To do:- bikes, motorbike, archery. Bow melee combat, hunting, navigation, swimming, boating. Vehicle Mechanics, engines, mantraps, fortifications, reinforcement , talk inspired leadership, bravery , climbing. Parkour

For a skill style, the skill must be equal or more than the style for it.. i.e parkour (4) requires athletics (4) plus other requirements.

Fight style: fancy footwork or single merit: add part of attack pool to defence while still able attack. Also a style using acrobatics to tumble evade etc like Swashbuckling, Gun Fu for cinematic melee with firearms, lunge, riposte, flourish,
Warfare → military training, firearms → military weapons
Fight style= multiple opponents

Skill Styles
As well as the normal Skill Specialities, there are Skill Styles which are a progressive sequence of Specialities under a particular Skill that may be purchased. They tend to exist for particular useful or note-worthy abilities. A speciality for the specific style is required before getting the style I.e. Acrobatics speciality is required to learn the Athletics Style – Acrobatics while sometimes two or more specialities may be required. Requirements will be noted near top of the relevant page. Skill specialities can still number as large as one wishes as long as they vary in name from each other. I.e. Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Bioengineering, Cybernetic Engineering, Robotics all might be used in constructing a cyborg or robot. Investigative Style- Police
Investigative Style- Undercover Research
Investigative style- forensics

Character Examples with House Rules Detailing our in-house custom rules such as :-

  • Edge being any extra Advantages added to an Action Roll. GM Advice. Social Style – Fast Talk
  • Style Merits tend to range from 1-5. The Skill that defines them is required and must at least equal the Style Merit DoTs. For example, having Fighting Style – Boxing at 4 DoTs you must first have Brawl at 4 DoTs. Having Occult Style – Alchemy at 3 DoTs means having Occult of 3 DoTs first.
  • Flaws must now be purchased like a normal Merit but is noted with an (F) for Flaw. When a Character is roleplayed as effected by the Flaw in a relevant in-game situation and there are effects of these actions – Experience Points (XP) should be awarded. Ineptitude – Specify is a great example of this and such Flaws truly allow a Player to deeply customise their PC and develop a deeper Character Concept.
    Primary, Secondary & Tertiary Merits. 5/4/3 for example.

Background Merits
These should really be chosen at Character Creation unless the GM says otherwise or a lot of time and effort put in to work for that specific Merit such as a Profession Merit that grants access to Skills. Orphaned, Abused, Ancestral Heritage (like secret royalty, ancient Bloodline etc), Supernatural event, Memorable event, Horrific event, awkward event, ….

