“The worst Monsters are those that are still almost Human…”

So, basically there are two things. One is that the back in ancient times, life wasn’t so shitty for Wraiths. They could commune with the living and things such as the Shadow and Harrowings were much more benign forces, meant to teach and challenge rather than corrupt and destroy. And then… something, happened. The boundary between the living and the dead became much thicker, and the power of Oblivion began to seep into the Shadow, making it a malevolent force rather than a simply antagonistic one.

Now, of course, if you’re familiar with the meta-plot retcons Demon made, you know that this event almost certainly was the Fall. Because the Fall is basically responsible for every awful thing that happened in the setting ever, but I’ve never come across a specific connection.
And idea did just occur to me though.

So, the Fall comes to an end with God creating the Abyss, hurling the rebel hosts into it, and then dropping the Abyss deep into the Underworld this has two horrifying complications. One, the seal on the Abyss, or the trauma of it’s creation, calcifies the Shroud/Gauntlet, making it very hard for Wraiths to contact the living. The other is much more subtle and profound though.

We know the Abyss is not a nice place to be. A Demon’s life is defined by Torment, by the horror and pain and rage they are left with after millennia of unending suffering. It’s only the epiphany of experiencing, even for a moment, a mortal life free of such pain that allows the average Demon PC to exist as they are rather than something out of a Lovecraft story. Which got me thinking.

The Abyss is suffering incarnate, and the Neverborn have some kind of axiomatic drive to cause an end to existence. What if the Neverborn and the corruption of Oblivion are a reaction to the suffering of The Fallen in the Abyss? What if the death wish of the Fallen was so powerful and so completely beyond their power that the entire universe was warped by it, and is now trying to destroy itself in a desperate attempt to restore some kind of balance – even if it doesn’t entirely understand that that’s what it wants. This actually ties directly into the Werewolf cosmology as well. Something happened and now the Weaver won’t allow the Wyrm to destroy what needs to be destroyed, and so the Wyrm has gone completely insane and is trying to bring the whole universe down on it’s own head. We also know that the Wyrm and Oblivion are aspects of the same force. Hell, this shit goes all the way back to Vampire where we see a microcosm of this conflict playing out in each Vampire – entities who cling to their miserable existences despite being damned to suffer forever.
Anyway, food for thought.


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