“Humankind cannot gain anything without first giving something in return. To obtain, something of equal value must be lost.” – Full Metal Alchemist’s Law of Equivalent Exchange

Possible Ways to Awaken Cabal

The most powerful and the most ancient of Mages who practice the oldest of the Magic Arts. The term Wizard comes from Vizier, Vision and Wise. Also, often called “High Mages” due to them wielding High Magic, known by a rare few as Supernal or Atlantean Magic.

These are Mages that channel and manipulate the very High Truths of the Supernal Realms, bending and binding it to their Will by force and subtly both.
The rarest and most dangerous of all Magic.

  • Enchanter or Arcanthus in Time/Fate information. INF. Fate
  • Warlock or Mastigos specialising Mind/Space INF. LIFE
  • Necromancer or Moros in Spirit/Matter often termed Medium nowadays. INF. Space
  • Theurgist or Obrimos in Prime/Forces INF. Prime
  • Shaman or ?? in Life/ INF. Time

Subtle Arcana or Elements of the Soul (aka Noble Elements) and Gross Arcana or Elements of the World (aka Natural Elements).

When using all ten Paths, one option would be to play up this bias: call them the Subtle Paths or the Recondite Paths or the Paths of the Soul, or similar terms, and think of them being slightly lopsided: the Acanthus Rule Fate and Time; the Mastigos Rule Mind and Space; the Moros (“Path of Doom!”) Rule Death and Matter; the Obrimos Rule Prime and Forces; and the Thyrsus Rule Spirit and Life. There are no mechanical consequences for this, any more than there are any systemic distinctions between Subtle and Gross Arcana; it’s purely a matter of one’s mindset.

But if you go with that mindset, then these “other five Paths” become “the Gross Paths”, “the Manifest Paths”, or “the Paths of the World”, with an equally slight bias toward their Gross Ruling Arcana: the Anakalos Rule Space and Fate; the Aretos Rule Matter and Prime; the Kleos Rule Time and Mind; the Mæstros Rule Forces and Spirit; and the Sophros Rule Life and Death.

Paths of the Soul
Acanthus: the Name
Mastigos: the Spirit
Moros: the Shadow
Obrimos: the Essence
Thyrsus: the Heart

  • Alchemist ? Artisans of Matter/Prime EARTH
  • Diviner ? Advocates/Oracle/Prophets of AIR Space/Fate who deal in sympathetic connections in space and intention etc of fate.
  • Sage or Bard ? of Time/Mind is all memory & myth SOUL
  • Evoker ? / of Forces/Spirit and djinn FIRE
  • [[??]] Druid/Medium/ of Life/Death is about balance, change etc WATER

Titles: Seer, Mystic, Harvester, Reaper, Sage, Druid, Evoker, Transmuter, Conjurer, Psychic, Cleric, Medium, Prophet, Oracle, Diviner, Astrologer, Alchemist, Advocate, Artisan, Priest, Friar, Father/Mother, Sorcerer, Architect, Alchemist, Engineer, Builder, Hexmaster, StormWorker, StormGuard, StormWarden, StormWeaver, StormMaster, StormLord, Stone.., Shadow.. Greymaster, palemaster, Void engineer, monk, guru, ascetics, Tinker, Trickster, Summoner, mason, geomancer, pyromancer, hydromancer, Disciple,

Emanation: Eden, Yrdsdrssil, Ymir, Elysium, Mount Qaf,

in an Alternative Timeline

  • the Aretos are the Path of Engineering, builders of the Singularity
  • the Axios are the Path of Utility, advocates of the Market
  • the Kryos are the Path of Society, founders of the Republic
  • the Mæstros are the Path of Physics, seekers of Type V Civilization
  • the Sophros are the Path of Biology, progenitors of the Garden

Aretos: Theory and Practice
Axios: Risk and Reward
Kleos: Memory and Myth
Mæstros: Authority and Duty
Sophros: Growth and Decay

The Watchtowers
Aretos: the Watchtower of the Copper Mallet in the Realm of Utopia
Axios: the Watchtower of the Hermium Mirror in the Realm of the Firmament
Kleos: the Watchtower of the Tin Flute in the Realm of the Akasha
Mæstros: the Watchtower of Brass and Flame in the Realm of Mount Qaf
Sophros: the Watchtower of the Wooden Chalice in the Realm of Elysium

Path Stereotypes
Aretos: Artisans and Alchemists
Axios: Traders and Advocates
Kleos: Sages and Bards
Mæstros: Sorcerers and Evokers
Sophros: Druids and Mediums

Paths As Game Mechanics
Path  Ruling Arcana  Inferior Arcanum 
Aretos  Matter and Prime  Fate 
Axios  Space and Fate  Life 
Kleos  Time and Mind  Space 
Mæstros  Forces and Spirit  Prime 
Sophros  Life and Death  Time 
Space & Fate
been rethinking the Anakalos, and I think I got their focus wrong. Consider: the purviews of Fate are blessings, hexes, probability, fortune, oaths, promises, intentions, and destiny; the purviews of Space are distance, separation, sympathy, conjuration, scrying, and warding. What’s the greatest synergy between these? It’s not distance or separation, as implied by my original focus on explorers — although there is something to that, which should not get lost (no pun intended). No, the greatest synergy is between Sympathy, oaths, promises, and intentions. The core of the synergy is that all of these deal with what’s important to the subject. Consider this paragraph, extracted from Space’s discussion about Sympathy:
“Sympathetic links manipulated with the Space Arcanum echo from the Supernal to the Fallen, wreaking subtle but long-standing changes in the subjects. Sever a man’s link to his husband and the relationship cools and grows distant. Create a bond between a woman and a gun, and she’ll find herself thinking about it, dreaming about it — and left to their own devices odds are good woman and gun will cross paths.”
That is, you have Sympathetic connections to that which you care about, and vice versa. This sense of importance resonates nicely with Fate’s purview of intentions, which is also about what’s important to you: you generally don’t make promises or swear oaths about things that don’t matter to you. With this in mind, the mages on this Path aren’t explorers so much as they’re deal-makers: diplomats and merchants. At its most noble, this Path is about meeting peoples’ needs and fulfilling their desires; at its worst, it’s about the con artist and the politician who exploit peoples’ needs and twist their desires to their own ends. It’s not a Path of Discovery (beyond the extent that any mage can be said to be on a Path of Discovery, given their addiction to Mysteries); it’s a Path of Value, or perhaps of Meaning. To the extent that other purviews factor in, distance and separation are important to the traveling merchant, while scrying keeps lines of communication open between a foreign dignitary and her homeland; while blessings and hexes give supernatural weight to deals that are made, fortune and destiny let you seek out opportunities, and probability helps with “there is no reward without risk”. Speaking of which:

Risk and Reward still works as the central dichotomy of the Path; in fact, it works even better than it used to under the exploration theme. But the stereotypes and imagery need an overhaul; and even the Path’s name might need to be rethought. Maybe the Axios? (Axía is greek for “value, worth, merit, valuation, denomination, worthiness”).

Almost all Awakened Mages (Wizards) have a Nimbus that is there, like an Aura, for those with Witchsight to see.


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