot where the Garou can contact the spirit world. (WtA)
Caitiff — A vampire of unknown clan, or of no clan at all. Caitiff are typically of high generation, where Caine’s blood dilutes too greatly to pass any consistent characteristics. (VtM)
Cainite — A vampire; a member of the race of Caine. (VtM)
Callowfae — Self-absorbed faeries with no purpose higher than that of play; often said in reference to childling, insulting if used to describe any other changelings. (CtD)
Camarilla, The — A sect of vampires devoted primarily to maintaining the Traditions, particularly that of the Masquerade. (VtM)
Canaille — The bovine masses of humanity, especially the uncultured and unsavory. The Canaille are viewed primarily as a source of sustenance. (VtM)
Cantrip — A spell created through Glamour by using a combination of Arts and Realms. (CtD)
Casanova — A vampire who seduces mortals to take their blood, but does not kill them. Casanovas typically erase the memory of their presence from their vessels’ minds (q.v. Cauchemar). (VtM)
Cathayan — Cainite term for Asian vampires. (KotE)
Cauchemar — A vampire who feeds exclusively on sleeping victims. (VtM)
Caul, The — The amniotic sac of a wraith’s birth into the Shadowlands. The translucent covering made from ectoplasm with which all wraiths reborn. (WtO)
Celestials — A common name for both angels and demons, referring to their divine origins as servants of the Creator. See Elohim. (DtF)
Celestine — A great spirit, essentially a god. (MtA)
Celestine — The greatest spirits; the closest things the Garou have to gods. Examples are Luna (the Moon) and Helious (the Sun). (WtA)
Censure — A punishment in which the mage is warned against future violations, similar to parole. (MtA)
Center — In Cathayan philosophy, the perfect midpoint between life and death. (KotE)
Certamen — Formalized, non-lethal magical dueling, used to settle disputes between mages. (MtA)
Certamen — A magickal duel between two parties, with formal rules and observers. To safeguard bystanders, a certamen occurs inside a circle prepared for its use. On pain of death, the combatants agree to limit their attacks to each other. Although rarely fought to the death, some duels prove fatal. (MtSC)
Champion — A warrior chosen by one of higher rank to fight in his stead. A champion always wear the token of his patron, which he keeps if he wins the duel. (CtD)
Change, The — The moment an individual ceases to be a mortal and becomes one of the Kindred. (VtM)
Changeling — A fae who has taken on mortal form in order to survive on Earth. (CtD)
Chantry — A stronghold of mages. (MtA)
Charach — A Garou who sleeps with another Garou or has done so in the past. Often used as a word of anger. (WtA)
Charon — Founder and ruler of the Hierarchy, missing since 1945. (WtO)
Chih-mei — A “feral” vampire who has not attained the enlightenment of a Dharma, or one who has forsaken the path to transcendence. (KotE)
Childe — A vampire created through the Embrace — the childe is the progeny of her sire. This term is often used derogatorily, indicating inexperience. Plural childer. (VtM)
Childling — A child who has come fully into his changeling nature; this lasts until he becomes a wilder, a around 13 years of age. Childling are known for their innocence and affinity with Glamour, and are well-protected by other changelings. (CtD)
Children of Apophis — Servants of the corrupting force known as Apophis, these creatures include those Bane mummies created by Set as well as other minions like the Asek-sen. Also called Apepnu. (MtR)
Chimera — A bit of dream made real; unseen by mortals, chimera are part of the enchanted world. Chimera may be objects or entities. (CtD)
Chiminage — A form of “favors done for services rendered.” A werewolf may perform a task as chiminage in order to repay a spirit for teaching him a Gift, or to repay a sept for allowing him to use its caern. (WtA)
Ch’ing Shih — A vampire whose Yin aspect has overwhelmed it. (KotE)
Chiven — Craven, cowardly, or wimpy. (CtD)
Chosen, The — A term some hunters apply to themselves in regard to the Heralds (see Imbued). (HtR)
Chrysalis — The dawn of fae consciousness, the great awakening into one’s changeling nature. (CtD)
