What to expect

“The worst Monsters are those that are still almost Human…”

Whatever you read may or may not be true.. there are many opinions, perspectives and lies amongst the truth of things and most everything is grey.

The world is a dangerous, dark and desperate place where things are rarely fair. Expect hard work to be necessary to achieve anything worthwhile and expect frustration, disappointment and failure.

The World, once prodded and one delves a little deeper, becomes a much stranger, scarier place. The Myth of Magic still seems to tug at those remote edges of Humanity’s psyche while we all strive hard to make our little piece of something safe & comfortable for that short time between those two indeterminate voids of eternal darkness.

The world’s environment is in a much worse state of deterioration and things are reaching that final crisis point, crime is running wild and the rich and taking advantage of any and every loophole they can find or rampaging over the law, daily. Countries are still suffering financial ruin, austerity is still upheld while unemployment is higher than ever before since the economic crisis of 2007-2008. Food banks & homeless shelters grow in huge numbers while funding for charities & welfare is cut drastically.

The USA has just pulled out of the latest Climate Change Accords and China is likely to follow them. The European union is crumbling from within as member countries threaten to leave and those outside do nothing, awaiting the outcomes. In the Middle East, Africa and South America, crimes of humanity and war crimes are no longer the “no go” they once were but simply a brief legal & logistics hurdle to be overcome, before quickly pushing on. Ravaged, desperate refugees and those terrorists hiding within the crowds continually seek escape to Europe and America, crossing harsh hundreds of miles with nothing but what they carry. These refugees litter the countries along the route, killing themselves uselessly trying to cross ocean waters and forcing governments to think about and spend precious finances on them. Humans have come to mean nothing at all.

There are likely fewer Others than one might think from the 1e References but they may often have a greater, more widespread influence as well.

What to expect

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