Background Merit Description Requirements
Accute Sense (1-5) Specific one of the five senses is heightened. None
Ambidextrous (3) Does not suffer the -3 off-hand Penalty…. Dex (3). Char. Gen only at (3)
Aptitude – Specify (3) Choose a specific area which you have a natural aptitude or talent for, such as Computers, Acrobatics or any Skill or Speciality really. GM accepts
Awareness (2) Natural talent to be more perceptive than most. Bonus to Perception Checks. Char. Gen or intense training
Blood Heritage (3-6) Select a type of Being or Breed you are Blooded to such as Demon, Fae, Nobility, Wolf etc. Specify Type; After Char. Gen shows you discover the truth later on.
CIPA (5) A genetic disorders that stops you feeling any pain at all, including torture and wounds but it is also very hard to tell. Appear at birth or during infancy.
Color Blind (1) You have real trouble telling one primary colour from another. Flaw
Common Sense (3) Grounded & pragmatic, can often be depended upon to make sound, wise decisions at a moments notice. GM can make a “Reflexive Perception Roll” if the Character is about to do somethimg disasterous.
David’s Arm (3) Like David against Goliath, you’re great with spatial distance, range etc. Double all benefits of aiming. ??
Double Jointed (2) Able to bend your joints in improbable ways. None
Dual Nature (3) You have a personality that works with two compatible Natures each rewarding WillPower. GM agreed on the Natures.
Early Riser (1) You seem able to manage with less rest than others, getting up hours before or staying up til dawn. None
Eidetic Memory (3) A near photographic memory, able to recall vast amounts of observed detail with almost perfect accuracy. Rolls usually only needed under Stress.. Char.Gen Only
Emotional Detatchment (2) Nasty, mean temper when you lose control. Any time you fail your Composure Test, … None
Encyclopedic Knowledge (2) Knows much about anything. None
Fast Learner (3) Does not suffer the ??…. Char.Gen Only
Fire Within (2) You have a natural resistant to the cold or damage caused by cold.
Ineptitude – Specify (1-5) Penalised for being just terrible in a specific Sub-Skill where you excel in the rest of the Skill. Trying Skill for first few times. (F)
Internal Thermostat (3) Able to control & balance your internal temperature and thus, does not suffer such extremes of hot or cold environments. Res (2) Com (4)
Intuition – Specify (2-5) Machinery, Computers, Electronics, Clockwork, etc Char. Gen only usually.
Longevity (4) You are one of those rare few who age well, not taking penalties until your 70’s.. Something surely
Maturity (1) The Character is growing older and had reached into the more solid, firmer Summer years of 40’s and 50’s… Effects are ?? Age of 40+
Natural Immunity (3) Immune to disease.. Requirements
Night Vision (2) Able to see well at Night or in darkness with only the barest amounts of light.. None
Obvious Appearance (2) An obvious or memorable feature of appearance may gain you WillPower if part of the Story. (2)
Obvious Aspiration (2) A strong interest or drive in achieving a particular goal.. Can regain WP during Play if Character actually makes headway in achieving this ambition in some way. (2)
Obvious Demeanor •• A strong type of attitude… Can regain WP during Play… (1)
Obvious Nature •• Natures and Demeanors Obvious Nature A strong type of personality… Can regain WP if used during Play. ???(2)
Obvious Quirk (1) Those rare idiosyncratic subtleties & strange, uncommon interests that set someone apart… GM approval.
Obvious Vice (1) A strong need for specific type of sin.. Can regain WP during Play… Brawl (2)
Obvious Virtue (1) A strong desire to show goodness.. Can regain WP during Play… Brawl (2)
Predatory Bearing (1-5) You have that menacing aspect or aura of someone.. or something very dangerous, and others often recognise that. Char. Gen
Prized Possession (1-5) Get something good…
Prodigy (3) Gifted child below 13 that has higher than usual traits etc. Char. Gen only.
Small Framed (2) Shorter or much thinner than the average gives the Character a size of 4 and chance they’ll be overlooked, not taken seriously or ignored. Flaw
Toxin Resistance (3) Immune to Poisons and other toxins.. Usually only at Char.Gen
Vengeance (1-5) Character has a particular Nemesis or enemy that they truly need to get revenge on. They use this advantage to get a bonus +2 to attack actions.. Requires Enemy Merit
Veteran (1-5) A strong type ay. ???(2)
Physical Merit Description Requirements
Alertness (2) Aware of things at all times… Wit (3) Com (2)
Ambidextrous (4) Does not suffer the -3 off-hand Penalty…. Dex (3)
Armored Fighting (2/4) Able to fight in heavy and burdensome armor without penalties. Str (3) Sta (3)
Athletic Dodge (2) = You use your Athletic prowess … None.
Automotive Genius (1) Can see what’s wrong in seconds and a knack for fixing and rigging.. Crafts (3), Drive (2), Science (1)
Brawling Dodge (2) Nasty, mean temper when you lose control. Any time you fail your Composure Test, … Active
Bruiser (1) Appearance is so rough & tough and thug like to appear menacing. +1 to Intimidation. Requirements
Cat-like Balance (2) Your talent for balance is exceptional.. +1 to all such Rolls..
Cheap Shot (2) Dirty tricks to distract. (Dex+Subt VS Wit+Com to act. -2 cumulative penalty each time) Brawl (2)
Choke Hold (2) Once you have a’ hold, you have them.. Brawl (2)
Choke Shot (2) Excellent accuracy, no matter what weapon you’re holding. +1 Dice when not targeting specific area. None
Crack Driver (2/3) Nothing distracts once she’s driving. (-Com Penalty to anyone seeking to disable vehicle) Drive (3)
Customised Item (2/4/5) You have a specially made or gained of a special item, customised but not magical. Perhaps a hand crossbow, blowpipe disguised as a cigar or pipe, swordcane, hidden tools etc. GM approval
Defensive Combat (1) Able to defend against multiple opponents with the base Defence for each opponent…. Dex (3) Wit (3) Com (3) Brawl or Weaponry (2)
Driving Style – Heavy Vehicles (1-5) Actively Dex (3) Res (2) Drive (2)
Driving Style – High Performance (1-5) Able to make the most of Fast Cars and know all the tricks of the Race Tracks and cars made for speed. Dex (3) Res (2) Drive (2)
Driving Style – Pilot Aircraft (1-5) Able to fly planes and jets. Dex (3) Int (3) Res (2) Drive (2)
Driving Style – Ocean Sailing (1-5) Able to sail and navigate ocean waters safely. Dex (2) Res (2) Drive (2)
Driving Style – Stunt Driver (1-5) Able to perform the most death defying of tricks and impossible feats of vehicle agility. Wit (2) Dex (2) Drive (2)
Disarm (2) If Damage exceeds Dexterity then Diarm Opponent.. Dex (3) Weaponry (2) Active Weapon (s)
Enchanting Gaze (2) Truly beautiful and captivating eyes that attract others to them.. ??
Enchanting Voice (2) Beautiful voice that truly is captivating ??
Fast Reflexes (1-2) Does not suffer the -3 off-hand Penalty…. Char. Creation
Feint (2) Using two weapons you attack from different angles, ignoring Defence on 2nd Attack. Fighting Style – Two Weapon Fighting (3)
Fighting Finesse (3) You use swift, agile attacks with your light Weaponry. Dex (3) Weaponry (2)
Fleet of Foot (2) Nasty, mean temper when you lose control. Any time you fail your Composure Test, … Active
Fresh Start (1-2) Do nothing this turn so that you may act first next turn.. Requires: Fast Reflexes
Gunslinger (4) Able to use two handguns at once though with penalties. Dex (3) Firearms (3)
Hardy (1-3) Add Hardy DoTs to Rolls resisting environmental hurt from extreme temperatures, poison, disease, deprivation, exhaustion, suffocation etc. Sta (3)
Heavy Hands (2) Especially hard or heavy hands for unarmed attacks +1 Dmg to Unarmed Strikes Str (3) Brawl (3)
Heavy Sleeper (2) Often sleeps in late, fails to hear the alarm clock and is almost impossible to waken at times. Flaw
Huge Size (4) Very large, either fat or tall so they are well above the human average. Add +1 Health due to the increased Size. None
Immunised (1) Up to date on your regular and normal jabs for common diseases. You still should see a GP for more if visiting exotic countries. None
Indomitable (2) You are better able to resist strange events and they have less effect on your mind. Any supernatural effect or creature trying to influence you gets you +2 Bonus to resisting. Resolve (3)
Iron Skin (3) Tough, less penetrable skin. )
Iron Stamina (1-3) Able to endure fatigue for longer.
Iron Stomach (2) The ability to eat pretty much anything without side effects such as being sick. ?
Light Sleeper (2) Wakes easily and without loss of orientation etc.
Outdoorsman (2) Experience or natural ability to make most of her environment and survive out in the wilds. Survival (3)
Movement Style – Parkour (1-5) Combines acrobatic talent into Athletics so as to perform outstanding feats of free-running. Dexterity (3) Athletics (2) Acrobatics (2)
Movement Style – Spelunker (1-5) Pot Holing and Cave Diving are your thing. Dexterity (3) Athletics (3)
Mysterious Event (2-5) Like Destiny, an event has happened with unknown repercussions, be it a Pregnancy, Death, Award, Found Item etc. None
Parry (3) Usable with Weaponry or Brawl to allow you to replace your Defence with that Skill. Brawl (3) or Weaponry (3)
Punch Drunk (2) Able to keep 1 BODY Health Level by spending WillPower & upgrading existing damage. WillPower (6)
