“How beautiful would it be if we could just see souls instead of bodies? To see love and compassion instead of curves.” – Karen Quan

Need to add some benefits for high Soul, other than simply better chance of resisting Degeneration Checks

And passes his Wisdom check, maintaining his morals. For these purposes, I consider Wisdom loss to be when you don’t feel guilty about doing something – I give bonuses to the roll when the character’s already acting guilty about it, and penalties when they’re justifying their actions to themselves. This is Social Integrity.

So for me – and this came up in the game later on – “self defence” as an argument makes you more likely to get a die knocked off your pool for the roll. Morality scales are about what feels like a transgression to you.

  • This Stat. is used in replacement of Morality, Humanity, Wisdom etc. and would be better named as “SoulLight” as it represents the Aura or specific Light that is reflected through a person, depending on what “goodness” or “evil” in someone, from their SoulSpark. It can be seen roughly as a person’s Social and/or Spiritual Health as well. I.e. Someone brightens up the room when they enter and everything looks good, Dark Clouds appear as soon as someone walks in and you could murder someone etc. … Auras! Take a look at our lists of Virtues and Vices which like Natures and Demeanors grant WP back when used at relevant points in the STORY
  • What is the difference between SOUL & MIND ?
    SOUL is about what you see and do, while MIND is about what happens to you. The best way to simply explain the difference is to see MIND as the “Head” of Thinking and the SOUL as the “Heart” of Feeling.

Losing your Soul might mean you start to lose yourself.. your identity and integrity weakens. You become cold and “immune” to the horrors around you or those you are forced to take part in. Nothing seems to affect you now, not like it did and you rarely feel much of anything. You’re hollow, empty of everything but .. Darkness!

We feel guilt.. It tries to tell us what we are comfortable with or what causes us distress and discomfort. It is this feeling of guilt/empathy/shame or just plain “feeling bad” that defines this Trait and how it degenerates as we act in the world. To simplify, we call the acts that cause us to feel this way as “Sins”. Taking part in or witnessing “sinful” acts will likely have a negative affect on your spiritual outlook and well-being, your Aura and finally your SOUL. In truth, this tries to reflect more about in-game effects to your actual Soul and how it might degenerate or break during the course of events rather than some arbitrary take on good & bad… Evil draws evil, Magic gravitates towards soulfire etc etc..

The Player may wish to define their own “Breaking Points” which number 10-1. Those listed inside the Table are simply examples but Players can modify and change it to their Characters Philosophy.

There is a similar Health Trait for “Mind” which measures how a Character copes with what they see and percieve rather than what they do or action.. Reaching -Wits means you lose control of your character, at least temporarily. It’s possible it can be raised again through treatment etc and so have the Character return to some sense of normalcy. BUT.. not being able to raise that Stat and it will gradually decrease further.. once it reaches -?? Score they are lost forever in the insane, homicidal Nightmares of an NPC. Note: Sanity Checks are similar to Conscience Checks I.e. Sanity Checks=Res+Com Vs. own Current MIND ; Conscience or Derangement Check=Res+Com Vs. own Current SOUL.

That’s a really good example. Here’s how I would try to model it using the “You only gain derangements if you elect to not degenerate” system:

Let’s say causing someone to die due to a snap judgement (rather than premeditation) is a Conscience 4 sin, and someone with Conscience 4 is faced with the dilemma. They choose to kill the one to save the ten, and then…

A) choose to degenerate. They’ve hardened their hearts to the necessity of sometimes ending someone’s life, and will be able to cope with that situation in the future, whether they have to push someone down or pull a lever. (To do this costs 2XP)

B) choose not to degenerate. They go through the experience of killing one person to save ten, but don’t become blase about it, and so the experience weighs heavily on their psyche. They have to succeed a Degeneration Check (Resolve+Composure Vs. own SOUL score) to avoid gaining a temporary derangement from the ordeal (Note: A Temporary Derangement added when already an existing Temporary Derangement makes it permanent). If they ‘killed’ the man by pulling a lever, the act was sufficiently distant to allow them to make a normal roll, but if they ‘killed’ the man by pushing him off a bridge with their bare hands, their Res+Com roll is at a penalty. (No XP Cost)

Of course, this sort of logic puts the onus on me to define a default “distance” from a given sin that produces a +0 bonus…