Chummery — A particularly hospitable freehold. (CtD)
Churl — A vassal; insulting if used to describe a noble.(CtD)
Circle — A group of wraiths, usually engaged upon common business. (WtO)
Citadel — The central building and stronghold of a Necropolis. (WtO)
Clan — A group of vampires who share common characteristics passed on by the Blood. There are 13 known clans, all of which were reputedly founded by members of the Third Generation. (VtM)
Clans of the Sun — Collective term for the various houses of Japanese Kuei-jin. (Note that the term “clan” in this context does not mean the same thing as a Kindred clan.) (KotE)
Clarion — A call to war made by a noble to his vassals. (CtD)
Cliath — A young Garou, not yet of any significant rank. (WtA)
Code of Horus — The laws that guided Egyptians mummies throughout the millennia. (MtR)
Codger — A word for grump. (CtD)
Cohort — A Circle composed of Hierarchy-affiliated wraiths. Cohorts are supposed to have 10 members. (WtO)
Coincidental Magic — Magic cloaked in circumstance. Such magic appears like it “could be happened” coincidentally. (MtA)
Common World — A casual term for the mortal, material reality that most people live their lives within. (MtSC)
Commoner — Any of the changeling kith who are not sidhe. (CtD)
Compact of Callias — Declaration of cooperation, suggesting the formation of inter-Tradition cabals. (MtSC)
Concolation — A great moot, wherein many tribes gather to discuss matters that concern the Nation of Garou. (WtA)
Concord, The — The agreement all the tribes reached nearly 9,000 years ago, after which the Impergium ended. The traditions thereof are still obeyed today. (WtA)
Consanguineous — Literally, “of the same blood,” especially with reference to lineage. Usage: That vampire is consanguineous of Hardestadt the Elder, his childe. (VtM)
Consor — A potent ally of a mage, but one who is not a mage himself. (MtA)
Consor — An un-Awakened associate of a magus. Though he lacks magickal ability, a censor has some other extraordinary talent that sets him apart from mere grogs or servants. (MtSC)
Consort — A living person attuned to be used as a Host. (WtO)
Contrarium, The — Heaven’s dark mirror. This Underworld lies below the Earth’s crust, housing Purgatory, the true Hells and the ghostly Shadowlands. Lesser Purgatories and Hells spin in the Umbra, dimly connected to the Contrarium. (MtSC)
Convention — One of five groups forming the Technocratic Union: Iteration X, the New World Order, the Progenitors, the Syndicate and the Void Engineers. (MtA)
Convention — A fellowship within the Order of Reason. At this time, the Conventions are: the Artificers (or Dalou’lanshi), the Cabal of Pure Thought (Gabrielites), Celestial Masters (later, Copernicans), Craftmasons (Lion Brothers, or simply Masons), High Guild (Grand Financiers or Guildsmen), Hippocratic Circle (Cosians) and Void Seekers (Explorators). Another group, the Ksirafai, is not listed among the Conventions. Influential as they are, these so-called “Razors” remain unknown, even among their own kind. (MtSC)
Copperfield — Playing off a magical effect as a mere trick or coincidence. (MtA)
Corpus — The “body” of a wraith. Plural is Corpora. (WtO)
Corruption — The act of destroying, devolving or debasing life; also, the often overwhelming effects of the Wyrm’s actions. In the present age, it often refers specifically to the ecological ruin humans wreak upon the environment. (WtA)
Coterie — A small group or “pack” of Kindred, united by the need for support and sometimes common interests. (VtM)
Council of the Nine Mystick Traditions — Also called the Council or the Traditions. A newly forming fellowship of mysticks who seek to preserve the ways of magick while following the Path of Gold. (MtSC)
Court — A group of Kuei-jin wu who join together to advance common material or spiritual goals. A court somewhat resembles such Western institutions as the anarchs and the Harpies. Many courts use corporations, tongs or secret societies as pawns and smokescreens. (KotE)
Covenant — Although it formally applies to a Hermetic stronghold, “Covenant” can refer to any established magickal community. (MtSC)