Quick Draw (3) So trained with the weapon or firearm that drawing the weapon is instinct and is considered a Reflex Action that can be done whenever Defence applies. Wits (3) Speciality in Weapon or Fighting Style chosen here.
Quick Healing (4) Able to heal more rapidly than normal. Sta (4)
Seizing the Edge (2) Always read for a chase, be it to escape from enemies or to hunt down that next ticket.. None
Signature Item (3) An object that is an intrinsic part of the characters identity now and without it they feel lost, suffering on social rolls. None
Shield Rip (2) Using two weapons, you use tricks & distractions to allow your 2nd weapon to rip aside an opponent shield. Fighting Style – Two Weapon Fighting (3), Weapon that can hook shields,
Shiv (1 or 2) Can carry a 0 or 1 Dmg small blade that when rolled for detection receives -Wea penalty. Street fighting (2), Weaponry (1)
Sleight of hand (2) Long, delicate and light fingers make pickpocketing and picking locks or other intensely delicate operations of hand dexterity easier with a +2 bonus to such rolls.. None
Strong Back (2) The ability to carry more than normal and dead lift well.
Strong Lungs (2) Ability to hold your breath for longer.
Weaponry Dodge (1-5) A??. Requirements
Wheelman (3) Some people are born Drivers, enjoy it and have a natural aptitude for it. Dex (2) Drive (2)
Mental Merit Description Requirements
Adrenaline Junkie (1) Does not suffer the -3 off-hand Penalty…. None
Cheap Shot (2) Nasty, mean temper when you lose control. Any time you fail your Composure Test, … Active
Coldly Logical (2) ??
Combat Awareness (2) Does not suffer the -3 off-hand Penalty…. Military, Law Enforcement or Combat Background.
Concentration (1) Ability to focus on tasks or details even when there are distractions. ??
Crafter’s Sense (3) Doe Crafts (3) and Craft Speciality.
Cultural Awareness (1/2/4) Silent, Speedy series of hand movements or signs used my military etc… ?(3)
Danger Sense (2) +2 Bonus to “Perception Rolls” for Character to detect an impending ambush.
Daredevil (2) Does not suffer the -3 off-hand Penalty…. None
Demolisher (2) Nasty, mean temper when you lose control. Any time you fail your Composure Test. None.
Direction Sense (1) An innate knack for finding your way. Rarely suffers penalties to finding her way. None
Doubting Thomas (2) Cynical and questioning nature, any Psychics nearby receive -2 to Psychic Rolls. Paradox increased. Flaw
Easy Ride (2) Somehow you are easily possessed by Spirits, Demons etc. Flaw
EOD (4) Experience in many types of Explosive Devices and EOD or Explosive Ordinance Disposal. Some.
Eye for the strange (2) Though they may have no actual knowledge of the supernatural or Occurred, they know it when they see it and thus get bonus. Res (3) Occult (1)
Good Brain (2) Removes the penalty from the unskilled for mental skills. Int (4) Wit (3)
Holistic Awareness (1) You have knowledge surrounding the Skill? ?
Indomitable (1-5) Such an Iron Will that most Mind dominating powers don’t work. Requires Iron Will. Can only be bought equal to their Resolve.
Informative (2/4) May be silent on most topics but when it comes to them and their job they won’t shut up and very open. Wit:2, Skill:2
Ingenious (2) Always seems to have a cunning or backup plan to escape any predicament. +2 to outlandish or especially cunning ways around an obstacle or solution to a plan. Drive(3)
Interdisciplinary Speciality (2) A speciality that can cross over?? Skill (3), Speciality
Iron Will (3) Amazing ability to resist takeovers of your mind and gain +3 Dice when resisting outside forces attempting to take it over. WillPower (6+)
Language (1-4) Able to communicate in another language. The more DOTs you have the greater your skill with 3 being well educated and full mastery in the language.. Requirements
Library (1-3) Select a topic and you have a collection of books, references and websites for that subject. ?
Linguist (2) You have a natural talent for languages and are able to learn them more easily than other people. Int (3) Academics (2) or Int (2) & Academics (3)
Lucid Dreamer (2) Ability to influence and control your own dreams. Res:3, non-changeling.
Good Time Management (1) Due to good organisation and diligence you manage your time very well and know how to cut out those wasteful moments. Extended Actions can be reduced by 1/4. None
Make Do (1-3) Used to working under sub-optimal conditions means you can often use poor tools etc to repair, perform scientific tests, survey archeology sites etc. This is Cross-Skill effective while ?
Meditative Mind (1, 2 or 4) You get better at Meditating (See Merit for full Bonuses). None
Multi-lingual (2) Conversational language ability in two sister languages for each DOT. Roll Int+Aca to attempt to make out enough when read also. None
Occult Style – Alchemy (1-5) A mix of Science and magic to transform base substances into “Divine” substances. Int, Science, Occult
Occult Style – Artificing (1-5) A mix of Science and magic to imbue powerful Spells and abilities into special items. Int, Science, Occult
Occult Style – Body Endowments (1-5) A mix of Science and magic to use tattooing and body art to endow with power. Int, Science, Occult
Occult Style – Curses (1-5) A mix of Science and magic to use sympathetic magic and effigies to curse others. Int, Science, Occult
Occult Style – Fortune Telling (1-5) Able to predict the future, tell Fortunes and read events and aspects of the past and present via a Focus such as Tarot, Crystal Ball, Bones, Runes etc.. Int, Science, Occult
Occult Style – Necromancy (1-5) A mix of Science and magic to experiment, modify & manipulate the dead. Int, Science, Occult
Occult Style – Runecraft (1-5) Art of using powerful Runes to create certain effects. Int, Science, Occult
Patient (1) You take the extra care and effort to get things right. On Extended Actions, 2 Die above what AttAbi would provide. None
Police Investigation Style (1-5) Able to use police procedure effectively to investigate crime. None.
Profession Style – Professional Training (1-5) Extensive training in a specialist field grants advantages to contacts & Bonuses. Select your field and choose two asset skills for it. One Asset Skill = DoT wanted
Psychic Resistance (1-3) Intensive training or natural ability has given you the knack of blocking your mind from invasive telepathic powers. Res (3)
Rational Explanation (3) Whenever making Res+Com Rolls to resist Fear, Panic etc you gain a Bonus for finding a Rational Explanation to support the situation. Some.
Relic Analyst (1-5) Active. ?
Seen Combat (2) = You have experience with combat in variety of forms, giving you that edge and instinct necessary to truly make use of combat skills… Been in combat?
Sign Language – Specify (2) Silent, Speedy series of hand movements or signs used my military, Deaf etc. or Marks in Urban Environment for Homeless, Gangs etc. ?(3)
Mental Style – Skill Ingenuity (1-5) You are more than skilled in a particular Skill, None.
Spatial Awareness (1) Talent to coordinate things and space between them. None.
Speed Reading (2) Able to read and take in the information from text in half the time. Int (3) Academics (2)
Steady Driver (1) Calm and safe when driving and not prone to Road Rage or Composure loss while driving. None
Technology Style – Hacking (1-5) Able to hack most computer systems and similar interfaces. ??
Time Sense (1) Able to tell what time it is to the half hour and to estimate the length of time it’s taken or how long something lasts etc. None
Tolerance for Biology (1) Very strong resistance to gruesome biology. no need to roll when confronted with blood & guts Com (2) Res (2)
Tolerance for Pain (3) Very strong resistance to feeling pain such as wounds, torture etc. Res (3) Sta (2)
Technophile (1-2) Nasty, mean temper when you lose control. Any time you fail your Composure Test, … ?
Trained Observer (1 or 3) Years out in the field has taught you to notice everything and to remember them. Wits (3) or Com (3)
Trivia Hound (2) A geek who collects tidbits of worthless information. None
Tunneller (1) You’ve spent some time down in tunnels and you tend to feel comfortable and able to find your way, sense direction etc. ??
Vice Ridden (2) Someone who is especially sinful may choose a second Vice which gains you WillPower if interacted with meaningfully.. Flaw
Virtuous (2) Someone who is especially good and moralistic, they may choose a second Virtue which gains them WillPower when meaningfully interacted with. None
Social Merit Description Requirements
Allies (1-5) You are able to call on a selected group for help. None.
Alternate Identity (1-3) At 1 DoT an unofficial, superficial I’d with +1 bonus, 2 dots has paperwork to support the I’d but it won’t hold up to close scrutiny. 3 DoTs is a deep cover id, fully supported in databases and paper and gives +2 bonus to Subterfuge. Available Multiple Times for separate Identities. None
Animal Affinity (2) Specific types of animals tend to like you, not attack you etc. Select Animal Species.
Animal Companion (2 to 5) You have somehow befriended or attached to you an animal. More than a pet, more intelligent etc. None
Animal Magnetism (1) A strong, animal-like … None
Anonymity (1 to 5) Lives completely off the Grid and only uses Cash, no Id etc. Anyone trying to track your Paper Trail or look you up online received penalty equal to the DoTs here. Can’t also have Fame
