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Mortals can go about 24 hours without rest or sleep with no penalties. The exact number of hours is :-
20 + Stamina + Resolve

Mortals usually require hours of Sleep = 10 – Stamina

There is nothing in the GMC-Rules update, so we roll back to the nWoD 1e rule book (It will be good when the full and straight 2e rulebook comes out).

The only rules from being awake for a long time. Page 179 Wod Core

For every six-hour period that your charac-ter persists beyond 24 hours, make a Stamina + Resolve roll. If it fails, he falls asleep. If the roll succeeds, your character remains alert and active… For each six-hour period in excess of 24 hours in which he foregoes sleep, his dice pools suffer a cumulative -1 penalty. … This penalty also applies to successive Stamina + Resolve rolls to remain awake. If your character performs physically demanding activities such as running… the Storyteller can impose an additional -1 to -3 penalty on your rolls to remain awake. The longest a person can go without sleep is a number of days equal to the lowest of his Stamina or Resolve, at which point he passes out. Once your character does sleep, it’s for eight hours, plus one hour for each six-hour period (in excess of 24 hours) that he forced himself to remain active
This is modified by Iron Stamina., which werewolves (unlike Promethean) do not receive for free. This may change when updated werewolf 2e comes out.

In short WoD is very generous for going without sleep. It is also very generous for holding your breath.

You might want to be a bit harsher (I wouldn’t but it is your call). Say give them a “Puffed Out” condition: “You are physically fatigued. -1 to all physical actions till you take some time out that isn’t running up a mountain and fighting.”


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