“As above, so below. – Excerpt from the Rules of Magic…”

This describes the Range or Scope of a person, community, group or location. It works in conjunction with Rank that details the “Power Level” of a person, community, group or location etc. Together, they give a good idea of what we may be in for when dealing with a particular situation.

0) Personal: All about yourself. One of the PC’s is the focus of the Story and that’s it. Perhaps they’re possessed or infected and need to be cured.
1) Group: All about the personal experiences and friendships within the Group of PC’s. They’re not looking outside themselves but have problems within such as one of them is possessed, ill or dying, cursed etc. There is no organisation here, just a gathering of the Group who gang together to combat the Dark.
2) Local: Here, it’s about the streets and Neighbourhood with the Story not reaching outside of the village or part of town. This is the average for most people.
3) Urban: A City or area of land around or between Cities. People tend to be good & effective, Professional and we’ll off.
4) Regional: The State or County. People are often Experts in their field, the best in a wide area.
5) National: Country-wide with the people being the best in the Nation within their focused area.

6) Global: International, world-spanning Stories that deal with Conspiracy & Complex tales of power, intrigue and long lasting events. People are the best in the world at what they do and are becoming very well known for that fact, perhaps.

7-8) Cosmic: Truly out of this World and dealing with such wide sweeping events as Space, Time, Other Realms & Dimensions etc. People are close to reaching to Demigod Status and may be up against Gods themselves.

9-10) Divine: Truly, the realms of the Gods are far reaching and here we may face those truly all-powerful Entities or are out saving Multiverses. Few, if any, ever reach this far.


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