Approachable (1) A friendly face or attitude or something else but people find you easy to talk to. -2 to Difficulty on Empathy Rolls. None
Armory (1-5) A collection of Weaponry is available to choose from, either owned by you or able to collect from friends etc. Resources 3
Barfly (2) Able to get an open invitation anywhere. Bars & Clubs are home to her. Told to ostracize her receive her Socialize Skill as penalty. Socialize (2)
Bureaucratic Negotiator (2) Able to plough through red tape and get things done in a bureaucratic institution. None.
Calming Presence (1) Does not suffer the -3 off-hand Penalty…. Com (3)
Certification (1-3) Has the proper licenses and paperwork for a particular activity. None
Closed Book (1-5) Particularly hard to read and/or crack. When someone uses Social Maneuvering against us, add your DoTs in this Merit as a bonus to resist. Man (3) Res (3)
Community Ties Style – Specify (1 to 5) Pick a specific community such as Does not suffer the .. None
Conscience (2) Represent an acute sense of right and wrong, allows character to re-roll a failed degeneration roll. None
Contacts (1-5) Gather information from single source. More DoTs mean deeper information and a greater chance to discover others Social Merits or any Conditions. (Man+Doc to gather the info.) None
Cult (1-5) Leader of a new Cult. ??
Decorated (2-5) Recognition for actions have awarded you a medal at lower DoTs and a peerage or national award at higher level. War hero, Community Volunteer or Lord all suitable details here. One Attribute at 4+ & suitable backstory.
Defender (1-3) You feel protective and responsible for those loved ones and family around you. You gain bonus WP on protecting them but losing them causes serious Breaking Points. Loved Ones Merit/s.
Dependent (2) You have a loved one you must care for and look after. May be a young child, I’ll or disabled parent or sibling etc. Flaw
Destiny (1-5) Fate has things in store for you, though you’ve no idea what. None
Destitute (2) No Resources of any kind available now makes for an extremely uncomfortable and dangerous quality of life. Homeless and indebt. Flaw
Enemy (1-5) A particular person hates your character enough to consider getting revenge. In time this might grow into them becoming a Nemesis. Flaw
Evil (1-5) You have negative Karma and you like it, doing bad stuff excites you or leaves you unconcerned.. Negative Karma at least = to DoTs in this Merit. Flaw
Extremist Group (4) You have influence and contacts within an Extremist Group of some kind. None
Faithful Devotion (1-3) You have faith in a Higher Power that grants you peace & solace. ??
Fame (2 or 4) Local or National fame can be a disadvantage as well as advantage. ??
Fence (1/3) Always able to find somewhere to buy or sell stolen goods to the crimminal community. Streetwise (3)
Firearms Licence (2) You have the necessary written paperwork to own a gun legally. This is only applicable in a single country so if you want more licences this needs to be got each time for it to be legal.
Fixer (3) You know people.. not only can she get best people for the job but also best prices. Availability Cost reduced by 1 DoT. Wits (3) Contacts (2)
Hobbyist Clique (2) As long as you stay in contact and up to date with this social circle, you receive a bonus to the hobby specified. Any Skill (2)
Infamous (2) You are known and remembered for something negative. None
Inheritance (1-5) Someone leaves you an amount of money or wealth in Savings. These are stocks, shares, Jewelry etc. Who left you this?
Insignificant (2) Socially Small – They’ve either a natural talent or cultivated the ability to be easily overlooked or appear ordinary or unnoticeable. -1 to Perception. Flaw.
Inspiring (3) Able to motivate, enthuse and inspire people around you. Pre (3)
Job (2) You work for a living and are paid for that work regularly. This may include Freelance Jobs. State Job
Library (1 to 5) Character has her own access to Library close at hand. The DoTs determines the size and breadth of the material. For each DoT a Speciality can also be chosen.
Love (1-5) You’ve fallen in love with someone and going out. Requirements
Love Unrequited (1-5) You have fallen in love with someone but they don’t have any feelings for you. Flaw
Luxury (1-5) Details how well you live. 1 dot and you are just above the standard surroundings, 5 DoT and you’re in a huge mansion with almost everything. This can be permanently switched with Resources DoT by DoT. None
Mentor (1-5) A teacher or guide that is able to give advice, aid and support that is often from the background and sometimes without the Characters knowledge. None
Negotiator (2) Be it working with Hostages or big finance dealing, you know how to liaise your way to success. Requirements
Personal Attachment (2/4) You are very close to family or friends and losing them would hurt dearly. Bonus to WillPower. State who.
Prejudice (2) Has a distinct and often irrational hatred or distrust of a particular group such as gays, women, race, religion or creed, hippies, liberals etc. and Reaction penalised by -3. Flaw
Profession (2) You work for a living and are paid for that work regularly. This may include Freelance Jobs, Ocupations, professional or manual careers. State Occupation
Pusher (2) Very experienced at Bribes and tempting others into their Vices, giving you Bonuses. Persuasion 2
Relationship (1-5) This might be family or friend. It’s not as close as a True Friend but it’s closer than Allies or Contact. ?
Resources (1-5) This determines how much funds are readily available and what equipment can be bought. None
Retainer (1-5) An assistant, sycophant or servant that can be relied upon to carry out daily tasks, short and long term goals even. More DoTs mean more power the Retainer has. None
Safehouse (1-5) Often well guarded, secure location perhaps with blast doors, vault and panic room, emergency exit etc. None
Safe Place (1-5) Simply a place you feel comfortable and safe where you can hide or get lost in the anonymous crowds. No security etc. in place here. None
Savings (1-5) Instead of regular disposable income this shows your Savings that start at (Resources+Resolve)…? None
Small Unit Tactics (2) An effective leader of small groups. Pre (3)
Secret (1-5) Some sort of meaningful information about yourself or another you want kept quiet and a secret. ?
Social Style – Fast Talk (1-5) Allows the Character to Fast Talk their way through many social situations. Each DoT provides an extra method of Fast Talking. Man (3) Subterfuge(2)
Social Style – Reasoned Debate (1-5) Uses Reason to debate in Social Situations. Int (3) Academics (2)
Social Style – Rhetoric (1-5) Uses Rhetoric to influence Social Situations. Pre (3) Expression (1)
Social Style – Social Maneuvers (1-5) ???. Pre (3) Man (3) A Social Skill (3)
Social Style – Theology (1-5) Using Religious argument to debate or influence Social Situations. Pre (2) Expression (2) Religion (s)
Special Forces (3) You have experience within the Special Forces and perhaps status, contacts, allies etc are drawn from here as well as familiarity with various exotic weapons. Lots?
Spin Doctor (2) Talented at Fast Talking and Bullshitting stories, Gossip and Personal PR. Man (3), Subterfuge (2)
Staff (1 to 5) A group of working employees who fulfil whatever day to day tasks your character wishes.. None
Status (1 to 5) Determines your reputation and standing within the chosen organization or group. None
Street Rat (1) Spent a lot of time on and upon the streets of an urban settlement you specify and know the many ways, hideouts, shortcuts, problem traffic routes etc. Specify Town or City.
Striking Looks (1 or 2) Especially beautiful, intimidating, strange, ugly or funny looking. Whatever the specifics, they attract attention (both good & bad) and receive either the +1 or +2 bonus to relevant Social Rolls. None
Sympathetic (2) Good at letting people get close and they feel comfortable opening up to you or revealing secrets. None
Table Turner (3) Able to spot opportunities and see openings to get the upper hand and switch advantage when the chance comes. Com (3) Man (3) Wit (3)
Takes one to know one (1) When uncovering clues that relate to your Vice you suffer penalty but now ???.. None
Taste (1) m.. Crafts (2) and a Speciality in Crafts or Expression
Tripsitter (3) Especially good at guiding people through intense psychoactive head trips. Com (3)
True Faith (4) much more than the Faithful Devotion merit. Devout as a Virtue or Vice
True Friend (3-5) You have a trusted and loyal friend.
True Love (4) m.. None
Tunnel Rat (2) Specify the Tunnels and you know your way around them better than your own home. Sewers, Underground, Old WW2 Tunnels, Mines etc. Tunneller & Street Rat
Uninspiring (2) You are so boring, flat or uninteresting that people just seem to wilt or grow bored when you’re around and would rather leave. Flaw
Untouchable (2) m.. None
Urban Dark ?? ???. None
Well Travelled (2) Natural experience of different Cultures and Languages. None.
Fighting Style Merit Description Requirements
Fighting Style – Aggressive Striking • – ••••• Str (•••) Sta (••) Brawl (••)
Fighting Style – Aikido •• Throwing.. Once you have a’ hold, you have them.. Str (••) Dex (••) Wit (••) Brawl (••)
