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A renowned Astrologer and Seer who later spent most of his time researching and then consorting with Spirits of all kinds. Some believe he would summon Demons to speak through him and reveal secret knowledge which he would write down in Tomes. These are still highly sought after as revealing deep Mysteries.

He invented the Basileus Machine in an attempt to power and open the Ocularis Infernum or the “Eye of Hell” which was said to grant the knowledge and power of god’s to those who obtain it.

At one point, he was possessed by the Devil or a demonic entity of some kind, and wrote The Arcanum. Inside, he put explicit instructions on how to build and activate a machine with which to open and control the Ocularis Infernum. According to an early draft of the script for Thirteen Ghosts, when the Church read the Arcanum, they tried hard to burn Basileus at the stake.


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