“Abandon hope, all who enter here..”

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The “World of Darkness – AlphaNet” is a new public GORS initiative (Government Online Resources Station), set up to collect and analyse Data and store it in a central database for any and all information that may possibly relate to the “World of Darkness” around us. Here, we hope you may make some sense of the mysteries and secrets around you, prepare you for combat against the worst of these things while allowing you to hope for the best.


Alone, fearful or simply considered weird by those around you? Come, join us here so we may better light your way within the growing Darkness that comes fast to devour us all.

Consider a world where those tales of horror, sci-fi and fantasy we’ve grown up with are not simply works of fiction but terrible hints at the truth and glimpses of those ancient, unimaginable horrors lurking in the shadows.

It’s been some years since the the “End of the World” was supposed to happen. Some experts said it was coming in 2012, others argued it was 1999 but there was no such end, or so we tend to think. Consider though, what if things are in the process of ending… still in transition… the ball has started rolling and humanity is becoming more violent and extreme, darker in it’s passions and desires as these Final Days do, indeed, finally close on us all.

Many, all over the world report disturbing or prophetic dreams and nightmares that haunt them for days after, about Armageddon. The insane and mentally ill shriek into the night while children cower, quivering under their blankets. The Apocalypse plaguing the down & outs for months and longer during those closing years of the 20th Century and the years into the next. Economically destitute, homes lost to banks & big business, jobs are now a luxury fewer and fewer are finding is their right, while deaths on the urban streets rise higher than ever before and wars again threaten us all. Though it never seemed to quite happened, in an obvious way, it seems a number of persons went through the panic and pain for a time, feeling like it was all real and did happen to them, for real!

The world is in deep trouble, the economy is at an all time low, people are without jobs or hope, riots and crime is strife and there are monsters lurking in the dark corners waiting to pounce.

We are independent and driven to uncover the Truth, wherever it may be found and to do what we can to protect humanity. Like one of our favourite sponsors say.. “Secure, Contain, Protect!”

The monsters of myth and legend are often real, where Roswell and Area 51 are centers of alien Technology, covert government groups, global conspiracies and secret organizations have guided humanity throughout history. Beware, behind every corner, unfathomable knowledge awaits as the darkness seeks to devour us all.

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