“The bigger they are.. the harder they fall.”

Size, while being one of a Characters’ Advantages, effects a character’s other Advantages in a number of ways. e.g. Encumbrance Allowance and what may be considered Lightly or Heavily Encumbered.

Size Examples
Fist, Ammo Clip, Smartphone, Knife, Grenade, Compact Camera, Paperback Book, Tennis Ball, Egg,
•• Baby, Pistol, Small Tablet, Cat, Machete, SLR Camera, Handbag, Pair of shoes, Sleeping Bag,
••• Toddler, Rifle, Crossbow, Laptop, Small Dog, Window, Manhole Cover,
•••• Child, Dwarf, Wolf, Spear, Chair, Cabinet, Bedside Table, Chain link Fence, PC Printer, Fire Extinguisher, Polygraph, Missile Launcher,
••••• Human, Great Dane, Door, Dirt Bike, Deadfall Trap, Spike Trap, Large Crate, NBC Suit.
•••••• Giant Human, Gorilla, Coffin, Steel Fence, Wardrobe, Bike, Kayak, Jet Ski,
••••••• Grizzly Bear, Horse, Motorbike, Operating Table, Canoe,
•••••••• Bank Vault Door, Clydesdale Horse, –
•••••••••• Hippo, –
••••••••••• Sports Car,
•••••••••••• British Family Car,
••••••••••••• Jeep,
•••••••••••••• Full-size American Car,
••••••••••••••• Pick-up Truck, Minivan,
•••••••••••••••• African Elephant,
••••••••••••••••• Delivery Van, Helicopter, –

Size Chart …


Anything smaller than a small fist can be considered Size 0. Examples include Earrings, Sunglasses. Cigarettes, Small Compact / Powder case, Needle, etc. If needed we can use a decimal system for Sizes smaller than 1 such as .0, .00, .000. where perhaps .0 is the size of a Bullet or drawing pin, .00 is size of a Flea and .000 is for a Virus or Blood Cell.

•      Small fist, Ammo Clip, Smartphone, Knife, Grenade, Molotov Cocktail, Egg, Tennis Ball,
••    Baby, Cat, Machete, Large Knife, Tablet, Pair of Shoes,
•••  Toddler, Small Dog, Manhole, Small Window, Rifle, Crossbow, Laptop,
•••  Child, Dwarf, Large Dog, Wolf, Spear, Cabinet, Chair, Chain link Fence, PC, Printer, Polygraph Machine, Flamethrower, Missile Launcher,
••••• Average Human, Door, Dirt Bike, Deadfall Trap, Large Crate, NBC Suit,
•••••• Giant Human, Gorrila, Steel Fence, Coffin, Bike, Kayak, Jet Ski,
••••••• Grizzly Bear, Horse, Motorbike, Canoe, Operating Table,
•••••••• Bank Vault Door, Clydesdale Horse, Steel Lamp Post, Subcompact car, Inflatable Raft, Day Sailer,
••••••••• Hippo, Compact Car, Forklift, Fishing Boat,
•••••••••• Sports Car, White Rhino,

12 Police Interceptor, Mid size Sedan
13 Jeep, 15’ Mech (5+1 for every foot)
14 Full size American car, police cruiser, light pickup truck, power boat
15 SUV, pickup truck, minivan, stunt Plane, glider,
16 African elephant, full size van,
17 military tactical truck, delivery van, armoured truck, helicopter,
18 18 wheeler w/O trailer, rec vehicle, racing boat, single engine light aircraft,
19 Limousine, steamroller, jump jet,
20 Now magic etc -2 penalty to 29 dump truck, SUV Limousine, bulldozer, battle tank, yacht, service helicopter, Fighter jet
21 bus, semi trailer, twin engine light aircraft, attack helicopter,
22 ground attack Fighter jet, gunship,
23 houseboat
24 tour bus
25 racing Yacht, business jet, Transport helicopter,
30 now suffer -3 til 39 light Transport aircraft
35 Blue Whale, Airliner
40 now -4 penalties til 49 House, Heavy Transport aircraft
50 Retail Store, Large House,
60 Small Apartment Building,Large Restaurant or Store,
80 Factory, Large Apartment Building,
100 Stadium, Shopping Mall,
120 Tall Skyscraper
1000 City



Here are some examples :-

1. Disarming a bomb …

Int + Science + (any cross-skill specialities) = 4 Dice Pool

Then to do the physical disarming …

Dex + Crafts + (Explosives: Science) = 6 Dice Pool




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