Covey — A group of changelings united by an oathbond. (CtD)
Cozen — To cheat someone or steal something. (CtD)
Craft — A cultural faction of mages. (MtA)
Cray — A wcllspring of mystickal power, where the energies of Creation surge into pools. (MtSC)
Creation — Everything made by the hand of God (or the gods) — the mortal world, the Otherworlds and the Void. (MtSC)
Creed — Rudimentary hunter groups theorize that the Imbued have certain philosophies and approaches to the hunt that might be codified, each as a separate creed. (HtR)
Crepuse — The period at the end of any faerie festival when activities have begun to die down, but the night is not yet over. It is said to be a particularly mystical time, when the perceptive will discover many secrets. (CtD)
Crimson Fever — A vampire disease manifesting in Cathayans whose Yang aspects have become imbalanced. (KotE)
Crinos — The half-wolf, half-human warform of the Garou. (WtA)
Cryptic — A faction of demons devoted to unearthing the truth behind Lucifer’s disappearance and unanswered questions pertaining to the Fall. (DtF)
Crystal Wavers — “New Age” magicians who have no understanding of real magic. (MtA)
Cult — An unflattering name for one of the countless Heretic sects. (WtO)
Cunctator — A vampire who avoids killing when delivering the Kiss; one who takes so little blood as to avoid bringing about her prey’s death. (VtM)
Curtain, The — The “false” reality in which Sleepers believe. An Awakened entity has passed “through the Curtain” to the wider world. (MtA)
Custos — A non-mage who works with or for a cabal or Chantry. (MtA)

Daedalean — A catch-all term for members of the Order of Reason. The name comes from the Greek scientist Daedalus, one of the “patron saints” of the Order. (MtSC)
Daemon — A common term (or the Mystick Self, which comes to “life” during the Awakening. Later called the Avatar. (MtSC)
Dah — “All-Awareness,” i.e. Golconda. The ultimate enlightened state, which very few ever achieve. (KotE)
Daimyo — A Japanese synonym for ancestor; a house leader. (KotE)
Damned, The — The race of Kindred; all vampires. (VtM)
Dan — Fate; one’s destiny and karma. (CtD)
Dauntain — Faerie-hunters, deeply twisted by Banality. (CtD)
Deacon — A common title for a founder of an established Chantry. (MtA)
Deaconus — One of the founders of a Covenant. (MtSC)
Deathlord — One of the seven wraiths currently ruling the Hierarchy. Each has dominion over the victims of a certain sort of death (i.e., violence, pestilence, mystery, etc.). (WtO)
Deep Dreaming, The — The furthest reaches of the Dreaming. The most powerful Dreams Realms, such as Arcadia, exist here. (CtD)
Deep Umbra — The aspects of the Umbra far beyond Earth, in deep space. (MtA)
Deep Umbra — The aspects of the Umbra that lie outside the Membrane. Reality becomes more and more fragmentary the farther one travels from the Realm. (WtA)
Defender — A hunter who seems to strive to protect certain people, places or things as much as he is driven to eliminate monsters (see Creed). (HtR)
Defenseless, the — Normal humans who have no idea of the truth about the world or monsters. A similar, less complimentary term is “the blind.” (HtR)
Defiler — A common name for the rebel angels of the sea. See Lammasu. (DtF)
Delirium — The madness and memory-loss suffered by humans who look upon a Garou in Crinos form. (WtA)
Demon — An epithet describing a fallen angel who has become lost to madness and hate; a twisted, malevolent spirit. Also used as a common name to describe the fallen as a whole. (DtF)
Demon — A name for a dangerous creature from the spirit worlds, possibly a spirit, possibly something else. (MtA)
Demon Emperor — In Kuei-jin myth, the ruler who will ascend to cosmic supremacy to usher in the Sixth Age of the Great Cycle. Most Kuei-jin believe that one of the Yama Kings will become Demon Emperor, though some think that the wraith tyrant Qin Shihuang, ruler of the Jade Kingdom, will assume this office. (KotE)
Den — A small satori (q.v.), or flash of insight, in which things suddenly become clear. Such flashes indicate progress in a Dharmic journey. (KotE)