Fighting Style – Archery • – ••••• Str (•••) Sta (••) Brawl (••)
Fighting Style – Armed Defence (1-5) You can use a weapon to stop people trying to kill you. Dex (3) Weaponry (3) Defensive Combat
Fighting Style – Armoured Combat (1-5) Particularly skilled at combat wearing the very heaviest and bulky of armours. Str (3) Sta (3) Athletics (2) Armored Fighting
Fighting Style – Berserker •• Throwing.. Once you have a’ hold, you have them.. Dex (••) Wit (••) Brawl (••)
Fighting Style – Blind Fighting (1-5) You are particularly skilled in fighting without eyesight. Wit (3) Com (2) Brawl (3) or Weaponry (3) Acute Sense (Hearing)
Fighting Style – Boxing • – ••••• Str (•••) Sta (••) Brawl (••)
Fighting Style – Brute Force •• Throwing.. Once you have a’ hold, you have them.. Dex (••) Wit (••) Brawl (••)
Fighting Style – Chain Weapons (1-5) Str (•••) Dex (•••) Weaponry (•••)
Fighting Style – Close Quarters Combat (1-5) Wit (•••) Athletics (•••) Brawl (•••)
Fighting Style – Combat Falconry (1-5) Go into battle with a trained, combat-ready bird of prey. Pre (2) Wit (2) Com (3) Animal Ken (3) Birds, Trained Bird type
Fighting Style – Combat K9 (1-5) Go into battle with a trained dog at your side. Pre (2) Wit (2) Com (2) Animal Ken (2) Dogs, Combat Trained Dog type
Fighting Style – Combat Marksmanship (1-5) d, you have them.. Str (2) Dex (2) Com (3) Firearms (2)
Fighting Style – Combat Mount (1-5) Your Mount is able & ready to fight with you in combat. Pre (2) Wit (2) Dex (3) Com (3) Animal Ken (2) Mount specified & Training Speciality, Mount Combat Speciality
Fighting Style – Covering fire (1-5) Nothing distracts once she’s driving.. Drive(3)
Fighting Style – Defensive Combat (1-5) Str (2) Dex (3) Wit (3) Com (3) Brawl (3) or Weaponry (3)
Fighting Style – Dirty Fighting (1-5) Hmmmm.. Str (3) Brawl (3)
Fighting Style – Dream Combat (1-5) Nothing distrac. Wyrd (3) Empathy (3)
Fighting Style – Evasive Striking (1-5) Unarmed combat that very much prioritises Defence & evasion during combat. Str (2) Dex (2) Sta (2) Brawl (2)
Fighting Style – Expressive Combat (1-5) Theatrical & Dramatic stage combat. ?
Fighting Style – Fencing (1-5) N.. Dex (3) Weaponry (3) Rapier (1) or Epee (1)
Fighting Style – Filipino Martial Arts (1-5) Dex (3) Weaponry (3)
Fighting Style – Firefight (1-5) Once you have a’ hold, you have them.. Brawl (2)
Fighting Style – Formation Tactics • – ••••• Not. Str (••) Sta (•••) Weaponry (••)
Fighting Style – Frenzied Assault • – ••••• Nothing distracg.. Wyrd (3) Empathy (3)
Fighting Style – Grappling • – ••••• Str (••) Dex (•••) Sta (•••) Brawl (••)
Fighting Style – Gladiatorial • – ••••• N.. Str (•••) Pre (••) Weaponry (•••) ?? (•)
Fighting Style – Gun Fu (1-5) Type of tricks to combat firearms from melee like Jackie Chan, Donnie Yen etc. Dex (3) Wit (3) Acrobatics (3) Athletics (2) Brawl (3) Another Fighting Style (4)
Fighting Style – Hapkido • – ••••• Korean Martial Arts.. Str (••) Dex (••) Sta (••) Wit (•••) Brawl (••)
Fighting Style – Harmonic Dissonance • – ••••• High Monk Mentorship.. Str (••) Dex (••) Sta (••) Res (•••) Brawl (••)
Fighting Style – Heavy Melee Weapons • – ••••• Capable of wielding claymores, chainsaws etc with skill.. Str (3) Sta (3) Athletics (2) Weaponry (2)
Fighting Style – Iaido • – ••••• Armed Defensive Striking.. Str (•••) Dex (•••) Com (•••) Weaponry (•••) Quick Draw
Fighting Style – Improvised Weaponry • – ••••• Wit (•••) Weaponry (•)
Fighting Style – Judo (1-5) Dex
Fighting Style – Kendo •• Big stick. Dex (•••) Weaponry (•••) Stick (•)
Fighting Style – Kick Boxing •• ???. Str (•••) Dex (•••) Brawl (••)
Fighting Style – Knife Fighting (1 to 5) ???. Str (•••) Dex (•••) Brawl (••)
Fighting Style – Krav Maga • – ••••• Str (•••) Dex (•••) Wit (•••) Brawl (•••) Brawling Dodge (m?)
Fighting Style – Kung Fu •• Nothing distracts once she’s driving.. Str (••) Dex (••) Sta (••) Brawl (••)
Fighting Style – Langschwert • – ••••• Skilled in the German style of Large, Two handed Sword like the Claymore or similar. Str (••) Dex (••) Sta (••) Brawl (••)
Fighting Style – Light Weaponry (1-5) Dex
Fighting Style – Marksmanship (1-5) Does not suffer the -3 off-hand Penalty…. ???
Fighting Style – Modern Army Combatives • – ••••• Str (••) Dex (••) Sta (••) Brawl (••)
Fighting Style – Mounted Combat (1-5) Skilled at fighting while on a mount such as a horse.. ???
Fighting Style – Police Tactics • – ••••• Str (••) Dex (••) Sta (••) Brawl (•••) Weaponry (••)
Fighting Style – Qinna • – ••••• Overwhelming attack that forces opponent to come with.. Dex (•••) Brawl (••)
Fighting Style – Savage Predator • – ••••• ???.. Str (••) Dex (••) Sta (••) Brawl (••) Intimidation (••)
Fighting Style – Shurikenjutsu • – ••••• Dart throwing.. Dex (•••) Athletics (•••) Throw (s)
Fighting Style – Sniping • – ••••• Dex (•••) Res (•••) Firearms (•••) Stealth (•••) Automatic Rifle (s)
Fighting Style – Staff Fighting • – ••••• Overwhelming Str (•••) Dex (••) Weaponry (••)
Fighting Style – Stick Fighting • – ••••• “Iron Fist” Str (•••) Sta (•••) Res (••••) Brawl (••)
Fighting Style – Street Fighting (1-5) It’s just like the Street brawls all over again. )
Fighting Style – Swashbuckling (1-5) “Daring Do” Dex (3) Sta (3) Com (4) Weaponry (3)
Fighting Style – Sword and Shield (1-5) “Iron Fist” Str (•••) Sta (•••) Res (••••) Brawl (••)
Fighting Style – Suppression Fire (1-5) Nothing distracts once she’s driving.. Drive(3)
Fighting Style – Tekken • – ••••• “Iron Fist” Str (•••) Sta (•••) Res (••••) Brawl (••)
Fighting Style – Two Weapon Fighting • – ••••• Trained to fight with short weapons (Size 2 or less) in both hands to their advantage in defense and offense. Wit (•••) Dex (•••) Weaponry (••••) Athletics (••)
Fighting Style – Unarmed Defence • – ••••• “Unarmed Defence” Dex (•••) Brawl (••) Defensive Combat-Brawl
Fighting Style – Wall Fighting • – ••••• Able to use walls and other vertical obstacles during combat. Str (••) Dex (••) Sta (••) Athletics (•••) Acrobatics (s)
Fighting Style – Wrestling • – ••••• Able to use walls and other vertical obstacles during combat. Requirements
Fighting Style – Zui Quan • – ••••• “Drunken Boxing” is a general term for all styles of Chinese Martial Arts that imitate a Drunkard. Str (••) Dex (•••) Sta (••) Wit (•••) Athletics (•••) Acrobatics (s) Expression (••) Drunkenness (s)
Supernatural Merit Description Requirements
A Little Knowledge (2) Once you have a’ hold, you have them..
Awakened (8) Dreams plague you as your Soul begins it’s Ascension and you awaken to the Truth of the Lie. As you discover and experience this.
Clear Sighted (2) Spend one Willpower, and you’re effectively immune to supernatural powers that fuck with your senses for the rest of the Scene. It’s niche, but you can laugh off stuff like Hallucinate. None.
Cult Initiation (1-5) None
Deadpan (3) Need to be a Sleepwalker (which Hardened Exorcist technically does), but this merit makes you immune to supernaturally inflicted fear unless it plays off your Vice or a mental condition (in which case you just get a bonus). Helps you avoid being spooked by ghosts. None.
Dead Reckoning (2) Something makes you feel more comfortable with the Dead than the living and Bonus to navigate the Realms of the Dead. None
Dragons Tongue (2/4) .. None
Empathic Bond (2) Working like a Mother’s intuition for anyone, specify close persons to bond with None
Fog of Ages (1-5) None
Fortitude of the Soul (2) You believe.. and having symbol of your faith with you improves your supernatural resistance. True Faith, Symbol,
Generation (1-5) Denotes your Vampiric Generation, from 13th when no DoTs to 8th gen at 5 DoTs & 4th Gen at 9 DoTs. Kindred only.
Ghoul (4) You have yourself a Ghoul in your Retinue.. Kindred usually.
Gifted (2-5) These people are in tune with the Twilight in ways that grant them “Psychic Powers”. Trauma, accident or intense treatment may cause this or born.
Hardened Exorcist (2) Skillful Exorcist with Experience.. Lots?
Haunted (1-5) A Being of some kind has latched onto you and is causing problems that will only escalate unless stopped. ??
Lesser Shaman (6) Part way towards being a Mage but nowhete near the power or danger involved. Must be a Sleeper
Lucid Dreamer (2) Nothing distracts once she’s driving.. None
Magic (5) Y. None
Medium (3) Interact with Ghosts etc and Linda dismiss or summon. Lots
Mythologist (2) Lots of knowledge of Myths & legends.. Probs
Necropolis • – ••••• None
Nostalgia • – ••••• None
Psychic • – ••••• Yes
Sensitive (2) Not quite in tune with the Twilight all around but somehow aware of it and vague feelings occur. Various.
Spirit Magnet • – ••••• None
Spirit Mentor (3) . None
Spirit Sight (4) D None
Strong Aura •• N Drive(3)
Supernatural Lore • – ••••• Actively owe money to some person, people or organization. Each DOT deducts a DOT from yourt.. Negatives mean … Ath & Across
Thin Blooded (1-5) Beings with weaker than average Vitality in their blood. It means a lot less Power and potential. Vampires with such weak, watered down blood are often Outcast or lack Status and Power. Flaw
Unseen Senses •• Select a specific type of Supernatural Creature which you have the ability to sense in some way.. More DOTs better the Sensing. This can be bought multiple times for multiple Creature types. None
Vision •• Seeing things… ?
Weak Aura • – ••••• None
Whispers •• Experiences strange voices in your head.. ?

