Riley O'Keefe

Official gray suit for the government investigations team.. About 30?


A career politician, seeking his way through the complex halls of the civil servant before trying to rise up through the political game.

Good student, good sportsman & socialite, great at languages and adequate or better at most everything .. Never had to try very hard to succeed and while a family with wealth and some influence made for a soft, easy and comfortable life it left him without challenges or a way to test his metal…

He wanted more …


While the O’ Keefe Family have done immensely well in business, majority of funds tied up in vast array of companies and projects. They just managed to put him though one of the cheaper public schools where he was recruited for military servive before entering the civil service. Reputable and ordinary career within government as a beurocratic Civil servant last few years.

Last few years working in Department of Transport in various roles.

Family include Patrick O’ Keefe

Riley O'Keefe

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