Starting out

“Never in my house.. Ye abide by m’rules ya see…”

Please, feel free to check out our Player Advice & Storyteller Advice and the References page for where we’re getting our inspiration and giving thanks. Hoping to continue the STORY and Plot Ideas over the decades to come.

Start off, characters should be begin as normal mortals, i.e. Regular Jill’s & Joe’s with little (if any) knowledge of the darker side of life, weird and creepy events or the Supernatural and no experience with dealing with such things.

Examples of Occupations and Professions to get you started or to inspire (Remember: You need Status in your Occupation or Profession to show any level of advancement, hence why you’re only a lowly Junior Rank without investment) :-

  • Academic:
  • Armed Forces: Nothing uncommon about this.. it’s rather clichéd in fact but it’s a because it’s true and happens a lot, especially these days with the decades of wars overseas. Now it’s hard to find a job or keep a job for any length of time due to PTSD etc.
    Navy Officer, Naval Cook, Sniper, Marine, SAS, Air Force Pilot,
  • Artist: Be it Photographer, Film Maker, Musician, Painter or anything else that expresses your creativity and artistic nature.. it keeps you busy and hopefully making money one day.
  • Athlete:
  • Builder: You spend your days working on construction sites, repairing or renovating properties etc.
    General construction, Carpentry, Tiling, Electrical, Plumbing
  • Celebrity Socialite: Not quite an A List Celery.. or even any kind of Celebrity(yet) but you are working on it and hope one day that’ll be you with the flashes and the screams. For now, you’re happy to live in their shadow but in their company and get yourself in the photos and on the Blogs.
  • Council Officer: Work long, busy days in the Council Offices when not out checking Housing Regulations, Traffic Issues, Another High Street Closure etc.
  • Criminal:
  • Doctor: Overworked and suffering huge losses in the NHS daily, Doctors are being forced into extra overtime everywhere… Emergency Rooms are packed full of the desperate and the sick, further evidence of Government Cuts.
  • Driver: A good living if you can put in the hours, and it’s flexible and mostly trouble free though the new Uber-Style Freelancers have hit your takings. You like to Drive though and options include…
    Chauffeur, Limo Driver, Race Car Driver, Stunt Driver, Taxi Driver,
  • Emergency Services: These brave, courageous people constantly risk their lives in dangerous situations such as falling buildings, fires, cave ins, bomb threats, rail disasters etc.
    Ambulance Driver, Paramedic, Firefighter, Police Officer, SWAT, Coast Guard,
  • Entertainer: They just love to make people happy and keep them smiling and entertained.
    Singer, Comedian, Musician, Band Member, Orchestra Member, Dancer, Choreographer, TV Presenter,
  • Entrepreneur: Business.. it’s all about Business, and for you that is everything. You don’t sit behind a desk or on a phone all day like an Executive but instead are out & about making money the old fashioned way. Face to Face!
    Market Trader, Car Salesman, Businesswoman, Internet App Designer,
  • Executive: The top levels of management at a business or capitalist institution such as a bank, Think Tank or Hedge Fund.
  • Faith Worker: These people know exactly how to get people’s attention and keep it fixed on the narrative they wish to tell.
    Priest, Cult Leader, Cult Recruiter,
  • Law Enforcement:
    Judge, Police Officer, Attorney, Lawyer, Court Official, Prison Guard, Prosecutor,
  • Mechanic: Only happy when you have a wrench in your hand and you smell of grease but luckily business is quite good and things seldom bother you when your head in under the bonnet.
    Auto Repairs, Biker, Bicycle Salesman, Recycling & Repairs,
  • Medical Professional:
    Doctor, Nurse, Pharmacist, Psychiatrist, Specialist, Surgeon, A&E, Trauma,
  • Performer: Be it as an Actor, Model or Singer.. you make your money selling yourself and your “God given talents” to the world. You love it!
    Actor, TV Presenter, Music DJ, Live Host, Bingo Caller, Extra,
  • Police Officer: The Yorkshire Metropolitan are a large force who have been hit hard with redundancies the last few years while crime seems to have rise higher each week.
  • Reporter: Getting onto a Newspaper these days is impossible without years of relevant experience so Freelance Reporting is often the only way to show off talent. Celebrity, Global News, Local Gossip.. all may be the Big Story!
  • Scientist: Lab Assistant may not be much, but it’s a foot in the door and one day perhaps it’ll be your own Lab you are working in.
    Chemist, Forensics Technician, Biologist, Physicist, Rocket Scientist,
  • Security Guard: A good option for those not quite up to the sophisticated standards of the Police Force or who’d rather a little more flexibility. Jobs are common in Corporate Facilities, Warehouses, Office Blocks, High-Rise Apartments, Asylums & Hospitals.
  • Teacher: You spend your days educating others, either in Primary or Secondary School or even at University Level where your days are a little more free of clutter and allow you to research your own projects.
  • Technician: Those skilled at the practical knowledge of repair …
  • Unemployed: More and more common over the last
    decade, people of all kinds have fallen to life’s.

