Fighting Style - Marksmanship

Prerequisites: Composure 3, Resolve 3, Firearms 2

When prepared and aimed, a gun is an ideal killing machine. Your character has trained to take advantage of the greatest features of any gun. This Style is often used with rifles, but it can be used with any type of firearm.

Because of the discipline and patience required for Marksmanship, your character cannot use her Defense in any turn in which she uses one of these maneuvers. These maneuvers may only be used after aiming for at least one turn.
(1) Through the Crosshairs: Your character is a competent sniper, able to sit in position and steel her wits.

Usually, the maximum bonus from aiming is three dice. With Through the Crosshairs, it’s equal to her Composure + Firearms.
(2) Precision Shot: With this level of training, your character knows how to effectively disable a victim instead of focusing on the kill.

When attacking a specified target, you may reduce your weapon’s damage rating one-for-one to ignore penalties for shooting a specified target (The God-Machine Chronicle p.203).
(3) A Shot Rings Out: A master sniper, your character has no worries or lack of confidence.

She can fire into a crowd and strike a specific target without penalty. If she misses, it’s because her shot goes wide. She will never hit an unintended target.
(4) Ghost: Your character has trained to shoot unseen and vanish without a trace.

Her Firearms score acts as a penalty on any roll to notice her vantage point, or any Investigation or Perception roll to investigate the area from which she shot.

Fighting Style - Marksmanship

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