Astral Realms

“The “Realms Invisible” are the parts of the Fallen World that are separated from the Realms Supernal by the Abyss, but are clearly supernatural in origin and under normal circumstances inaccessible for Sleepers."

Are these realm locations or simply constructs of our minds? How might one be able to travel there using the Astral Travel merit/talent.. why is there so much talk about strange and dealy creatures from these Astral Realms

Astral Space is the non-corporeal regions — the Realms Invisible — of Mage Cosmology defined by the minds, ideas, thoughts, and emotions of beings within the Fallen World. It may have at one point contained, included, or bordered upon the Supernal Realms, although it is now separated from them by the Abyss and that divide only seems to be growing, setting the Supernal Realms more and more distant from us. It contains three main Astral Stratum, or levels: The Oneiros, which is a unique reflection of every person’s mind or the “World of one’s own Soul”, the Temenos, a reflection of the minds of all mankind or “World of collective Humanity’s Soul”, and the Anima Mundi, which is a reflection of ideal forms and essences of the natural world or “Soul of the world itself”.

For those unfamiliar with the Astral Realms, a brief précis of the metaphysical geography follows: The Anima Mundi is the Soul of the World, as opposed to the soul of humanity or the soul of the individual seen in earlier layers. It touches on the Temenos at one “end” and bleeds off into the Abyss at the other.

There are four distinct layers – the Omphalamos is the last vestiges of the Temenos, the realm of High Speech that serves as the interface between humanity and the world. Then there are the twin roads of the Spire Perilous (the broken remains of the world tree and the Star Ladder of Atlantis) and the Swath (the impact of humanity on the environment). Then the Dreaming Earth, to the planet as an Oneiros is to a person, and then the thinning reality of the Whorl as the Astral Realms start to break down with proximity to the Abyss.

Then the Abyss. Always hungry. Always waiting.
The Mastigos, through their mastery over the Arcanum of Mind, are the Path who deal the most with this realm.

Astral Realms

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