NOTE: Performing an action unknowingly, in self-defense or being indirectly part of or encouraging the action or simply allowing it to happen through your own inaction, should alleviate a level of sin. Thus, accidentally B dropping your cigarette while at your desk at work in the warehouse office and burning down the building that gets you a Lvl 6 Sin rather than a Lvl 5 Sin.
NOTE: Regularly Performing same or similar Crimes (even if these acts go uncaught or unpunished) should lower your Level by one. Thus, regular loud music playing – “Disturbing the Peace” becomes a Lvl 9 rather than Lvl 10. Shoplifting just once in a blue moon is a Lvl 8 Sin but do it weekly and it becomes a Lvl 7 Sin.
NOTE: Anything done by Magic or Super means takes a +1 hit to lower them further on the table into “Deeper Sin”. For example, Hurting Someone may be an 8 but Hurting Someone with a magic spell puts the “Crime” at 7. Also, anything done by Magic that can be easily done the proper, mundane way is an automatic “Crime” of 10 right off the bat.
NOTE: Proxies..? Inciting the action in another person gives you the same Crime but with a -1 (higher) position on the table. Murder is a 3 but inciting Murder makes it a 4 for you.
NOTE: These are not mutually exclusive but cummalative so that one may need to lower themselves by 2 on the table for a “Crime” that is now being done to often and also done using Magic.

+ Atonements:+ These are …

Level (Dice) Description and Examples Requirements
(5 die)
Civil or Non Crime – Selfish Thoughts, Hurting another’s feelings; Not paying money back to a friend; Being bad tempered; Lacking Charity; Causing others to perform selfish acts – Civil Disobedience, Incite abuse, Bribery, Intimidation, Threatening behavior / Personal Sins such as Drug abuse. Addiction etc. Non Crimes
(5 Die)
Disturbing the Peace, Ignoring Charity, Crimes that do not really hurt others – Petty Theft… Blackmail, Debt, Pick Pocketing, Shoplifting, Not paying fines, Plagerism, Minor Infraction
(4 Die)
Petty Damage, Shoplifting, Slander, Libel, Trolling, Misdemeanor
(4 Die)
Insurance Scam, Burglary, Fencing Goods, Actual Bodily Harm Minor Damage
(3 Die)
Grand theft, Bank Robbery, Tax Evasion, Fraud, Smuggling Goods, Binding a person against their Will, Damage
(3 Die)
Grevious Bodily Harm, Armed Robbery, Arson, Mass Property Damage, Rioting, Perjury, Contempt of Court, Conspiracy, ?? Stop an Awakening, Massive Damage
(2 Die)
Manslaughter, Crimes of Passion, Incite Hatred, Terrorist Threats, ??? Create a Soulstone, Impassioned Crime
(2 Die)
Planned Murder, Rape, Intimate Violations, Mutilation, Torture , Smuggling People, .. Perversion
(2 Die)
Mass Murder, Serial Paedophilia, Treason, Terrorism, Genocide, Atrocity
(2 Die)
Bombings, Genocide, Stealing a Soul, Defrauding the Global Economy… Mass Atrocity
00 Runs amok, often under GM-Control.. No care or Conscience.. Complete Loss of Control
-SOUL Unable to be cured, healed or return to any sort of control. Affectively retired as a PC. Retired PC

Regaining SoulLight
A character should have means to raise their SOUL

Crimes to be fired in include … Terrorism, Incite terrorism/hatred/riot, trolling online, habitual trolling, paedophilia, tax evasion, fraud, perjury

-1 (1 die)•• = Selfish thoughts… Dr)
-2 (•••• Minor selfish acts. Eg… ?
-3 (5 die)•• = Selfish thoughts… Dr)
-4 (•••• Minor selfish acts. Eg… ??

10-Any act of cruelty, selfishness or thoughtlessness. As well as allowing such an act to happen in your presence without trying to prevent it. An unwillingness to sacrifice for the greater good.
9-Doing harm to any mortal creature for any reason than self-defense or the greater good. Permitting any lesser sin in your presence without at least trying to prevent it.
8-Doing harm (physical, emotional, or spiritual) to any mortal creature for any reason other than self-defense or the greater good. NOTE: Any Celestial who can maintain this level of Morality can begin training as an Angelos.
7-Theft from or deception of others without just cause. Breaking your sworn word.
6-Accidental violations: Doing harm to others through carelessness, negligence or thoughtlessness. Neglecting duties or responsibilities. Betraying another’s trust.
5-Destruction of the works or inflicting intentional emotional harm though cruelty or neglect.
4-Sins of passion: Murder in a fit of rage, giving into intense feelings of hate, anger, jealousy or irrational prejudice, encouraging the same in others. Destroying particularly inspirational or meaningful objects. Doing personal harm through addiction or other self-destructive patterns of behavior. NOTE: The Celestial becomes one of The Lost.
3-Premeditated violation of others: plotted murder or assassination, systematic destruction of another, long-sought revenge.
2-Casual violation of others: murder for no reason, thoughtless cruelty and torture, near-mindless savagery.
1-There is no sin for a damned soul like you. NOTE: The Celestial will become a Deamos.


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