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Character’s Virtues are higher ideals or heroic drives they must push themselves to extremes to live up to, restoring all lost Willpower. As part of our House Rules it describes Virtues as an intrinsic or habitual part of a Character’s personality, part of their identity and when acted upon properly, it provides some reinforcement or boosting of that Characters’ core self so that they gain WillPower just like Vices and Natures and Demeanors do, when played relevantly as part of the STORY.

List of Virtues as opposed to the Vices

Charity: Charity comes from sharing gifts with others, be it money or possessions, or simply giving time to help another in need. A charitable character is guided by her compassion to share what she has in order to improve the plight of those around her. Charitable individuals are guided by the principle of treating others as they would be treated themselves. By sharing gifts and taking on the role of the Samaritan, they hope to cultivate goodwill in others, and the gifts they give will eventually return to them in their hour of need.
- Regains Willpower whenever she helps another at the risk of loss or harm to herself. It isn’t enough to share what your character has in abundance. She must make a real sacrifice in terms of time, possessions or energy, or she must risk life and limb to help another.

  • Compassionate: Your character is driven by an empathy for the suffering and needs of others and the desire to assist them in a selfless manner.
    - Regain Willpower when your character sacrifices a significant need or desire of her own to alleviate the suffering or need of another.
  • Generous: Your character gains comfort from giving to others. She might be especially charitable or just be willing to lend possessions and aid to her friends, no questions asked. She’s often taken for granted but she knows she makes a difference.
    - Regain Willpower when your character deprives herself of a vital resource through her generosity, putting herself at risk.
  • Loving: Your character is defined by a great love, perhaps for an ideal or an institution, but usually for a person or group of people.
    - Regain Willpower when your character puts herself in danger for the object of her love.

Faith: Those with Faith know that the universe is not random, meaningless chaos, but ordered by a higher power. No matter how horrifying the world might be, everything has its place in the Plan and ultimately serves that Purpose. This Virtue does not necessarily involve belief in a personified deity. It might involve belief in a Grand Unified Theory whereby the seeming randomness of the universe is ultimately an expression of mathematical precision, or it might be a view that everything is One and that even evil is indistinguishable from good when all discriminating illusions are overcome.
- Regain Willpower whenever your character is able to forge meaning from chaos and tragedy.

  • Humble: Your character doesn’t want power or status. Even if she earns a position of authority, she sees herself as one of the guys. Putting herself above others would deny the importance of their lives.
    - Regain Willpower when your character turns down the opportunity for power that would solve her problems.
  • Loyal: Your character is loyal to a group, possibly the other player’s characters. Her loyalty isn’t blind — she’s capable of seeing the flaws in whatever cause he’s signed up to — but once given it’s unshakable.
    - Regain Willpower when she puts herself in danger by refusing to act against the group’s interests.
  • Spiritual: Your character has faith in a particular religious belief. This could be true faith in an established religion or in something less doctrinal such as Spiritualism, but it is marked by religious or spiritual belief.
    - Regain Willpower when your character puts herself in danger or risk for the sake of her religious beliefs or in defense of the faithful.

Fortitude: A person’s ideals are meaningless unless they’re tested. When it seems as though the entire world is arrayed against him because of his beliefs, a person possessing Fortitude weathers the storm and emerges with his convictions intact. Fortitude is about standing up for one’s beliefs and holding the course no matter how tempting it may be to relent or give up. By staying the course, regardless of the cost, he proves the worth of his ideals.
- Regains Willpower whenever your character withstands overwhelming or tempting pressure to alter her goals. This does not include temporary distractions from her course of action, only pressure that might cause her to abandon or change his goals altogether.

  • Trustworthy: When your character makes a promise, she keeps it. Her sense of self relies on others’ being able to trust and believe in her.
    - Regain Willpower when she puts herself at risk to keep a promise, whether explicit or implied.
  • Courageous: Your character is simply straight-up brave. She gets a thrill from meeting and overcoming challenges, whether they’re physical or social. She’s not necessarily stubborn or even especially confident — true bravery is the willingness to carry on despite being afraid, not the absence of fear.
    - Regain Willpower when your character’s bravery causes or prolongs risk or danger to her.
  • Diligent: Your character is dedicated. Steadfast in her labor, whatever that might be, the diligent assiduously devote themselves to their work.
    - Regain Willpower when your character either places herself at risk or gives up a need or major want for the sake of persevering in her work.

Hope: Being hopeful means believing that evil and misfortune cannot prevail, no matter how grim things become. Not only do the hopeful believe in the ultimate triumph of morality and decency over malevolence, they maintain steadfast belief in a greater sense of cosmic justice, whether it’s Karma or the idea of an all-knowing, all-seeing God who waits to punish the wicked. All will turn out right in the end, and the hopeful mean to be around when it happens.
- Regain Willpower whenever your character refuses to let others give in to despair, even though doing so risks harming her own goals or well-being. This is similar to Fortitude, above, except that your character tries to prevent others from losing hope in their goals. She need not share those goals herself or even be successful in upholding them, but there must be a risk involved.

