Units of Time

“Tick Tock, fella.. The Time is fast approaching…”

Instead of the World of Darkness accounting for time, Second by Second it uses Basic Units of Time…

Here are our various in-house Units of Time defined briefly by how they’re used within our Stories and as noted in our House Rules.

In-game Units of Time

  • Turn: This is roughly the amount of Time it takes to perform a meaningful Action for a single Character. It may be a matter of Seconds or Minutes, depending on what the task is being performed. We usually give the approximate time as being 3 seconds.
  • Round: When every Character involved has taken their Turn of Action, this is called a Round. The length this takes depends on how many people are taking Turns and what tasks are being performed.
  • Scene: This is the amount of Time Characters require to perform a meaningful sequence of Actions and Interactions in a single location. A Scene begins when the Characters set out to achieve something and ends when they finish.
    Some Standard Scenes now have their own category – Action Scene, Chase Scene, Crash Scene, Dream Scene, Love Scene, Murder Scene, Nude Scene, Sex Scene. There are often Opening and Closing Scenes.
  • Event: This involves one or more Scenes that take place in a single location and has a single, overarching goal or mission.
  • Episode: One or more Events that follow a specific Theme. An incident, event or series of events that are a part of a serialised Work. A sequence of Scenes that tend to center on related subjects, a central theme or overarching mood or simply linked by events, be it in a day, month or same location.
  • Day: This is a standard, basic way of measuring time in our Stories, along with Turn. A quick & easy method of keeping track of events.
  • Downtime: This is the interval between Sessions (usually Episodes) that allows a “PC” to work on Training, Learn Spells, Decipher Text, Spend XP etc. etc.
  • Chapter: A series of related Episodes. Usually it denotes a period of time very different from the period of time before it. It may not always be related by topic but often has a similar Theme or Mood and they tend to move towards a final goal or objective. Some XP Awards are given after a Chapter, though with some it may be an episode (or Session).
    +1 XP for finishing a Chapter.
  • Book: Linked sequence of Chapters making up a grand Story or Book that tell a number of cohesive tales, each with their own beginning, middle and end.
    +1 XP for completing a Book.
  • Anthology: Combination of Books to tell a series of related stories…
    +1 XP for completing an Anthology.

Out-of-game Units of Time

  • Session: This is the crucial, Sit-Down Gameplay and will usually last a few hours or so of “Real Time” but could range from “Game Time” of a few key, detailed Scenes only, a couple of intricate and detailed Events,. few Days or even months of Downtime. Experience points are usually distributed at the end of a Session or, more accurately, between Sessions.
  • Story:
  • Scenario:
  • Campaign:

Units of Time

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