“You’re mind is working at its best when you’re being paranoid. You explore every avenue and possibility of your situation at high speed with total clarity.” – Banksy

This is a rating that describes a Characters’ Sanity or mental integrity & well-being. Along with BODY and SOUL these are the Health Indicators that tell us how fit and healthy a Character starts off in their Mental, Physical and Social or Spiritual Traits. It also allows us to see how it rises or lowers as the Character experiences life and the ups and downs of the story. The best way to simply explain the difference is to see MIND as the “Head” of Thinking and the SOUL as the “Heart” of Feeling.

MIND value when starting out is calculated by adding: (Intellect + Resolve + Composure – Wits) = Base Value.
This is done at Character Generation and after that it becomes it’s own separate Trait and does not derive any of its total from other traits now.

The maximum MIND can be raised to, through extensive therapy, training and other intensive methods is :-
MIND Base Value + Wits.

For example: (3+3+2-2) = Base Value of 6
Through general gameplay.. Characters’ MIND reduced to 4
They start seeing a Therapist weekly and consider more drastic options.
Maximum possible increase of MIND = 8
Characters’ MIND raised to 5 with XP (and Therapy)
Through more gameplay and more XP the Character now raises Wits to 3 and this extra insight and reflection allows chance at a growing Mind.
Maximum possible increase of MIND = 9
More adventurous gameplay and XP
Raises Composure to 3 now
MIND Base Value = 6 still but the Sanity Check will likely have an improved chance now with the higher Composure.
More Therapy and some radical experimental drug treatment (and XP) and the Current MIND raised to 6 and then 7

It may lower if the Character sees or experiences things for the first time, outside the “normal” or what is expected within our World.

Note: To easily remember the difference between what effects the MIND or SOUL

  • What we experience affects our MIND
  • What we do affects our SOUL

Therefore, seeing a dead body for the first time – you may lose your MIND .. but go out and actually murder someone – you may lose your SOUL.

Sanity Table
Every potentially mind-twisting horror, every hidden truth that man was not meant to know, has a “Sanity Rating” that tells us the potential of that hideous thing to unhinge the human mind. Suggested “Sanity Rating” include :-

Insanity Table

Level (Dice) Description and Examples Requirements
(5 die)
Surprised to find an animal corpse or animal body part unexpectedly; Witness someone enacting an Occult Ritual or Spell; Animal Corpse
(5 Die)
Surprised to find a human corpse or a human body part unexpectedly; Read a phony Occult Tome; Human Corpse
(4 Die)
Experience strange, improbable environmental Horrors such as a river of flowing blood, trees of dismembered limbs, Improbable Horrors
(4 Die)
Experience fully impossible environmental Horrors such as talking heads growling as vegetables; Read a Minor Occult Tome Impossible Horrors
(3 Die)
Will, Read a Major Occult Tome Da
(3 Die)
Take part in enacting an Occult Ritual Me
(2 Die)
ne, Im
(2 Die)
ople Per
(2 Die)
ide, At
(2 Die)
.. Ma
00 nce.. * l*
-SOUL PC. Retired PC

Regaining Sanity (MIND)

Lost1 Shocking Situation
Loss on a successful check/loss on a failed check.
0/1d2 Surprised to find mangled animal carcass
0/1d3 Surprised to find human corpse
0/1d3 Surprised to find human body part
0/1d4 Finding a stream flowing with blood
1/1d4+1 Finding a mangled human corpse
0/1d6 Awakening trapped in a coffin
0/1d6 Witnessing a friend’s violent death
1/1d6 Seeing a ghoul
1/1d6+1 Meeting someone you know to be dead
0/1d10 Undergoing severe torture
1/d10 Seeing a corpse rise from its grave
2/2d10+1 Seeing a gigantic severed head fall from the sky
1d10/d% Seeing an evil deity

• 10 Encounter with Outer God (Roll 2 Dice)
• 9 Encounter with Great Old One (Roll 2 Dice)
• 8 Reading from the real Necronomicon (Roll 2 Dice)
• 7 Encounter with a Greater Servitor/Independent Race (Roll 3 Dice)
• 6 Enacting a sorcerous Mythos ritual (Roll 3 Dice)
• 5 Reading from a copy of the real Necronomicon (Roll 3 Dice)
• 4 Encounter with a Lesser Servitor/Independent Race (Roll 4 Dice)
• 3 Reading from another greater Mythos tome (Roll 4 Dice)
• 2 Reading from a lesser Mythos tome (Roll 5 Dice)
• 1 Reading from a phony Mythos tome (Roll 6 Dice)
Whenever a character comes face to face with a horrible truth (or unholy creature), the player of that character makes a Sanity roll, as outlined below.

The Sanity Roll:
When a player finds themself faced with horrible truth that man was not meant to know, a creature born beyond the realm of reason, or other such Sanity draining thing, the player of that character rolls a number of dice as indicated by
the Madness Rating of the force or situation being encountered. If this roll succeeds, the character’s ability to distinguish between the different levels of reality
remains unaffected, and their Sanity rating does not change. If the sanity roll fails, on the other hand, the character’s ability to parse the different levels of reality suffers and they lose a point of their Sanity rating.

Derangements (Option):
As a character’s ability to differentiate between levels of reality becomes impaired, their outward manner of expression usually changes accordingly. This outward behavior is represented by Disorders & Derangements. When a Sanity point is lost due to the discovery of a horrible truth or confrontation with
forces that mankind was not meant to know, roll your character’s new Sanity rating as a dice pool. If this roll succeeds, your character manages to come to terms with
their new understanding of the world. If this roll fails, however, a derangement manifests in your character.

Derangements in games work exactly as described on pages 96-100 of the World of Darkness core rule book. Do note, however, that in these games, derangements are only an external manifestation of internal discord, not a symptom of moral decay or mental deficiency (it is, after all, quite possible for a lunatic to be both moral and intelligent).

Final Note On Sanity:
Do note that sanity is not the same thing as willpower – it is entirely possible for a raving lunatic to possess a force of iron will and, conversely, it is possible for a perfectly sane person to be a spineless coward.


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