  • Ambitious: Your character is going places. She has goals that she wants to accomplish and the drive to achieve them. In some people who don’t deserve the accolades they seek, ambition is a Vice — for her it’s a guiding mission.
    - Regain Willpower when your character puts herself at risk for the sake of following her ambition and fulfilling her Aspirations.
  • Optimistic: Your character has a tendency to believe in the best possible outcome of any given situation or ordeal. Everything will turn out alright in the end, no matter what. Optimism is a mental attitude that is concerned more with particular situations than hope on a greater, cosmic level.
    - Regain Willpower when your character remains hopeful about the outcome of a situation, not matter the danger or risk or even evidence to the contrary, placing herself in danger in the process.
  • Joyous: Joie de vivre. Absolute joy in living. Your character is a font of happiness and a shield against despair. This is hope brought to its ultimate happy state – nothing gets you down.
    - Regain Willpower when your character is willing to put herself at risk and danger for the sake of shielding another falling or fallen into despair.

Justice: Wrongs cannot go unpunished. This is the central tenet of the just, who believe that protecting the innocent and confronting inequity is the responsibility of every decent person, even in the face of great personal danger. The just believe that evil cannot prosper so long as one good person strives to do what is right, regardless of the consequences.
- Regains Willpower whenever your character does the right thing at risk of personal loss or setback. The “right thing” can be defined by the letter or spirit of a particular code of conduct, whether it be the United States penal code or a biblical Commandment.

  • Righteous: Your character knows she walks in a corrupt world and she’s angry about it. She’s willing to confront hypocrisy and evil where he sees it, no matter who it pisses off, and to Hell with the consequences. At best, she’s a defender of those the system — or the Infrastructure — grinds down. At worst, she’s a stone-faced, uncompromising obstacle to the powerful, just waiting to be taken out.
    - Regain Willpower when your character’s refusal to let injustice go unopposed puts her in danger.
  • Honest: Your character’s defining duty is to the truth. Although the World of Darkness puts every pressure on her to dissemble or tell white lies to protect others from the God-Machine, her sense of self is built on fundamental honesty.
    - Regain Willpower when your character puts herself in danger by refusing to lie.
  • Honorable: Your character is guided by a code or set of principles, which she adheres to no matter what the cost. She finds honor in duty to this code and finds those who break their own principles to be dishonorable and worthy of punishment.
    - Regain Willpower when your character stays true to her personal code and principles in the face of great risk or danger to herself.

Prudence: The Virtue of Prudence places wisdom and restraint above rash action and thoughtless behavior. One maintains integrity and principles by moderating actions and avoiding unnecessary risks. While that means a prudent person might never take big gambles that bring huge rewards, neither is his life ruined by a bad roll of the dice. By choosing wisely and avoiding the easy road, she prospers slowly but surely.
- Regains Willpower whenever your character refuses a tempting course of action by which he could gain significantly. The “temptation” must involve some reward that, by refusing it, might cost her later on.

  • Peaceful: Your character is a pacifist in a dirty, dangerous world. Whether it’s because of deeply-held religious beliefs, philosophical decision or simple lack of stomach for violence, she can’t bring herself to hurt another human being.
    - Regain Willpower when your character resolves a conflict that puts her at risk without the use of bloodshed.
  • Patient: Your character doesn’t believe in rushing in half-cocked or unaware. She wants to plan every course of action and bides her time when investigating, waiting for situations to develop and play out for a while before she intervenes. The World of Darkness doesn’t wait anyone, however, and her preparations are often overtaken by events.
    - Regain Willpower when your character is caught wrong-footed because she was too busy planning to properly react to events.
  • Vigilant: The vigilant person is ever watchful of the dangers and pitfalls of the world. She guards herself against risk and is ever mindful of the dangers that threaten herself and others. This could represent the person who creates a wall of safety around herself, or the person who maintains her vigilance over another person or group of people.
    - Regain Willpower when your protective and watchful nature successfully prevents you or those whom you are watchful over from falling into risk or great danger.

Temperance: Moderation in all things is the secret to happiness, so says the doctrine of Temperance. It’s all about balance. Everything has its place in a person’s life, from anger to forgiveness, lust to chastity. The temperate do not believe in denying their urges, as none of it is unnatural or unholy. The trouble comes when things are taken to excess, whether it’s a noble or base impulse. Too much righteousness can be just as bad as too much wickedness.
- Regains Willpower when your character resists a temptation to indulge in an excess of any behavior, whether good or bad, despite the obvious rewards it might offer. Other Names: Chastity, even-temperament, frugality

  • Frugal: Your character is economical in the use of her resources, whatever that might be, in the desire to prepare yourself for the future. She does not indulge and spend your resources (which could be more than just monetary resources) in a wasteful manner.
    - Regain Willpower whenever your character’s frugality puts her at particular risk or danger by an unwillingness to waste even when it would be prudent to do so.
  • Chaste: Your character places high value on purity, usually of a sexual nature. This may be characterized by celibacy or monogamous relations within a committed relationship, but it also includes purity of thought and of action.
    - Regain Willpower whenever your character stays true to her chastity in spite of direct temptation.
  • Forgiving: Forgiveness is the root of temperance. By being all-forgiving, your character resists the emotional or sinful thoughts of anger, condemnation or hate. Through forgiveness, the word balances itself.
    - Regain Willpower whenever your character’s act of forgiveness and unwillingness to respond emotionally or judgementally puts her in risk or danger.

Punctual: This …


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Open Minded:


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+ Inquisitive:+

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+ Humorous:+

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