Profession …….. Asset Skills
Academic …….. Academics, Science
Artist …….. Crafts, Expression
Athlete Athletics, Medicine
Cop (US) Streetwise, Firearms
Criminal Larceny, Streetwise
Detective…. Empathy, Investigation
Doctor Medicine, Science
Engineer Construction, Science
Hacker Science, Technology
Hit Man Firearms, Stealth
Journalist Expression, Investigation
Laborer Athletics, Crafts
Nurse Empathy, Medicine
Occultist Investigation, Occult
Politician Politics, Subterfuge
Professional Academics, Persuasion
Religious Academics, Occult
Scientist Investigation, Science
Socialite Politics, Socialize
Stuntman Athletics, Drive
Survivalist Animal Ken, Survival
Soldier Firearms, Survival
Technician Crafts, Investigation
Therapist Empathy, Humanities
Thug Brawl, Intimidation
Vagrant Streetwise, Survival

There are Traits that describe each aspect of a character and these are measured in Dots. Mortal traits range from 0-5 with most people have a score of 2 in most things, making them average.
Note: _Scores are almost, roughly exponential so 3 is much better than 2 and 4 is much, much, much better than 3.

  • 1 Basic: Beginning learning / Ineffective at something.
  • 2 Competent: A good, solid ability / Everyday training.. The common average.
  • 3 Decent: A good, decent score showing professional, natural aptitude. They’d get a Pay Raise.
  • 4 Excellent: An Outstanding Trait that is more than good and expert in their field makes them much sought after in the area.
  • 5 Fantastic: Truly Above & Beyond the Norm / National Asset, Olympic Entry for the Country.
  • 6 Godly: One in a Million that is rare a cross the World / Olympian Gold Winning Trait.
  • 7 ..Upwards: Goes beyond the human, mortal scale on towards the Supernatural we have yet to experience.

NOTE: If you’ve only really experienced Dungeons & Dragons or a similar High-Fantasy RPG, be aware this is very, very different.

The scores in NWOD (New World Of Darkness) are nothing like some other RPG’s, mainly D&D and similar Hack & Slash fantasy games of the same vein. They can often be classified as High-Fantasy while games such as WoD, Call of Cthulhu and even Warhammer Fantasy Role-play could be called Low-Fantasy because they tend to be darker, more deadly and less monster treasure-hauling and more role-play and interaction. This effects most other aspects of a RPG as well such as general gameplay, kills per session, treasures and equipment etc.

Once we play, the Characters have the potential to be anything at all depending on the actions, outcomes and events so they perhaps will become famed Monster-Hunters, embraced and blood-sucking vampires or find themselves dead and lost in the underworld… seeking their dead lover perhaps.. anything at all may be possible but it often takes lots of time, effort and luck.

Stories can be classified by their “size” or rather their “level of affect” such as Personal, Local, National, International & Universal and are –
In the nWoD nearly all supernaturals have an intrinsic, inborn splat (Clan, Auspice, Path, Kith) and an extrinsic, social splat (Covenant, Tribe, Order, Court). Most of the time, it’s the inborn splat that dictates your character’s supernatural affinities, with the social splat granting some distinct, “special” power, like Requiem’s vampiric sorcery (Crúac, Theban Sorcery) or Lost’s Court Mantles.

1) Character (Ch) – Personal, involving only the Characters, with no real interest or departure into the locale or neighbouring areas further than the room or building they’re in. Examples include Demonic Posession, Hold Up, Blackmail, Insanity…
2) Community (Co) – Local, regional area is involved, be it a Town or City. The people and places of the region are important to the Story. Known alternatives for WtF (Pack), MtA (Cabal), VtR (Coterie), HtV (Cell)
3) Compact (Ct) – City or Region, within national or state-wide involvement where it is likely you will need to travel to different regions in order to investigate and progress the Story. SPLATS specific are WtF (Tribe), MtA (Consillium), VtR (Court), HtV (Compact)
4) …? National!
5) Conspiracy (Cy) – Global involement where you may be working with international Agencies or globe-hopping around the world to discover answers to the big questions of your Story and shut down any remaining . SPLATS specific are WtF (Clutch or Conclave), MtA (Order), VtR (Clan/Covenant), HtV (Conspiracy)
6) Cosmic (Cc) – Affecting the wider universe or even possible Multiverse Involvement. SPLATS specific are WtF (??), MtA (Awakened), ??

Starting out

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