Devil — A common name for the rebel angels of the dawn. See Namaru. (DtF)
Devourer — A common name for the rebel angels of the wild. See Rabisu. (DtF)
Dharma — A Kuei-jin’s path to Golconda. To old for of the term, Di’hana, has been lost to many younger Kuei-jin; the old ones still remember it, however, and prefer that term to the modern corruption. (KotE)
Diablerie — The consumption of another Kindred’s blood, to the point of the victim’s Final Death. Vampires of high generation may lower their generation through this practice; particularly old Kindred have such rarefied tastes that mortal blood no longer sustains them, and they must consume vampire blood. (VtM)
Diao — Moments of blindness when a Kuei-jin loses of her Way and wanders off into a sea of mortal illusions. (KotE)
Dictum Mortuum — Charon’s decree forbidding trafficking with mortals. (WtO)
Direction — An astrologically based influence that allegedly governs a Kuei-jin’s personality and duties. There are five — north, west, center, east and south. (KotE)
Disciple — The initiated beginners of the Traditions. Disciples can perform limited magic, and they are accepted as Tradition members. (MtA)
Discipulus — A magus recently graduated from apprentice status. Female form is Discipula. (MtSC)
Disparate — An insult for magi who refuse to takes sides, Also a group (or a member of a group) that attended the Council but never joined. (MtSC)
Dja-akh — “Ghost storm.” Dja-akh is the latest great cataclysm to tear through the Shadowlands, the uppermost portion of the Lands of the Dead. It destroyed Amenti, and it still poses a danger for travelers to Duat. (MtR)
Dolores — “Griefs, pains”; a name for night-folk and rival magi. (MtSC)
Domain — An area of a particular vampire’s influence. Princes claim entire cities as their domains, sometimes allowing lesser vampires to claim domain within. (VtM)
Domain — A mini-Realm in the Umbra, usually connected to a larger Realm in the Deep Umbra. (WtA)
Domain — Territory held by a wraith or a Circle of wraiths. (WtO)
Domitor — A ghoul’s master; one who feeds her blood and issues her commands. (VtM)
Donor — A sarcastic term for a vessel, typically human. (VtM)
Doomsday — The day when Oblivion swallows everything; conversely, the day when the Shadowlands and Skinlands merge. Doomsday features prominently in many Heretic cults’ philosophies, even if no two Heretics can agree as to what exactly it is. (WtO)
Doomshade — A Spectre. (WtO)
Doxed — To have accumulated too much Paradox energy. (MtA)
Draocht — Cantrips and other changeling magic. (CtD)
Dragon Line — A line of strong Chi connecting two or more dragon nests. Shen of sufficient power can use dragon lines to transport themselves vast distances. Dragon lines of Yang are known in the West as “Moon Bridges”; dragon lines of Yin are called “Byways.” In the Middle Kingdom, these lines are much closer to the “surface” reality than they are in the Western World of Darkness. (KotE)
Dragon Nest — An area where Chi is strong and the Wall is weak (5 or below). In the West, dragon nests are known as caerns, haunts, nodes, etc. (KotE)
Dram — A unit of measure for Quintessence. (MtA)
Dream Realms — Worlds fashioned from dreams kept alive. (MtA)
Dreaming, The — The collective dreams of humanity. Changelings often travel in these realms both to seek adventure and to gather the raw dreamstuff that can be used in crafting chimera. (CtD)
Dreaming, the — Also known as Faerie or the Faerie Dreaming; a half-world that mirrors the mortal one, but with a vivid, distorted edge. (MtSC)
Dreamrealms — The lands comprising Arcadia and the other realms of the Dreaming. (CtD)
Driabhar — A treasure, usually one of great power (CtD)
Drone — The shell of a wraith, doomed to endlessly repeat a single task until claimed by Oblivion. Drones have no mind or will. (WtO)
Duat — The underworld, realms of spirit where ghosts reside and mummies go during their death cycles. Also called the Lands of the Dead. See also Neter­-khertet. (MtR)

Earth, the — Capitalized, Earth refers to the material world. (MtSC)
Earthbound, the — The collective name for a group of demons who were summoned from the Abyss in ancient times and found a way to anchor themselves in the physical universe. They now seek to enslave or destroy the fallen. (DtF)
