“The worst Monsters are those that are still almost Human…”

  • This is the very Lifeforce Energy that exists in every human being, in lesser or greater amounts. Called Azoth by some, it is a mixture of the many energies and forces that go to make up a true Living entity like humans. Combined in this Quickening Lifeforce Energy is the Divine Fire of the True Soul, the Soulfire of the Aura and Mirror Soul, Quintessence from the very underlying fabric of Reality, various Essences that make up our Psychic Self, Sentience, Mental Self and Spirit and finally, possibly Numen if the human is Gifted. Also of this is mixed and woven somehow into our very Being and makes us who we are. Parts of it flow through our body and is in our blood, the Vitae that is so crucial to many other Beings like Vampires etc.

This Quickening Energy is usually only visible if you have an “Uncanny Sense” such as ????. It’s only releasable from a living body violently and suddenly made dead I.e. Through Trauma.
If there is Noone able to collect or soak up this unique energy it tends to break down, quickly, into it’s constituent parts and disperses into the World’s Phenomenal and Supernal as the Part belongs. Thus, the Quintessence disperses back into the pool of material making up reality, ready to be woven and moulded into shape and form by the Weaver, the Sentient Self perhaps disperses into the Twilight and so forth.

The Highlander Immortals seem to play some part in all this and their overarching goal to “..be only One” suggests something relating to God or The Principle

  • This is the feeling of “High energy” or Expansion or Ascension like a Peak Experience as the energy of the Quick or “Active Dust” enters your physical and spiritual body and activates your DNA to raise you higher.
  • The Quickening – DNA Activation
    Are you feeling over loaded with so many tasks to complete at this time? Of course anyone could answer yes to that question just about any time. In the past few weeks you may be aware of a feeling that over load feeling seems to be heightened and a feeling of there simply not being enough time available becoming stronger. If you are currently feeling this, know you are not alone. You are experiencing the effects of the “Quickening”.

The Quickening has been slightly mentioned in times gone by. Some may have become aware of this feeling briefly between 2000 – 2003 and noticed the feeling subsided and was quickly forgotten. The Quickening is back again but this time the process will continue to occur in cycles.

As the planet continues its healing process which is now possible as a result of the higher energy of Source once again being available, there will continue to be cycles of higher energy consummation, initiation and activation. This process is also occurring within the life forms on the planet even though many people are not yet able to become aware of feeling the Quickening. For many who are aware and feel this heightened process, they may wonder what this is about and why is it happening now.

The process is natural when a system is working correctly and continues to expand to hold open more energy of Source. The feeling of the process could be compared to the feeling the physical body has when doing something like cardio exercise. As you work the physical body to move faster, the heart, lungs and other body organs operate faster. The heart rate increases, the breathing rate quickens, the muscles and neurological system speed up as they expand to allow the flow of more energy.

When you have finished such a physical body workout, you most likely are aware of the muscles pumping faster while the body begins the process of slowing down to its base line function rate. This process is also a quickening feeling within the physical body but on a smaller scale. You may experience that after such a physical body workout, your body needs time to rest, relax, wind down as it returns to its base line point. You may even feel the need for a nap.

Quickening of higher energy through the energetic system effects the physical body in a similar fashion except you may not feel the body organs pumping above their base line operation point. When the feeling is a result of energy quickening, many other factors slightly change. Time seems to move faster which creates the feeling of there being less time to accomplish things.

Thoughts translate faster through the neurological pathways to the brain for translation and you many find yourself tripping over your words quite often. You may notice a feeling of the chakra points seeming to pump or beat similar to the way the muscles pump faster after a cardio workout. Your work load or To Do List may seem as if it doubles or even triples right before your eyes. This is a result of the faster moving thoughts people experience during a Quickening period which allows more awareness of things desired to accomplish to reach a new goal that they most likely had not yet recognized.

As higher energy of Source is accreted or drawn into (Consummation Point) a life form there is a period of time required to allow a specific dormant packet/s of stored data within the energetic anatomy to reach a critical mass point or be fully turned on. When the critical mass point occurs, there is then a period of time required for the internal sparking process to unfold, this is the Initiation process. When the Initiation process reaches full quantum sparking of energy, the Activation Point is reached and the coding held in that previously dormant packet/s of data begins the process of shining forth into the hologram to then allow awareness of what is held there to occur.

During this current Quickening process, the Earth is at the Initiation point of the current moment process of turning on more higher energy of Source and will soon begin the Activation of that stored energy data packet. When the Activation point occurs, you will most likely notice a feeling of returning to inner balance as the “new” base line is settled into. Cycles of Quickening will now continue as the planet continues to heal itself. The life forms on the planet will continue the same process at their own rate of speed and the physical body will continue to feel the effects of the Quickening to the level it is able. Each Quickening cycle slightly increases the quantum of Source energy that activates within the energetic anatomy and within the DNA and is most commonly called DNA activation. This same process has been discussed within information presented in previous years but it was not presented to allow more understanding that the effects of reaching a point of full DNA strand activation occurs in cycles of Quickening as sub-harmonics are activated within the energetic anatomy.

For further understanding, you could think of the planet and your physical body as a space ship that is soaring through outer space at a rapid rate of speed and you could apply the Quickening process to that analogy as the process of opening more fuel lines, pumping more fuel through the line and opening the throttle to a higher position to allow you to soar through space even faster. You are not literally moving from point A to point B faster as you are not literally moving anywhere but you can experience the illusion of movement through space and time faster as a result of more of Source energy flowing through you. Such an illusion could allow it to look like the stars outside of your space ship fly by your window much faster.

When the activation point is reached, the new speed or throttle level remains and your physical body quickly adjusts to the new speed which allows inner balance to return and a feeling like time has slowed back down. You may become aware that thoughts, ideas, questions and more understanding becomes available within you as the previously dormant data packet begins the process of translating through your physical body. This is the very same process that gradually allows more people to begin to wake up, ask questions, wonder and think outside of the program they have previously only been able to experience. The dynamics of the Quickening allow more people to be “sparked” and the opportunity to choose to begin the process of healing.

Planet Earth will continue the process of healing herself regardless if the people on the planet accept such truth and all life forms on the planet will continue to experience the effects of Earth healing herself regardless if they are able to wake up during their life time or regardless if they desire to heal.

Death of the physical body of course is not a new experience to the life forms of Earth and as the planet continues to heal and hold open more of the higher energy of Source, there will continue to be waves or Quickening cycles when it seems as though a large number of people choose to remove their consciousness from the physical body form as a result of the higher energy becoming stronger than their physical body can support their rapidly expanding consciousness. The process of the need to remove the consciousness from the physical body form will not change until the Emotional Body can reach a critical mass point of healing to allow enough higher Source energy to flow through the Physical / Emotional Body and allow transmutation of the particles that the physical body is composed of.

The condition of the energetic structure determines if a life form can continue to expand and hold open more of the higher energy of Source and the process of expanding to do so can continue even if a life form removes their consciousness from the physical body form if the energetic structure will allow. Choices have everything to do with the condition of the personal energetic structure and choosing to heal and return to balance with Source automatically begins the process to the degree possible for the life form.

The True Fae did a deal with Gaia to make Iron so painful a Bane for them so that could get what they needed from the deal.


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