Supernatural Merits

Merit Name Prerequisites Description
Beast Whispers - You can talk down frenzying vampires.
Clan Bane Immunity - You do not suffer your domitor’s clan bane.
Powerful Vitae Blood Potency 6+ domitor You feed from a Kindred with exceptionally potent blood.
Predatory Aura - You can pretend to be a vampire.
Predatory Instinct - You can spot vampires on sight.
Source Sympathy - You experience blood sympathy towards your domitor.
Vitae Hound - You are a connoisseur of Vitae.
Watch Dog - You can use your domitor’s Auspex during the day.
Kindred Merits

Social Merits

Merit Name Prerequisites Description
Allies - Friends and confederates.
• Lawman’s Friend - The Sheriff and Hounds have taken a liking to you.
• Old Pal - An Embraced friend from your mortal days.
• Paramour - A Kindred lover and confidante.
• Primogen Friendship - The city’s Primogen value your advice.
Alternate Identity - A false identity, complete with documentation.
• Broken Bond - Another Kindred thinks you are blood-bound to him.
• Covenant Infiltrator - You have infiltrated a rival covenant or sect.
• Personal Masquerade - You have passed yourself off as a member of another clan.
Contacts - Mortal information sources the character possesses.
• Cacophony Savvy - How in-touch the character is with the Cacophony.
• Mole - An informer in a rival clan or covenant.
Domain - Feeding grounds acknowledged by Kindred society.
• Elysium Domain • Your domain includes an Elysium.
Herd - Vessels to which the character has free and safe access.
Mentor - An elder vampire who advises and supports the character.
• Sugar Mommy/Daddy - A romantic relationship with an elder Kindred.
Protégé - A childe or other younger Kindred mentored by your character.
• Thrall - A Kindred your character has subjected to the blood bond.
Safe Place - A secure location you control and own.
• Outside Haven Tremere You have permission to make your haven outside the clan chantry.
Status (Kindred) - The character’s standing and respect in undead society.
• Kindred Friendship - The character’s closeness to a clan, covenant, or sect other than her own.
• Setite Initiate Non-Setite You have been inducted into the Followers of Set.
• Staff - A staff of ghoul and mortal servants who follow your orders.
• Status (Camarilla) - The character’s standing and respect in the Camarilla.
• Status (Clan) - The character’s standing and respect among her clan.
• Status (Coterie) - The character’s standing and respect in a coterie.
• Status (Covenant) - The character’s standing and respect in her covenant.
• Status (Society) - The character’s standing and respect in some other Kindred-exclusive fraternity, cult, or secret society.
• Title - An office of formal authority within the Camarilla.
Touchstone - Additional mortals who help maintain Humanity.
Mental Merits

Merit Name Prerequisites Description
Calm Heart - Your character frenzies less easily than most.
Fury’s Focus Brujah Your character has greater control over her frenzies.
Night Doctor Surgery Anarch, Medicine •• Your character has been trained as an Anarch Night Doctor.
Physical Merits

Merit Name Prerequisites Description
Bloat - Your character can store more Vitae than most Kindred.
Cannibal - Your character gains sustenance from human flesh.
Blush of Health Non-Nosferatu Your character easily blends in among mortals.
Eat Food - The ability to eat mortal food.
Foul Blood - Your character’s blood tastes revolting.
Light Sleeper Wits ••• Your character easily awakens during the day.
Lizard Limbs - Your character can detach their limbs.
Misplaced Heart - Your heart is not located where it should be, making you very difficult to stake.
Monstrous Maw - Your character’s fangs do more damage.
Prehensile Wings - You are capable of crude flight.
Rugged Bad Looks Nosferatu You can pass for an extremely ugly human.
Thick-Skinned - Your character is difficult to drain blood from.
True Worm - You can remain awake during the day, so long as you remain underground.
Unmarred Face Nosferatu Your character’s face is less deformed than other Nosferatu.
Supernatural Merits

Merit Name Prerequisites Description
Antitoxin Blood - Immunity to poisons that affect Kindred.
Benevolent Blood - Your blood does not drive ghouls mad. Malkavian only.
Claws of the Unholy Protean • Your character’s Protean claws inflict horrific wounds.
Close Sympathy - You are particularly close to Kindred wih whom you share blood ties.
Closer Than Blood Paramour • You have a mental link to your Paramour.
Consanguineous Resistance Sangiovanni Immunity to blood bonds from mortal relatives.
Deceptive Aura - The ability to pass as mortal to other vampires.
Discipline Prodigy - One of your clan Disciplines costs less Vitae to use.
Embraced without the Cup Tremere Your character is not blood-bound to her elders.
Favored Visage Obfuscate •••• You are especially adept at assuming certain appearances with Obfuscate.
Generation - How many generations the character is removed from Caine.
Ghost Eater - You can feed from ghosts.
Gifts of the Beast - Hidden powers possessed by your character’s Beast.
Hidden Diablerie - Your character is difficult to detect as a diablerist.
Hive Minded Animalism • Animalism that works on insects.
Indomitable Soul - Diablerizing you curses your murderer.
Inoffensive to Animals - Animals do nut shun your presence.
Intoxicating Vitae - Your vitae develops faster blood bonds.
Lesser Mark of the Beast Gangrel Your character can mitigate their Beast Marks.
Living Masquerade Alternate Identity ••• Your character blends in seemlessly among the kine.
Lunatic Insight Malkavian A Malkavian’s inexplicable oracular insights.
Malkavian Time Malkavian A Malkavian’s connection to the clan Madness Network.
Of Rose and Thorn Animalism • You can use Animalism on plants.
Sleep Unseen Obfuscate • Your character can use Obfuscate while sleeping.
Swarm Form Protean ••• Your character can become a swarm of animals with Protean.
Sympathetic Bond - Anyone who blood bonds your character becomes blood bonded too.
Thousand Forms Protean ••• The power to assume an unlimited number of animal forms with Protean.

Architectural Attunement
Wits ••, Academics ••, Occult •, Geomantic Specialty
Perceive mystical resonance in a specific city
CWork 36

Area of Expertise
Resolve ••
Increase a Mental Specialty to +2
FC 131

Atavism (1)
Dexterity ••• or Wits •••, Intelligence below •••
Use higher of Wits or Dexterity for Defense
Slash 127

Allies (• to •••••)Social
Effect: Allies help your character. They might be friends, employees, associates, or people your character has blackmailed. Each instance of this Merit represents one type of ally. This could be in an organization, a society, a clique, or an individual. Examples include the police, a secret society, crime, unions, local politics, and the academic community. Each purchase has its own rating. Your character might have Allies (Masons) ••, Allies (Carter Crime Family) •••, and Allies (Catholic Church) •.
Each dot represents a layer of influence in the group. One dot would constitute small favors and passing influence. Three could offer considerable influence, such as the overlooking of a misdemeanor charge by the police. Five dots stretch the limits of the organization’s influence, as its leaders put their own influence on the line for the character. This could include things such as massive insider training or fouling up a felony investigation. No matter the request, it has to be something that organization could accomplish.
The Storyteller assigns a rating between one and five to any favor asked. A character can ask for favors that add up to her Allies rating without penalty in one chapter. If she extends her influence beyond that, her player must roll Manipulation + Persuasion + Allies, with a penalty equal to the favor’s rating. If the roll is successful, the group does as requested. Failed or successful, the character loses a dot of Allies. This dot may return at the end of the chapter (see Sanctity of Merits, on p. 158.)
On a dramatic failure, the organization resents her and seeks retribution. On an exceptional success, she doesn’t lose the dot. One additional favor a character can ask of her Allies is to block another character’s Allies, Contacts, Mentor, Retainer, or Status (if she knows the character possesses the relevant Merit). The rating is equal to the Merit dots blocked. As before, no roll is necessary unless the target’s Merit exceeds the character’s Allies. If the block succeeds, the character cannot use the Merit during the same chapter.
Reference: ChoD 49

Alternate Identity (•,••, or •••)Social
Effect: Your character has established an alternate identity. The level of this Merit determines the amount of scrutiny it can withstand. At one dot, the identity is superficial and unofficial. For example, your character uses an alias with a simple costume and adopts an accent. She hasn’t established the necessary paperwork to even approach a bureaucratic background check, let alone pass. At two dots, she’s supported her identity with paperwork and identification. It’s not liable to stand up to extensive research, but it’ll turn away private investigators and internet hobbyists. At three dots, the identity can pass thorough inspection. The identity has been deeply entrenched in relevant databases, with subtle flourishes and details to make it seem real even to trained professionals.
The Merit also reflects time the character has spent honing the persona. At one or two dots, she gains a +1 to all Subterfuge rolls to defend the identity. At three dots, she gains +2.
This Merit can be purchased multiple times. Each time representing an additional identity.
Reference: ChoD 50

Ambidextrous (•••)Physical
Effect: Your character does not suffer the -2 penalty for using his off-hand in combat or to perform other actions. Available only at character creation.
Reference: ChoD 47
Animal Empathy (?)Social
Prerequisite: Abc
Effect: Abc
Reference: ?