Ebon Dragon — Hun Dun, the first lord of the Dead. Representative of Yin. Some vampires believe that the Ebon Dragon has been deposed and eaten by the Jade Emperor; others, that the Jade Emperor is one of the Dragon’s avatars. (KotE)
Edge — Often plural; any of the fantastic and mysterious powers of the Imbued. Also called “the stuff” and “juice.” (HtR)
Elder — A vampire who has experienced three or more centuries of unlife. Elders are the most active participants in the Jyhad. (VtM)
Elohim, the — Proper name for the divine servants of the Creator, commonly referred to as angels. (DtF)
Elysium — A place where vampires may gather and discourse without fear of harm. Elysium is commonly established in opera houses, theaters, museums and other locations of culture. (VtM)
Embrace, The — The act of transforming a mortal into a vampire. The Embrace requires the vampire to drain her victim and then replace that victim’s blood with a bit of her own. (VtM)
Enchant — To imbue a mortal with the power to see the faerie realm. (CtD)
Enfant — A wraith just reborn into the Underworld, usually encased in a Caul. (WtO)
Enlightenment — The Order’s term for Awakening. Theoretically, all people can be Enlightened when the plagues, monsters and oppressions that weigh them down are eliminated and the Word of Reason is clearly heard. (MtSC)
Entrant — A worthy rival, one assumed to merit prolonged struggle and respect. (CtD)
Ephemera — Spirit-flesh — not quite matter but still “solid” to the proper Arts. (MtSC)
Epiphany — A magical revelation or sudden insight into magic. (MtA)
Errant — A mage whose Chantry and cabal have been destroyed. (MtA)
Escheat — The highest faerie laws. (CtD)
Ethiope — Archaic term for black Africans (as opposed to Arabs). Also Moor. (MtSC)

Faerie — A being indigenous to the Dreaming ( to not always a current resident thereof ). (CtD)

Fae Mien — A changeling’s faerie visage, visible only to other changelings and enchanted beings. (CtD)
Fall, the — The awakening of humanity’s awareness by Lucifer and a third of the Elohim, leading to the thousand-year Age of Wrath. (DtF)
Fall, the — The loss of ideals and vision. Usually wrapped in Infernalism, Hubris or both, the Fall often ends in death, slavery or corruption. (MtSC)
Fallen, the — A common name for the angels who rebelled against Heaven. (DtF)
Fallen One — A Nephandus. (MtA)
Familiar — A spirit given flesh, which bonds with a mage to serve and gain sustenance. (MtA)
Familiar — A spirit that inhabits an animal form and assists a magus with her work. (MtSC)
Fancypants — A nickname for sidhe or any self-absorbed noble. (CtD)
Far Dreaming, The — The Far Dreaming is only attainable through the Near Dreaming. Many Dreamrealms exist here. (CtD)
Far Shores, The — The lands across the Tempest, supposedly corresponding to Heaven, Hell and more. (WtO)
Farmer — A term of mockery for vampires who refuse to feed on human blood, instead taking sustenance from animals. (VtM)
Fate, Fortune or Free Will — One of the great Renaissance debates; is humanity governed by predestination (personified as Lady Fate); blind luck (personified by Dame Fortuna); or man’s own decisions (often epitomized as virtues and vices). Either way, the principles play active roles in magick. (MtSC)
Fathom — A deep-seeking, protracted use of the Art of Soothsay. Also called the Taghairm. (CtD)
Faust — A mage who bargains excessively with spirits, especially dangerous ones. (MtA)
Faustian — A faction of demons devoted to enslaving humankind and using it as a weapon against Heaven. (DtF)
Fellow — A full member of a Chantry, but not a founder. (MtA)
Fera — Garou term for shapeshifters other than werewolves; most are presumed extinct. (WtA)
Feral — Slang term for lupus. (WtA)
Fetters — Those things that remain in the lands of the living that tie a wraith to her old life. (WtO)
Fief — A sarcastic term for a vampire’s domain or claim thereof, most commonly used in reference to a prince. (VtM)
Fiend — A common name for the rebel angels of the heavens. See Neberu. (DtF)
Fifth Age — Age of Darkness.
