The Blood

“Never in my house.. Ye abide by m’rules ya see…”

The blood provides a connection between the Sire and victim so often Thralls, Ghouls and rogeny will have links to their master which may be utilised. It can be stronger in some than in others or may be more skilfully used by some. The link can be both ways, though not always under conscious control.

  • Effects on a mortal…
  • Effects during the Embrace…
  • Clan & Bloodline…
    The Blood seems to attack the Soul of the victim, and carry the Sires Clan so that Childe is also of the same clan.

Each clan is almost an Archetype and the Blood simply enhances those features. Older one gets, more enhanced these characteristics become.

Daeva: Sensual, Emotional Vampires Whitaker immense pleasure for feeding these emotions to their limits. Wrath, Lust, Greed are all common.

Gangrel: Animalistic Wanderers who seem to find it hard to stay in one place but instead often prefer wild, natural locations where they might indulge in primitive, predatory behaviour.

Mekhet: Often cunning, studious and stoic. They excel as Scholars and anything requiring intellectual prowess. Their desire for knowledge and power will often take them into dark, dangerous areas.

Nosferatu: Monstrous and paranoid, they hide when they can or use fear and intimidation to compel others.

Venture: Proud and noble, ever lauding their rich heritage and powerful ancestry. They seem to be the most interested in how others perceive them and they hate to be embarrassed or fail at anything.

The Blood

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