Anonymity (1-5) Social
Prerequisites: Cannot have Fame.
Effect: Your character lives off the grid. This means purchases must be made with cash or falsified credit cards. She eschews identification. She avoids any official authoritative influence in her affairs. Any attempts to find her by paper trail suffer a -1 penalty per dot purchased in this Merit.
Drawback: Your character cannot purchase the Fame Merit. This also may limit Status purchases, if the character cannot provide sufficient identification for the roles she wishes to take.
Reference: ChoD 50

Area of Expertise (•)Mental
Prerequisite: Resolve •• and one Skill Specialty
Effect: Your character is uncommonly specialized in one area. Choose a Specialty to assign to this Merit. Forgo the +1 bonus afforded by a Specialty in exchange for a +2.
Reference: ChoD 44

Politics •••
Can safely gauge how far Old Laws can be pushed
BotD 91

Cheap Shot (••)Fighting
Prerequisites: Street Fighting •••, Subterfuge ••
Effect: Your character is a master at the bait and switch. She can look off in an odd direction and prompt her opponent to do the same, or she might step on someone’s toes to distract them. Either way, she fights dirty. Make a Dexterity + Subterfuge roll as a reflexive action. The opponent’s player contests with Wits + Composure. If you score more successes, the opponent loses his Defense for the next turn. Each time a character uses this maneuver in a scene, it levies a cumulative -2 penalty to further uses since the opposition gets used to the tricks.
Reference: ChoD 61
Choke Hold (••)Fighting
Prerequisites: Brawl ••
If you can get your hands on someone, it’s over. When grappling, you can use the Choke move.
• Choke: If you rolled more successes than twice the victim’s Stamina, he’s unconscious for (six – Stamina) minutes. You must first have succeeded at a Hold move. If you don’t score enough successes at first, you can Choke your opponent on future turns and total your successes.
Reference: ChoD 61
Close Quarters Combat (• to •••••)Fighting [Style]
Prerequisites: Wits •••, Athletics ••, Brawl •••
You know that hitting someone in the face is an easy way to break the little bones in your hand. To that end, you’ve perfected the art of using the environment to hurt people.
Firing Lines (•): In some situations, your best option is a tactical retreat — especially if you’ve inadvertently brought a knife to a gunfight. You can run for cover as a reaction to a ranged attack instead of dropping prone (see “Going Prone,” pp. 164-165 of the World of Darkness Rulebook). You give up your action for the turn but can get to any cover that’s within twice your Speed.
Hard Surfaces (••): Bouncing someone’s head off a urinal, computer monitor, or a brick wall is a handy way to increase the amount of hurt inflicted while not breaking the aforementioned hand bones. When you’re grappling someone, you can bounce them off a hard surface with a Damage move. You deal lethal damage and immediately end the grapple.
Armored Coffin (•••): The problem with protection is simple: the very things that protect you can be turned against you. That holds true for body armor just as much as anything else. Sure, it blocks bullets and knives, but get in a clinch and you might as well be wearing a straightjacket. When you grapple an opponent, add their general armor rating to your dice pool. When you use a Damage move, ignore your opponent’s armor. This technique can’t be used in conjunction with Hard Surfaces.
Prep Work (••••): If you’ve got a second to look around, you could catch someone by surprise almost anywhere. When launching a surprise attack, your Dexterity + Stealth roll becomes a rote action.
Drawback: You can’t use this Merit to set up sniper attacks — your ambush must use Brawl or Weaponry.
Turnabout (•••••): If you’re caught short in a fight, your opponent’s weapon suits you just fine. When you attempt to Disarm your opponent, step the results up one level — on a failure, your opponent drops the weapon. On a success, you take possession of your opponent’s weapon. On an exceptional success, you’ve got the weapon and your opponent takes two points of bashing damage.
Reference: ChoD 61

Closed Book (• to •••••)Social
Prerequisite: Manipulation •••, Resolve •••
Effect: Your character is particularly tough to crack. When a character uses Social Maneuvering (see p. 81) against her, add her dots in this Merit as additional Doors. In other Social actions to uncover her true feelings, motives, and position, add her Merit dots to any contested rolls for her.
At the Storyteller’s discretion, this can apply to supernatural effects used against her. For example, it might allow her to resist a power that forces her to speak the truth, since she can manipulate the wording. However, it wouldn’t affect someone looking at her aura, since she cannot manipulate her spiritual resonance.
Reference: ChoD 50

Codified (•••••)Mental
Prerequisite: Abc
Effect: Abc
Reference: ?

Common Sense (3) Mental
Effect: Your character has an exceptionally sound and rational mind. With a moment’s thought, she can weigh potential courses of action and outcomes. Once per chapter as an instant action, you may ask the Storyteller one of the following questions about a task at hand or course of action. Roll Wits + Composure. If you succeed, the Storyteller must answer to the best of her ability. If you fail, you get no answer. With an exceptional success, you can ask an additional question.
• What is the worst choice?
• What do I stand to lose here?
• What’s the safest choice?
• Am I chasing a worthless lead?
Reference: ChoD 44

Combat Awareness (2)
Military background
+2 to any situational awareness roll
DoW 109

Crafter’s Sense (3)
Crafts (3)
Common Sense related to a chosen Crafts Specialty
FC 131

Danger Sense
+2 to detect ambush
WoD 108

Dead Reckoning

Gains 8-again when navigating in the Underworld; loses 10-again navigating above ground.
BotD 91
Eidetic Memory
Remember with ease, gain +2 to Intelligence + Composure to remember facts from large swaths of data
WoD 108
Emotional Detachment

Resolve ••
Ignores stress penalties equal to Resolve
Asy 50
Encyclopedic Knowledge
Know obscure facts choose a topic and can make Intelligence + Wits rolls to gain facts related to it at any time
WoD 109
Wits ••• or Dex •••, Crafts •••, Crafts Specialty of Demolitions
Reduce penalty for disarming unfamiliar explosives
Arm 208
Entheogenic Synesthesia

+1 to Perception when using psychoactive drugs
MT 137
Good Time Management
Academics, Medicine or Science ••
Cut time for non-magical extended rolls by 1/4
Asy 50, Rel 84
Higher Calling
Resolve •••
+1 on Resolve rolls to resist coercion
TotW 125
Holistic Awareness
Help others heal faster
WoD 109

Hypnotic Voice (4) : Persuasion (3), Science (3), Hypnotherapy (s)
Induce trance state
SS 66

Hypnosis (3): Medicine (1), Occult (1)
Hypnotize subjects
VII 149

•• or ••••
Wits ••, Mental Skill ••
Use specified Skill in place of Expression
FC 131

Interdisciplinary Specialty

Two Skills •••
Share Specialty between two Skills
FC 132


Speak another language
WoD 109, errata

Lucid Dreamer

Fight off intrusions into dreams
SS 67

Lucid Dreaming
Resolve •••
Control dream environment and engage intruders in dream combat
CTL 195

Make Do
• to •••
Wits •••, Skill •
Remove -1/dot penalty for shoddy tools
FC 132

Meditative Mind

No penalties to meditate
WoD 109

• to •••••
2 languages per dot, conversationally
Rel 85

Murder Expert
Intelligence ••, Stealth •••
Strike a Killing Blow (WoD 168) against a single unsuspecting target
Slash 127

Occult ••, Underworld Specialty
Gains some insight into some of the Underworld’s enigmas
BotD 91

Psychic Resistance
• to •••
Inhibit mental alteration by psychics
SS 67

Rational Explanation
Resolve ••, Science or Academics ••••
Resist mental breakdown with Science or Academics
FC 133

Scientist’s Sense
Science •••, Specialty
Common Sense related to Science
FC 133

Supernatural Lore
• to •••••
Know the ways of a particular type of supernatural being. May be purchased separately for multiple types.
GotU 15

• or ••
Encyclopedic Knowledge in one topic
Arm 208

Telltale Murder
•• or •••
Intelligence ••••, Medicine ••
After killing something, roll Intelligence + Medicine. •• version allows to ‘taunt’ those who would make Wits + Investigation rolls. ••• version allows to change the ‘meaning’ of a murder.
Slash 127

Tolerance for Biology

Resistance Attribute ••
+2 to keep composed when shown scenes of violence or carnage
Asy 51

Trained Memory

Composure ••, Investigation •
Memorize information perfectly; roll to memorize for entire scene (i.e. everything a character could sense in a given moment) instead of specific information or sensory input
GotV 46

Trained Observer
• or •••
Wits ••• or Composure •••
Ignore penalties or gain Rote quality on Perception rolls
DoW 38

Tunnel Rat
• to •••
Navigate the Chicago Undercity tunnels, ignoring penalties equal to dots in this Merit
Chi 54

• to •••••
Mental Attribute or Composure ••••
Use successes on Vision+Skill roll to aid an Extended Action
FC 133

Well-Traveled (1):
9-Again on Mental and Social rolls relating to foreign cultures
Rel 85


