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Sorcerers are those Mages with especially powerful “Souls” that allow them to soak up and manipulate the lower, or earthly, magical energies. This makes them more powerful than Mentalists or Thaumaturges but still less powerful than the “Soul Ascending” Wizard.

Mysteries including Arcadian (Arcadia), Cthonic (Underworld), Morphonic (Astral), Stygia Primal Wilds & Prime.

Sorcerer The Gifted is meant to remedy this problem by creating a new major template that will hopefully be roughly equivalent in power to vampires and werewolves in order to replace awakened mages in the “humans that can do magic” niche in the setting of such crossover campaigns. Rather than create a new entirely set of powers and abilities I thought I would save myself time by following the suggestion of using thaumaturges from Second Sight, or more accurately, a variant major template version of thaumaturges, enhancing their abilities and cannibalizing concepts and systems from Mage in order to beef them up. Because of this both Second Sight and Mage The Awakening are necessary to utilize these rules.

Anyway, this was written after being inspired and deciding to get my initial ideas down, with a hefty chunk of lack of sleep being a factor. Hopefully I managed to at least land somewhere within the vicinity of what I was aiming for powerwise compared to other splats. Oh well, at the very least it’s a starting off point.

There is a whole bunch of stuff yet to complete. Got to add setting elements like social groups and the like. I figure it would be some sort of Tier system of orgnaiziations similar to Hunter. One thing to consider is that in many equivalents of Compacts and Conspiracies (Cabals and Orders?) membership would not conist solely of sorcerers but their thaumaturge collegaues as well (though sorcerors would probably be among the movers and shakers in such groups). Perhaps there might even be hidden inner circles of sorcerors.

Antagonists, cosmology, and Z-axis also need to be done. For the last I’m mulling over the possibility of Mystery Initiations, in which sorcerers align their souls with an affinity to a particular otherworldy realm or source and gain benefits from it. The Arcadian Mysteries (Arcadia), The Cthonic Mysteries (The Underworld), The Morphean Mysteries (The Astral), etc.

Well, anyway, enough of my tired, insominac, stream-of-consciousness rambling. Here’s what I’ve come up with so far.

What Is A Sorcerer?

The World of Darkness is awash with the supernatural. Eldritch energies from numerous realms and sources spillover into the world, suffusing the fabric of existence itself. As with all resources, Man found ways to utilize such energies for his benefit. These methods were known as magic. In the distant past, remembered only through myth and legend, the realms were metaphysically closer, the borders between them more porous or almost nonexistent. Magic was a greater force in those days, its wielders capable of mighty works and feats now beyond the capabilities of most practitioners today. But then the Realms Invisible became more distant, and borders between worlds become stronger and more distinct. There is no agreement as to why. Some blame the will of the gods, others the hubris of Man, and others still claim it was part of the natural cycle. Whatever the cause, magic waned, and as it did the powers of its wielders.

Waned but did not vanish. Magic still exists in the world and anyone has the potential to learn the knowledge necessary to be capable of using it.. There is a surprising number of legitimate practitioners hidden from the awareness of public at large. Ceremonial magicians, alchemists, hougans, and numerous other types of thaumaturges still perform their rituals. The majority of them are only able to achieve a mere shadow of what the least thaumaturge was capable of accomplishing forgotten ages ago. But amongst the various magical traditions there are exceptional individuals, whose power and capabilities have the potential to approach that of the ancients. These individuals are known as sorcerers.

The difference that sets sorcerers apart and above their peers is spiritual strength. Whether innate from birth, honed by years of extreme effort, augmented by another or various other possible reasons, the soul of a sorcerer is more potent than that of their fellow humans, more capable of absorbing and channeling the supernatural energies that permeate reality. This greater facility at utilizing these energies, what they term Mana, is what allows them to wield magic more easily and effectively than their less gifted colleagues.

Innate Qualities of A Sorcerer

Thanks to their greater ability to absorb and channel supernatural energies sorcerers are sensitive to their use. They possess a version of the Unseen Sense merit that allows them allows them to sense the use of any supernatural power. A successful Wits + Composure roll also allows a sorcerer to sense presence of any type of magical nexus.

Their greater spiritual potency also means they no longer have to put forth an extreme effort of will to gather and focus the necessary energies to perform magic. Magical rituals no longer cost one Willpower point per use. In addition, they may spend Mana to enhance the performance or results of a ritual in various ways. Mana used to enhance a ritual is spent at the beginning of the ritual. If the sorcerer can not spent the desired amount of Mana in one turn they may take as many consecutive turns as necessary to spend the desired amount of Mana before proceeding with the ritual.

Spending one point of mana can accomplish one of the following things:

*Expedite a ritual, reducing the time and complexity necessary to achieve its intended effect. Formal rituals become informal rituals (ritual length of one minute). The ritual length of rituals that start out as informal is reduced to one turn.

*Reduce Penalties for a ritual by one per mana. The maximum amount Penalties can be reduced by is equal to the sorcerer’s Puissance

*Extend Duration of a ritual’s effects by one step. One scene becomes one day. One day becomes one week. One week becomes one month. A sorcerer can only extend duration by as many steps as their Puissance

*Enhance Results of a ritual. A Dramatic Failure becomes merely a Failure, while a Success becomes an Exceptional Success

In addition to enhancing rituals sorcerers can also utilize Mana to repair their physical pattern, healing one bashing or lethal wound per point of Mana.

Mana for a sorceror is any type of mystical energy, including things such as Essence and Plasm. Sorcerors can harvest Mana from Loci, Haunts, Fontal Nests, and other Magical Nexus Points by performing an oblation (a ritual based on their magical tradition) at such sites. Doing so requires an hour of uninterrupted ceremony and a Puissance + Composure roll. Sorcerers can not gain more Mana per day from a specific Nexus Point than its rating. Sorcerers can also harvest Mana from their physical pattern, gaining one point of Mana per one lethal wound of Resistant Damage or three points per dot of a Physical Attribute degraded for 24 hours. Finally a sorceror can gain Mana via blood sacrifice. Utilize the rules for such on page 78 of Mage The Awakening.

The potent nature of a sorcerer’s soul renders them immune to Vinculum (though not Blood Addiction) and Lunacy. Sorcerers can not be embraced, nor will they ever undergo the First Change. Basically sorcerers enjoy all the benefits and disadvantages of Major Template status.


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