Fighting Style - Street Fighting

The God-Machine Chronicle p.179

Prerequisites: Stamina 3, Composure 3, Brawl 2, Streetwise 2

Your character learned to fight on the mean streets. She may have had some degree of formal training, but the methodology came from the real world in dangerous circumstances. Street Fighting isn’t about form and grace. It’s about staying alive.

These maneuvers may only be used unarmed, with weapons capable of using the Brawl Skill (such as punch daggers), or weapons concealed with the Shiv Merit (above).
(1) Duck and Weave: Your character has been beaten all to hell more than a few times. Now she dodges on instinct, not on skill.

You can reflexively take a one-die penalty to any actions this turn in order to use the higher of her Wits and Dexterity to calculate Defense. If you’ve already made a roll without penalty this turn, you cannot use Duck and Weave.
(2) Knocking the Wind Out: Shots to the center mass can shake an opponent, and your character knows this well.

When your character makes a successful unarmed attack, the opponent suffers a –1 to his next roll.
(3) Kick ‘Em While They’re Down: The best enemy is one on the ground. Your character topples opponents and keeps them down.

Any time your successes on an attack roll exceed an opponent’s Stamina, you may choose to apply the Knocked Down Tilt (p. 211).
Additionally, any time your character is close enough to strike when an opponent attempts to get up from a prone position, she can reflexively cause 2B damage.
(4) One-Two Punch: Your character hits fast and follows through with every hit.

Whenever she makes a successful attack, you can spend a point of Willpower to cause two extra points of bashing damage.
(5) Last-Ditch Effort: In a street fight, every second could be the one that kills you. A proficient street fighter is a remarkable survivalist. She bites, headbutts, trips: whatever it takes to prevent that last hit.

Any time a character with this level of Street Fighting is about to take a hit or an overpowering maneuver when she’s already suffering wound penalties, she can reflexively spend a Willpower point and sacrifice her Defense for the turn to make an attack against her would-be assailant.
This can occur even if she’s already acted in a turn, so long as she’s not already spent Willpower. Resolve this attack before the opponent’s action.

Fighting Style - Street Fighting

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