Roll Checks

“When somebody challenges you, fight back. Be brutal, be tough.” – Donald Trump

Roll Checks used with Advantages? Endurance Vs body, Knowledge Vs mind? & Spot against soul?

There are a number of Checks that come up from time to time where a PC wants to do something, usually using their own traits…

Knowledge: Check
Sanity Check:
Endurance Check:
Perception: Spot Check

Make an Endurance Check and lookup on the Shock Table if any single source of damage exceeds Stamina.

If any single source of damage exceeds Size+Sta then …?

Shock Checks: If ever a single hits Damage exceeds the Defenders’ Stamina then roll Shock Check and if it fails apply one of the possible outcomes including Numb, unable to use part of body, unconscious, fear & run, cower, internal bleeding does 1 bashing every round, organ damage 1 lethal, etc etc.
Internal Bleeding: If the Lethal Damage done at any one time exceeds the Defenders’ Stamina then chance of Internal Bleeds, causing 1 extra Bashing every Turn until stabalise.

Roll Checks

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