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Quintessence literally translates as “Fifth Essence” and in common usage it means “the very essence of something or someone..” It is a Lifeforce or Energy that may be known as Chi, Gnosis or Sekhem depending where in the world you are or who you’re too.

In physics, Quintessence is a form of “Dark Energy” which is currently being theorised upon and heavily investigated. It has occasionally been postulated that there is a fundamental 5th Force in modern Physics, similar in strength to Gravity, weaker than the Nuclear or Electromagnetic Forces. It’s thus, often been linked to the ancient “Classic Elements” where the 5th Element was Aether …

Those with deeper knowledge of the Occult and Magic know that Quintessence is the raw material of Reality that flows through the Patterns of Reality and is what makes Magic possible. They classify two types of observable Quintessence, identical except for their configuration. They are known as Raw Quintessence and Free Quintessence and most believe Free Quintessence to be much more readily accessible. A brief description of each would be ..

  • Raw Quintessence: This is the “stuff” that is locked into the Patterns drawn by the Weaver and makes up Reality itself.
  • Free Quintessence: The “other stuff”, not locked into being part of a pattern but instead flows about the universe(s), sometimes accumulating in places or pockets called Nodes.

Some few argue that this Quintessence is otherwise known as Chaos and it is through the process of being locked into a pattern that it becomes stable and lawful.

Currently, experiments show how Quintessence changes the perceptions of Sleepers so that they fail to witness Supernal Magic. It is concealed, somehow, behind the individual Sleeper’s own belief framework, explaining away the Supernal phenomena in a way they can accept. This may be Religion, Aliens or Magic, all depending on the Sleepers on experiences and beliefs.


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