Fior — A contest, the point of which is to determine justice. (CtD)
Fire Nature — Frenzy. (KotE)
First Death — The ending of the First Life. (MtR)
First Life — The time that the mummy’s tem-akh spirit spent on Earth in ancient Egypt. (MtR)
Fivefold Way — The five principles that the vampire bodhisattva Xue taught to his followers. See Great Principle.
Fledge — A newly awakened changeling of any age. (CtD)
Fledgling — A newly created vampire, still under her sire’s protection. (VtM)
Flock, The — All of humanity, particularly those humans from whom the Garou recruit their members. (WtA)
Focus — An item, act, phrase, gesture or similar artifice required to perform magic. Through the focus, the mage concentrates belief and will and causes magic to result. (MtA)
Followers of Set — Vampires descended from Set; masters of sin, temptation and degradation. Also known as Setites. (MtR)
Fomori (singular “fomor”) — Humans who have turned to the Wyrm and who draw their power from it. Common enemies of the Garou. (WtA)
Footpad — One who feeds from derelicts and other chaff of society. Footpads are frequently debased and may not maintain permanent havens. (VtM)
Fostern — Your pack brothers and sisters; those who are your family by choice. (WtA)
Fragmentum — (plural Fragmenti) An Otherworldly Realm that mirrors an aspect of magick. Later called a Shard Realm. (MtSC)
Freak — A dangerously insane mage. (MtA)
Freehold — A place that is infused with Glamour. Important to all changelings, freeholds are proof against Banality — for a time. (CtD)
Freewraith — A wraith who is not actively serving in the military. (WtO)
Fry — To attack someone with magic, most often with the Sphere of Forces. (MtA)
Fuidir — The vassals to whom one owes fealty. (CtD)
Fychell — 1) A chesslike game played by nobles. 2) A stylized dance popular among grump nobles. (CtD)


Gaffling — A simple spirit serant of a Jaggling, Incarna or Celestine. Gafflings are rarely sentient. (WtA)
Gaia — The Earth Mother, spirit of Earth as related by various naturalistic mages. (MtA)
Gaia — The Earth and related Realms, in both a physical and spiritual sense; the Mother Goddess. (WtA)
Gaki — A loose term for Japanese Kuei-jin. (KotE)
Gallain — 1)“The Outsiders,” those who may be Kithain but whose origins, customs and magical ways are not understood. 2) Any inscrutable creature of the Dreaming. (CtD)
Gallain — The Kinfolk of the Garou. (WtA)
Gang — A Circle of Renegades. (WtO)
Garou — The term werewolves use for themselves. (WtA)
Gate — A magical doorway that allows passage between two places. (MtA)
Gauntlet — A common name for the chilly threshold between the worlds of Matter and Spirit. (MtSC)
Gauntlet — The barrier between the physical world of Earth and the spirit world of the Umbra. It is strongest around technological (Weaver) places and weakest around caerns. (WtA)
Gauntlet, The — The barrier separating the material world from the spirit worlds. (MtA)
Gawker — a normal person who witnesses hunters’ edges or creatures’ supernatural effects in use, yet cannot comprehend them. (HtR)
Gehenna — The imminent Armageddon when the Antediluvians will rise from their torpor and devour the race of Kindred and the world. (VtM)
Generation — The number of “steps” between a vampire and the mythical Caine; how far descended from the First Vampire a given vampire is. (VtM)
Genji-myo — A “noble house” of Japanese vampires who are involved with modern corporate culture. (KotE)
Gentry — A Kindred who preys at nightclubs, bars and other establishments of the “red-light district,” where mortals engage in reverie. (VtM)
Ghost — A restless human soul. Also known as a wraith or spirit. (MtSC)
Ghost Dancer — A Cathayan whose duties entail dealing with the spirit worlds; commonly used to refer to Cathayans of the west direction. (KotE)
Ghoul — A minion created by giving a bit of vampiric vitae to a mortal without draining her of blood first (which would create a vampire instead). (VtM)
