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Throughout time, humanity seems to have been chasing down or dreaming of eternal life.. Immortality..

Some few have even considered the deeper, truer nature of the Immortals we have heard about throughout our long history or in those tidbits of myth and folklore.

There are likely to be many different types of Immortal, each with their own deep origins, histories and needs. There is so much that may or not be true but we can list a few basic premises here …

  • Amenti: Mortals put through complex dark rituals to become Mummies after death.
  • Blood Bather: Using blood in Ritual, stealing the life energy perhaps much like Vampires do or those curious Mages some believe steal the breath of others. Artists may have portrayed it.. soaking in baths of blood like the infamous Countess E. Bathory..
  • Body Snatcher: Perhaps most publicly acknowledged in Anne Rice books but also it’s been mentioned in Films like “Fallen”.
  • Highlander: Spectacularly depicted in the cult classic film series we know as “Highlander” … those who seem intent on battle, fighting wars and duels with their own, rare and primitive kind. We shall call this type not simply Immortal but Highlanders for their notable choice of melee blade, most commonly a sword. Though better known perhaps with this name, their authentic name is Outlander.
  • Purified: Those humans who have somehow managed to become part Spirit.

Why kill each other..?
There seems to be a fierce power contained in each and every Highlander.. Bright, primal energy like a Quintessence but locked within each individual until released, only possible by removing the head from body..

Vague rumours suggest this Quintessence energy is a form otjers call Dust or Dark Material or Dark Matter. Could it be true that all these energies are the same, only in different forms perhaps or are they connected in ways we have yet to understand. The very nature of Reality’s most basic forces could await us here.. On these paths into ….

  • The Gathering: Legends speak of a time when last few Highlanders only survive.. An End Times such as is spoken of in other myths and legends. Ragnarok, Apocalypse are first to spring to mind.


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