Can purchase Dream and use it as Instant Action, at the cost of sanity
Myst 179

Remove off-hand penalty to attack
WoD 110

Armored Fighting
•• or ••••
Strength •••, Stamina •••
Reduce heavy armor penalties by 1 (••) or 2 (••••)
Reload 84

Athletics Dodge

Dexterity ••, Athletics •
Add Athletics rather than doubling Defense on Dodge
DoW 38

Brawling Dodge

Strength ••, Brawl •
Add Brawl rather than doubling Defense on Dodge
WoD 110

• to ••
Strength ••• or Intelligence •••
Can ignore 1 (•) or 2 (••) points of Durability when attempting to damage objects
BotW 62

Dexterity •••, Weaponry •
Can disarm if damage exceeds Dexterity
WoD 110

Direction Sense

Unfailing orientation
WoD 110

Entering Strike
Dexterity ••, Brawl •••
Successful, defenseless Brawl strike adds damage as bonus to subsequent grappling attack
Reload 72

Equipped Grappling
Dexterity •••, Brawl ••, Weaponry ••
Add size of blunt weapon (3 or less) to overpowering maneuver dice pool
Reload 89

Fast Reflexes
• or ••
Dexterity •••
+1/dot to Initiative
WoD 110

Fighting Finesse
Dexterity •••, Weaponry ••
Substitute Dexterity for Strength
WoD 110

Firearms Retention

Dexterity ••, Wits ••, Brawl ••, Firearms ••
Subtract Brawl dots from attempts to disarm by overpowering
Reload 89

Fleet of Foot
• to •••
Strength ••
+1/dot to Speed
WoD 112

Fresh Start

Fast Reflexes ••
Delay action into next round
WoD 112

+1 Size
WoD 112

Ground and Pound
Combination Blows, Boxing ••• or Aggressive Striking •••, Grappling ••
Perform Takedown/Throw, gain +2 to following unarmed strike
Reload 98

Dexterity •••, Firearms •••
Two gun attacks per round
WoD 112

Heavy Hands
Strength •••, Brawl ••
+1 damage to unarmed strikes
Reload 98

Iron Stamina
• to •••
Stamina ••• or Resolve •••
Negate fatigue/injury penalties
WoD 112

Iron Stomach
Stamina ••
Eat even unpalatable cuisine
WoD 113

Natural Immunity

Stamina ••
+2 on Stamina rolls to resist illness
WoD 113

Survival •••
Negate environmental penalties to Survival
MR 59

Perfect Stillness

Stealth •
-2 to all rolls to visually detect character
RoS 94

Quick Draw

Dexterity •••
Draw weapon reflexively
WoD 113

Quick Healer
Stamina ••••
Heal twice as fast
WoD 113


Only -1 to attack when using a shield instead of -2
WAtP 89

Steady Driver

Drive ••
Substitute Resolve for Dexterity on Drive rolls
MR 59

Strong Back

Strength ••
+1 to lift or carry
WoD 113

Strong Lungs
Athletics •••
+2 on Stamina rolls to hold breath
WoD 113

Student of the Blade

Fencing • or Iaido •
May use Fighting Style with all Size 2 blades.
Reload 66

Stunt Driver
Dexterity •••
Drive and carry out another action
WoD 113

The Weapon at Hand
Krav Maga ••
Reflexive Wits + Weaponry roll for improvised weapon, instant action to wield, no penalty for being improvised
Reload 79

Toxin Resistance
Stamina •••
+2 on Stamina rolls to resist toxins
WoD 113

Weaponry Dodge

Strength ••, Weaponry •
Add Weaponry rather than doubling Defense on Dodge
WoD 114

Weapons to Empty Hands
Dexterity •••, Brawl •••, Weaponry •••, Two Weapons or Filipino Martial Arts or Knife Fighting ••••
Use Brawl instead of Weaponry for maneuver-related attacks.
Reload 66

Dexterity ••, Drive ••
Gain 9-Again on Drive rolls
MR 59

• to •••••
Call upon favors from an individual, group or organization with influence and resources proportional to dots in this Merit
WoD 114

Animal Companion
• to ••••
Loyal animal partner with intelligence and capability proportional to dots in this Merit
CB 95

•• to ••••
Resolve ••, Larceny or Subterfuge ••
-1/dot to attempts to investigate character
BotW 46

• to •••••
Resources •••
Own an array of weapons and armor. May be shared among multiple characters
Ban 51

Barfly (1):
Find ways into bars and clubs
WoD 114

Bureaucratic Navigator
+2 to navigate a bureaucratic system
Asy 51

• to •••••
Access to information through a particular individual, group or organization. Depth of shared information is proportional to dots in this Merit
WoD 115

• to •••••
Formal awards for meritorious conduct from the military or a comparable organization
DoW 39

Deep Rapport
• to •••••
Strong beneficial or harmful relationship with another character
BbBB 9

• to •••
Mortal acclaim, +1/dot to Socialize
WoD 115

• or •••
Streetwise •••
Always find a way to buy and sell stolen goods
Ban 51

• to •••••
The aid of a friend, ally or peer. Distribute dots in this Merit between the Friend’s Power (comparable to yours at •••) and level of Trust with you
RCG 68

Ingratiating Wanderer
Manipulation •••
Gain bonus to locate authority figures in local power structures
MR 58

Presence ••••
Help others regain Willpower
WoD 115

•• or ••••
Live a wealthy, comfortable lifestyle at the sufferance of a patron
SotT 52

• to •••••
Guidance and interference of an authority in a field, with capability and influence proportional to dots in this Merit
WoD 115

New Identity
•, •• or ••••
Establish a forged identity
CTL 98

• to •••••
Disposable monthly income ranging from $500 USD at • to $50,000 USD at •••••, with total assets ranging from several hundred GBP at • to millions of GBP at •••••.
WoD 115

• to •••••
Loyal agent, employee or cohort with influence and capability proportional to dots in this Merit
WoD 116

Shadow Cult Initiation
• to •••••
Membership in a cult, with unique benefits to each level of initiation
Mekh 121

Small Unit Tactics
Manipulation •••, Persuasion •••, Leadership Specialty
When conducting a tactical maneuver with squad, leader can spend Willpower to benefit entire group
DoW 39
• to •••••

Resources ≥ Staff
Employees or workers at a set venue, with manpower and expertise proportional to dots in this Merit
Ghou 74

• to •••••
Authority and sway with a group or organization, to a depth proportional to dots in this Merit
WoD 116

Striking Looks
•• or ••••
Appearance adds 1/2 to relevant Social rolls
WoD 117

Sworn Officer
• to ••••
Empowerment as a law enforcement official, with scope of jurisdiction proportional to dots in this Merit
13th 81

Trip Sitter
Composure •••
Help others resist side effects of drugs
MT 137

Stealth ••
+2 to escape notice while casing a target under cover of some mundane activity. +1 to Resolve to resist The Forgetful Mind (Dominate •••)
Ghou 74

Cursed Item
• to •••••
Possess a cursed item, which may be invoked for a benefit and a paired drawback
BoS 108

Difficult to Ride
Resolve •••, Composure •••
+2 to resist the control or influence of ghosts and spirits
BoS 108

Driver’s Charm
• to •••••
Grant a chosen vehicle bonuses for a scene per day
MR 56

Easy Ride
Wits •••
You can welcome a possessing spirit in, remaining alert while ridden
BoS 108

Hollow Soul
Easy Ride
You can welcome even spirits without the Possession Numen
BoS 109

Pleasing Aura
+1 to Persuasion and Socialize rolls against spirits, often surrounded by spirit activity
BoS 109

• to •••••
Possess a mystic relic
Rel 85
Relic Analyst

+1 to determine how to use a relic, or whether it is cursed
Rel 86

Relic Creator
Occult ••, Crafts ••
Create limited-use relics with an extended Resolve + Occult ritual, following the crafting itself
Rel 85
+1 to Intimidation, abjury and exorcism against spirits, but -1 to Expression, Persuasion and Socialize against them
BoS 110

Shadow Contacts
••• to •••••
You know how and where to ask questions of a mysterious entity, but it extracts a price for answers
BoS 110

Shadowless Chambers
• to •••••
Take refuge in a place where spirits have difficulty following
BoS 110

Spirit Ear
•• to ••••
Wits or Composure •••
+1 to Empathy and Subterfuge rolls to understand spirits speaking human tongues, ignoring penalties, or with four dots, roll Wits + Empathy – 3 to understand the tongue of spirits
BoS 111


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