Gilgul — The rite of destroying an Avatar as well as a mage’s ability to do magic or to reincarnate. (MtA)
Gilgul — A magickal punishment in which the offender’s soul is ripped apart and scattered. It is reserved for the most horrible crimes. (MtSC)
Glabro — The near-man form of the Garou. (WtA)
Glamour — The living force of the Dreaming; changeling magic. (CtD)
Gloam, the — 1)The blackest part of the night. 2) Midwinter’s Night, also called “the Gloaming.” (CtD)
Goin’ Satanic — To Fall and join the Nephandi. (MtA)
Golconda — A fabled state of vampiric transcendence; the true mastery of the Beast and balance of opposing urges and principles. Rumored to be similar to mortal Nirvana, Golconda is greatly touted but rarely achieved. (VtM)
Golden Courts — General term for various societies of vampires dwelling in a specific geographic region largely encompassing Southest Asia and Indonesia. Existence in the Golden Courts is often tumultuous and chaotic, and the vampires therein are infamous for decadent and “barbaric” practices; however, female Kuei-jin have historically enjoyed much more respectful treatment in this region. (KotE)
Gone Fishing — A label applied to hunters who abandon the city in hopes of finding peace in the wilderness or countryside and away from monsters. (HtR)
Gosling — A childling changeling or very young faerie. (CtD)
Grandame — A powerful female sidhe, often used when speaking of a queen. (CtD)
Grayface — A Technocrat or any mage who is excessively Static. (MtA)
Great Cycle — See Wheel of Ages. (KotE)
Great Principle — A commonly accepted code of unlife through which Kuei-jin can cultivate correct behavior. (KotE)
Green Courts — Various groups of Kuei-jin inhabiting Korea and nearby areas in China. The Green Courts are renowned for their love of jade and noncommittal stance in larger struggles. (KotE)
Gremlin — A malevolent spirit. (WtA)
Greybeard — A grump; a term of respect. (CtD)
Grog — A familiar form of the term custos. (MtA)
Grog — A (fairly derogatory) term for a sorcerer’s servant. (MtSC)
Grump — A changeling of elder years, usually beginning at about the age of 25. Very few changelings reach this age — most succumb to Banality long before. (CtD)
Guild — One of the supposedly banned organizations of Freewraiths dedicated to the study and use of one of the Arcanoi. There were 13 Greater and three Lesser Guilds. (WtO)
Guildhall — The main lodge of a Convention. (MtSC)
Gweilo — A Chinese term for a foreign a*****e, usually white. The more familiar Japanese version, gaijin, means more less the same thing. (KotE)


Halaku — The proper name for the rebel angels of the dead. See Slayer. (DtF)
Hamartia — Tragic flaw. The mortal’s greatest failure, lost opportunity or weakness during his Second Life. The hamartia is often the key to knowing which tem-akh offers him the chance for resurrection. (MtR)
Harano — Inexplicable gloom, inexpressible longing for unnamable things, weeping for that which is not yet lost. Some say it is depression caused by contemplation of Gaia’s suffering. (WtA)
Harmonic — A Cathayan of the center direction, one whose duties entail exploring the vampiric condition and the soul. (KotE)
Harrowing, The — A sleigh-ride through the worst side of a wraith’s subconscious, courtesy of his Shadow and the Spectres of the Tempest. More than one wraith has been destroyed during a Harrowing. (WtO)
Harvester — A Cathayan troubleshooter and agent provocateur among the mortal "herd"’; a vampire of the east direction. (KotE)
Harvesting — The act of cutting Enfants free from their Cauls and initiating them into the Shadowlands. Many Harvesters are actually slavers, and the initiation they offer consists of a pair of manacles linked by Stygian steel chains. (WtO)
Haunt — A place where the Shroud is thin and the Restless feel at home. (WtO)
Haven — A vampire’s “home”; where she finds sanctuary from the sun. (VtM)
