Fighting Style - Firefight

The God-Machine Chronicle p.176

Prerequisites: Composure 3, Dexterity 3, Athletics 2, Firearms 2

Your character is comfortable with a gun. She’s been trained in stressful situations and knows how to keep herself from being shot while shooting at her opponents. This Style is about moving, strafing, and taking shots when you get them. It’s not a series of precision techniques; it’s using a gun practically in a real-world situation.

(1) Shoot First: In a firefight, the person who gets shot first is usually the loser. Your character has trained herself to fire first in an altercation.

If her gun is drawn, add her Firearms score to her Initiative.
If she has Quick Draw, she can use Shoot First to draw and fire with increased Initiative in the first turn of combat.
(2) Suppressive Fire: Sometimes, the purpose of a shot is to distract, not necessarily to hit. Your character is trained to fire off a handful of rounds with the intent to startle opponents and force impulse reactions.

When using the Covering Fire maneuver (The God Machine Chronicle p.200), her opponents cannot benefit from aiming against her.
She can apply her Defense against incoming Firearms attacks in addition to any cover bonuses.
As well, her training allows her to use Covering Fire with a semi-automatic weapon.
(3) Secondary Target: Sometimes shooting an opponent behind cover is all but impossible. A bullet can knock objects off balance, however, or cause ricochets.

By using Secondary Target, your character opts to not hit her target but instead strike them with any collateral objects that might be nearby.
She causes bashing damage instead of lethal, but ignores all cover penalties to the roll. The weapon’s damage rating does not add to the damage in this case.

Fighting Style - Firefight

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