“Never in my house.. Ye abide by m’rules ya see…”

Prerequisites: Resources 3

Your character can draw upon an array of weapons and armor. This Merit could represent a large gun collection, the ability to call in favors for arms or ownership of a firearms or martial arts supply store. When you select this Merit, give it a descriptor such as “dojo weapons” or “hunting club.” This will guide your use of the Merit.

Each dot provides five “points” of weapons and armor. The pool of dots provides a vaguely defined assortment of available arms. You may use weapons and armor equal to your pool total at any given time.
The base pool cost for a weapon is equal to its Damage rating. Add 1 to the cost if the weapon is a firearm. Armor has a pool cost equal to its Defense bonus. Add 1 to the cost of any weapon or piece of armor if it’s illegal or highly restricted.
The maximum Damage or Defense rating possible for any Armory equipment is equal to the Merit’s dots +1. Firearms come with a full load or magazine. One Armory point adds an additional load or magazine.
You don’t need to account for every single knife and gun, and in fact, there are more parts and arms than the pool would allow — the equivalent of the classic briefcase or rack full of guns. Your total represents arms in good enough repair to actually use. You may change weapon selections freely as long as the choices could plausibly fit under the general descriptor.
Similar to the Sanctum or Library Merits, it’s possible to purchase this Merit collectively, dividing its benefits among the entire group.
Drawback: Unlike arms and armor purchased with standard Resources, Armory gear is gray market at best. It includes a selection of stolen, illegally modified or improperly registered weapons. If the authorities discover your Armory, you might incur a fine or imprisonment.


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