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Ancient civilisation now forgotten that created the Mummies, known as the “Arisen” from dark Necromantic Arts in the Capitol of Irem and it is here that is believed to have been the starting point for the Amenti or “Arisen”.

Thought to be an offshoot of Atlantis Civilisation and the descendent’s became the Egyptians.

Honestly, the first thing I want to do here is break the canon. The book says Irem was a Predynastic empire in Northern Africa, and that really “Egyptian” mummies are the “real” mummies. This is perfectly fine, gives the book a nice overall aesthetic…but personally? In my campaign I’d toss that out the window. Irem is a vast protoculture, a magical empire that would rival the modern world in globalization. So yeah, Incan mummies are relics of colonies across the Atlantic, the weird Tarim mummies are Indo-European converts…heck, if I was really feeling saucy, I’d put Irem at 50,000 years ago and say it is responsible for the Great Leap Forward in human evolution.

On a more modest level, a Mummy: the Curse story did jump out of my imagination, as I read. The ka or essence-focused mummies are called the bull-headed, as in the animal-headed gods of Egypt, and that made me think of the minotaur. Greece—Crete—is just across the water, and the minotaur is the legacy of a curse, so it fits thematically. An exile from Irem, a blasphemer, who you can link to the advancements in Crete over mainland Greece, and to Linear A. Who of course has a really elaborate tomb; a labyrinth with traps and curses. Add in an Amkhata, the horrifying chimeras; and you’ve got the white bull of Poseidon. Blammo! Ready made adventure. Do the same thing with the bull-headed mythology of your choice—maybe you prefer Ba’al Moloch?— or the bird-winged, lion-bodied, snake-monster of your choice.


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