Fighting Style - Light Weaponry

God-Machine Chronicle p.178

Prerequisites: Wits 3 or Fighting Finesse, Dexterity 3, Athletics 2, Weaponry 2

Your character is trained with small hand-to-hand weapons that favor finesse over raw power. These maneuvers may only be used with one-handed weapons that have a damage rating of 2 or less.

(1) Rapidity: Your character moves with swiftness to find just the right spot to strike.

You can sacrifice your character’s weapon damage rating to add her Weaponry score to her Initiative for the turn. The weapon becomes a 0 damage weapon for the turn.
(2) Thrust: Your character knows when to defend herself and when to move in for the kill.

At any time, you can sacrifice points of Defense one-for-one to add to attack pools. This cannot happen if you’ve already used Defense in the same turn.
If you use this maneuver, you may not sacrifice your full Defense for any other reason. For example, you cannot use Thrust with an all-out attack.
(3) Feint: With a flourish in one direction, your character can distract an opponent for a cleaner, more effective follow-up strike.

Roll a normal Attack, but reduce all damage to zero.
A followup attack after the Feint is rolled as normal, but it ignores (Weapon Damage + Feint Attack Successes) points of Defense. The Successes on the initial Feint maneuver are also added to Damage.
(4) Flurry: Your character moves quickly enough to stab opponents with numerous pricks and swipes in the blink of an eye.

As long as your character has her Defense available to her (it’s not been sacrificed for another maneuver or denied from surprise, for example), any character coming into her immediate proximity takes one point of lethal damage.
This damage continues once per turn as long as the enemy stays within range and occurs on the enemy’s turn. This can affect multiple opponents but cannot be used in a turn where the character is Dodging.
(5) Vital Shot: Your character can use her smaller weapon to get past an opponent’s defenses and hit where it hurts most.

Sacrifice your character’s Defense for the turn to use this maneuver.
If the attack roll succeeds, the attack causes one point of aggravated damage in addition to the damage rating of the weapon.

Fighting Style - Light Weaponry

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