Head — A Kindred who feeds upon those who have imbibed alcohol or drugs, so as to vicariously experience the same sensations. Those Kindred who prefer individual drugs have their “poison” prefixed to the term head (e.g., crackhead, dopehead, smackhead). (VtM)
Headhunter — A vampire who hunts and feeds from other Kindred (q.v. Rogue). (VtM)
Heaven — In Kuei-jin parlance, that inexplicable force overseeing the interaction of Yin and Yang and ordaining what should and should not be. Most Kuei-jin see themselves and the rest of the Middle Kingdom as having fallen from Heaven’s favor. Conversely, beings who transcend the eternal cycle of life and death are said to have reached Heaven. (KotE)
Heike-myo — A house of Japanese vampire who are loosely allied with the Bishamon. (KotE)
Hekau — Egyptian magical arts, now practiced solely by mummies. (MtR)
Hell — Supposedly, a place of punishment for wicked souls. In the Underworld, a joke of the first order; there are so many false hells that they’ve become something of a tourist attraction for the more adventurous among the dead. (WtO)
Hengeyokai — Shapeshifter. (KotE)
Heralds — A name assigned to mysterious and presumably plural beings believed to have empowered hunters through the Imbuing (see Messengers). In this case, the being or beings are usually considered the agents of a greater power, often God. (HtR)
Heretics — Religious fanatics among the dead, though many bizarre religions have sprung up among the Restless. Most Heretics have some sort of central belief based around the notion of Transcendence. (WtO)
Hierarchy, The — The monolithic bureaucracy of the Dark Kingdom of Iron, a.k.a. the Empire of Stygia. At this point, the Empire and the Hierarchy have become interchangeable in most wraiths’ minds. The Hierarchy is the largest collection of Western wraiths in the Underworld. (WtO)
Hima — The “goblin lantern” form that masters of the Ghost-flame Shintai can assume. (KotE)
Hispo — The near-wolf form of the Garou. (WtA)
Hollow Ones — A group that espouses post-modernism, the Gothic subculture and decadence in response to the declining world. (MtA)
Homid — A Garou of human ancestry. Occasionally used disdainfully by ferals (e.g., “That boy fights like a homid.”). (WtA)
Horizon — The border of God’s Earth and the threshold of Heaven; also the name of a colossal Realm in which the Traditions meet. (MtSC)
Horizon, The — The magical limit separating the Near Umbra and the Deep Umbra. (MtA)
Horus — Son of Osiris and Isis, one of the first mummies. (MtR)
Host — A living person possessed by use of the Arcanos Puppetry. (WtO)
House — A hierarchical organization of angels devoted to a specific function in the creation and oversight of the cosmos. (DtF)
House — Synonymous with “court”; primarily used in Japan. (KotE)
Hubris — The overwhelming pride that leads a mage to believe that he may challenge the cosmos itself, and that convinces a mage that his way is “the right way.” Such hubris is often fatal, and it lies at the heart of the conflict between mages. (MtA)
Hubris — The fatal pride that drives most sorcerers to destroy themselves and those around them. (MtSC)
Hue and Cry — 1) a hunt called against a criminal. 2) The call of all changelings to come and defend a freehold. (CtD)
Humanitas — The extent to which a Kindred still maintains her humanity. (VtM)
Humours — Bodily fluids, thought to influence temperament and health. (MtSC)
Hun — The “higher,” rational half of the soul. (KotE)
Hundred Clouds, The — A symbol of ultimate Kuei-jin enlightenment, when all duties are set aside. See Dah. (KotE)
Hunger, The — The urge to feed, as with any living creature. For vampires, however, the Hunger replaces all other drives with its own powerful call. (VtM)
Hunt, the — Hunter lifestyle in a nutshell; the pursuit, trailing, studying and, ultimately, confronting of supernatural creatures and the unknown. Also called “the mission.” (HtR)

Lexicon VtM

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